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My name is Madhan, I am the king here! Everything comes searching me! Nothing is beyond my control. What will you do after marriage? She should also be in my control! Because I am the king here! The king! What is he doing since morning? Shorty! What is she doing? Come soon dear! yeah, Coming! Shorty! Wassup? Do you even have any responsibility? I have been doing all the work since morning! What are you doing? What?! you made me do everything since two days! What’s inside?! Swathi gave this! OMG..Love letter! Whatelse is there.. Swathi gave this, Janani gave this..whatelse.. Who gave this?! It’s okay, lets clear all of this for bogi! I don’t know what more I am going to find! God save me! Bogi! Started! God ! I should not get caught with my wife! Bogi..Here is what swathi gave me, sharmila gave, janani gave.. I am not sure who gave this.. What if it was given by my wife?! It’s okay.. Will manage! Have to clear this totally! All of my Jealousy! go off! Dear… Ya..coming! Careful! Beautiful! Who? Sharmi.. You know what?! My husband gifted me a dress.. Oh! your husband took a dress for you? Yeah! Okay, I’ll talk to you later! bye! (Who is it now!) Hey! my husband gifted me a jewel set ! Oh! your husband gifted you a jewel set?! Ya, I’ll WhatsApp you! Check! Okay ! send! bye! Alright, She is going to start acting weird! Let me manage! Dear? I know what are you going to ask! Lets switch roles for the next 5 minutes! Have you ever got something for me since our marriage? My favorite dress or jewels or atleast food? Nothing ! All of my friend’s husbands are gifting them, their favorites! Okay shorty, stop crying! You just need dress, jewels and food! that’s all, right? Will you get me, dear? For sure! stop crying! You should get me! I’ll commit suicide otherwise! Come on come on! Hold the bull! Yes! yes! It’s in his control now! look at them! Have you ever tried controlling a bull?! A bull can also be controlled! But controlling our wife is not easy! I am doing it! That too controlling wife after love marriage is the toughest! Only husbands like me will know it! Talking about bull! silly! Go get the sugarcanes! I’ll get them! Shorty! Is it ready? Almost done! Check if it is correct! How long will you keep cooking the dish?! Decorated to make it look good? huh?! It’s good already! Keep it there! Arrange it! Celebrated pongal well this time! Let’s eat! I am hungry! You go down! I’ll bring! Let’s eat! Ya,Come soon! Dude, We are celebrating pongal! I’ll call you in 5 minutes! please break this for me! I’ll call you back dude! alright, go get the knife! Why do you need a knife! Break it with your legs! with Legs? Shorty is planning for something! With legs? Hold it! I should prove my greatness! God ! save me! Break this too! (Why do you want to be so honest!?) (I should treat it with fomentation now!) Where is she still? I am already hungry since morning! How long ?! Where are you rushing? Don’t you know ? you made me stay hungry in the name of prayers since morning! We should offer to god first! You should know it ! adjust accordingly! Sweet pongal! Looks so like you! Enough! Eat well! Where are the cashews? Get me water! Why should I need to do everything? won’t you do even this? I struggled to get married with you! My parents warned me already! I didn’t listen to them! Alright! I’ll come immediately! oh, you got pissed off and got up now?! Nothing such! You go eat! I’ll come! What happened? I should not say anything! Why are you with uniform now? It’s your holiday! Isn’t it? Duty officer is sick today! So I am his substitute! I’ll come soon! Not being at home even on festive days! My fate! Hey, I’ll come soon! (How am I going to manage her! ) What? Go! Take care! I’ll come soon! Police sacrifice their happiness and work even on festive days just for our safety! Hi,I am you Madhan Maddy! Husbands are so done on festive days especially those after love marriage! Don’t forget to subscribe to Narikootam! If you like this video Like, Share, comment and click on the bell icon!

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  1. Eppoyum me police department police department nu festival time le kooda family vittu velaiku poraange nu mattum sollatinge…. Inge railway department, station master, guard, TT, loco pilot, commercial Clerk, cleaning staff, groupD staffs etc…. State transport bus driver, conductors yellavarykum thaan family iruku.. Avangalum thaan avange family le vittu festival time le vela paakurrom.. Police na avan festival time leyum lancham vaangitu…. Veetle poi okkantiruvaan… Aana Indian Raiways and State Transport illatti… Evanum pongal kondaada ooruku poga mudiyathu… So plzz… Police mattum hero aakatinge

  2. அட வெங்காயம் ! சைடு gapla அவ பிரண்ட்ஸ்னு உன்னோட ex. Lovers ஸ்வாதி, ஷர்மிளானு உன்னோட ஆளுங்க பெயர சொல்லிட்டு போற !!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  3. Sema anna…..vera level….chanceless anna….super act….comedya vu eruku…..nalla karuthu sonna matiriyum eruku anna….

  4. பாவா னா என்னையா??? குட்டமானா??? என்ன மொழியா இது தமிழ் மொழில போடுங்கயா…

  5. தாயின் அருமை தெரிந்தவர்கள் இதை தவற விடாதீர்கள்.

  6. Bro unga kooda nadikura Antha kuttama yaaru Avanga name enna… Sema cute ah erukanga. Romba azhaga smile panranga

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