‘Love Is Blind’ Stars Lauren And Cameron Share Update On Married Life | TODAY

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  1. I love them😍😍. I think everyone loves them because its very seldom that we see selfless fulfilling love that is not fluff or filled with toxicity play out on reality tv

  2. I hate to say it Cameron and Lauren are a homosexual couple. Cameron is a FTM. I've been an X-ray technician for 10 years and 12 years in MRI Imaging I will bet my license this person is BF (biological female). I see people like him in my department on the daily basis.

  3. He looks cute here. I’m probably the only black girl who isn’t attracted to him, & I only date white guys 😂
    But he seems like a nice person so hopefully they live happily ever after

  4. Cameron’s energy on the show was like someone who had been married to Lauren for 50 years, but had to come back from the future to win her heart again

  5. I feel like I am living my love life vicariously through them until I get a love of my own lmbo !!! Gotta love them😍!

  6. Love them sooo much but I hope they don’t do reality tv. It’s too trashy for this beautiful couple. They should be hosting LIB or just produce their own YouTube videos. Reality TV would just create unnecessary drama.

  7. I really don’t get how someone could dislike them or a interview that they are in because in today’s world its hard to find genuine love like Lauren and Cameron ❤️❤️ im my mind they are the new Meghan and Harry

  8. They are both so good looking ugh. Lauren is always stunning but have to say Cameron is looking like a snack!!!

  9. Statistics say interracial marriages between black women and white men have the lowest divorce rate of all married couples.💝💝🐦🐦💝🎇🎊🎉🎊🎆

  10. I now believe love is blind. Know we are following u guys and obsessed with how cute you are together 😍

  11. Can you imagine falling in love with someone blindly and then discovering they look like this?! This is almost Disney like!

  12. 😭 I Lowkey want them to have their own show (not complete access into their lives but a little) however, social media/virtual reality is not real life. So, at the same time, I don’t want them to because I want their love to be protected and uninterrupted by others’ opinions. I wish them all the best together.

  13. Love is NOT blind. Love is stupid, but it is not blind.
    Every person on this show adheres to society's standard of beauty. All the men are taller all the women are thin and pretty, no one has an obvious disability or mental health condition.

    Yes they made a connection through a wall but there were very few chances that they weren't going to like what they saw when they met.

    This 'social experiment' is bias.

  14. Cameron may be a morning person. But he seems to be getting better and more comfortable with interviews. This couple is #goals !!!

  15. Is it me or does Cameron get even hotter every time I see him and Lauren my God that woman is gorgeous, how can two people be so beautiful both inside and out 😇

  16. Lauren has been serving LOOKS! Every interview showing us new hairstyle after new hairstyle , and I’m here for it 🔥🔥🔥

  17. This all seems very fake to me. I really don't believe in this at all. Narcissists can hide their personality as long as it takes to get what they want….

  18. Once again we see the white man get everything. Black men wake up please. Another beautiful black woman lost because we cannot get our act together.

  19. When you meet your soul mate, someone you've met in your past life… You just click. The connection between them is proof that they are soul mates.

  20. This couple really has what it takes to have influence on people believing in love and marriage!!It is refreshing!!

  21. There times when I watched Lauren and Cameron together, I just couldn’t breathe! Their love story is remarkable. A match made in heaven! Cameron is such a beautiful person inside and out , He is what every woman wants her man to be .God bless you both and may your love grow stronger with each passing year♥️

  22. Loved the show and STAN Lauren and Cameron!!!❤❤ Cameron's getting better at interviews. Curious on how someone would dislike the quick interview👀 #haters

  23. Lauren and Cameron😍😍❤ I'm so happy for them!

    I hope Mark find someone ….he so sweet and genuine!!🙌🏽

  24. I am absolutely crazy about these two. They are the epitome of class and beauty. I wish them a lifetime of laughter, love and happiness.

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