(singing) Happy Birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Suleiman. Happy birthday to you! this week we celebrated Suleiman’s second birthday but before we did that,
this is the prep I did to make it happen I’m just preparing some loot bags right now
or goodie bags we have some cars here, streamers or
whatever they’re called, whistle type things, glow in the dark sticks and some kinder surprises –
these are popular here in Canada and then I’m also going to put a pack of goldfish this is how I’m setting it up.
I’m trying to get it like, color coded & organized they can pick their favorite colors.
Hopefully that doesn’t cause upset but they’re just toddlers so I think they’ll appreciate that and then over here I baked some birthday cake
for the cake pops that I’m making and then the actual birthday cake
is currently in the oven baking I’m just making the Momofuku buttercream frosting recipe and I’ll link that down below for anyone who wants to follow this is the finished icing and I’m
gonna use this for my cake pops but maybe also for the birthday cake this is my birthday cake I’m just gonna crumble this one up and then I’m gonna
make maybe a cake crumb for this one and then over here I have a sheet pan. This where I’m gonna put the
balls that I make for the cake pop I cut it in half with a fork and I’m just
going to start kind of breaking up the cake with a fork okay so now I have my – “mommy mommy mommy” so now I have my cake crumble here for my cake pops what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna add some frosting
and I’m just gonna go by sight and feel because I think it varies based on moisture in the air I’ll start with half a cup and I’ll mix that into the crumb and this is the consistency I’m looking at it’s not too wet not too dry Roll it between my hands like so.
I have my hand semi-cupped There you go and my hands are of course clean alright the next thing I’m going do is melt some cookies in cream chocolate the Hershey’s cookies and cream I’m just going to do short intervals of fifteen seconds in the microwave so this took about 30 seconds in the microwave and that’s the consistency it’s just melted and then I have my cake pop sticks here and then the balls that I rolled out for the cake pops over here Now, I’m going to dip the stick into the chocolate and then into the ball and just I’ll let that chill in the fridge so that it can set and then I will dip the whole thing into the chocolate once I have had that set for awhile I chilled these in the fridge.
As you can see the chocolate has hardened What I’m gonna do now is.
I have some more melted chocolate here and then I have a spoon to catch it.
So it doesn’t go all the way in I’m just gonna try to coat them evenly Get the excess off there and that’s what it looks like once I transfer it over there very nice they obviously look rough, because of the
cookie part of the cream but that’s totally fine, because they’re supposed to
be like a moon now I’m just making a quick quiche dough ,
that I’m gonna keep in the fridge and then I’m gonna roll it out tomorrow when I make the mini quiche for the breakfast or brunch I have some cubed butter here
this is about 3/4 of a cup or 205 grams and it’s cold, ice cold is best.
The colder the better and then we have all-purpose flour I’m just gonna use two cups of flour.
Put the two cups into a food processor I’m gonna add in my butter
and then I’m gonna blitz this up It’s like wet sand. This is before I add in the water, which is about three tablespoons of ice-cold water I have it here It’s really cold water my tablespoon measurements and I’ll start measuring in: one two three and now we mix until the dough comes together I just wanted to show you this technique I put all of the dough into a clean ziplock bag and I’m just gonna bring it together within the bag and this kind of helps with – firstly, you’re gonna use this anyways to put it in the fridge, but also it keeps the mess off your counter If you want a clean way of making a pie crust,
then this would be a good trick and now this is going to the fridge and chill and then tomorrow morning
I’ll use it for my quiche I decorated the cake with buttercream frosting. This recipe I got from Milk Bar from Momofuku restaurant, I will link the recipe information below the theme that I went with was
“I love you to the moon and back” all these decorations were from eBay,
which I will link below as well hey I’m doing some birthday prep for my
son’s second birthday right now I’m rolling out some quiche dough
and it’s basically crunch time before the party starts but we’re just setting up the food.
We’re making all the food ourselves I made quiche and I’m gonna make
some avocado toast on brioche buns We’re cleaning. We set up and I’m going
to show you everything that I have set up now I’m just gonna make the egg mix for the quiche I have my dough rolled out and into a greased non-stick pan here and then what I’m gonna do is I have some cooked vegetables here.
I just did a quick mix. I’m gonna use three eggs and then
three tablespoons of whole whipping cream add a little bit of salt and pepper whisk that.
Then start by adding veggies put those into there and then I’m going to clean this huge mess Suleiman is enjoying some waffles down here my mom – thank you mama! here’s the decor. Happy birthday dear Suleiman. Happy birthday to you. Yay Happy birthday. Yalla blow it out. “You wanna blow it” No, you blow it. he’s gonna drool No, no he’s scared He’s scared. thank you Baba “Happy Birthday” One more, dad can’t reach it “I can blow” (laughing like a maniac) hey so everybody went home now
and we’re just cleaning up it was a really nice birthday party
and Suleiman really enjoyed it all the kids had a great time
and it was the perfect amount for a toddler it was just two hours, so it was ideal I think toddler parties are best when they’re kept short I have some gifts up there that I’m going to clean up and then this is a mess over here my mom and I are cleaning – I won’t show her,
but we’re just cleaning up now and everything turned out so beautifully Alhamdulillah And this kid is happy talking to his dad and grandfather We’re just about to open birthday presents for Suleiman
“Alright!” “Elmo!” What’s in here? “Elmo!” What’s this? Oh, what a nice sweater vest. “Wow”
Look that’s for Suleiman. That’s for you, do you want to try opening it? “Here”
He’s confused “Look, look, look” Look Suleiman “Oh wow” There you go. Yay. “Pull, pull, pull”
“Wow” Good job “Oh look, is that your sweater?” A dinosaur sweater Oh that’s so cute Suleiman. “Elmo” “Elmo sweatshirt” It’s like they know him You like Elmo “Elmo” He loves Elmo. Elmo, yeah elmo sweater.
“That’s very nice” The shapes.
“Oh shapes” Puzzle. He wants to pick it up right away. “pull the string” “yeah” I love the wrapping Look at that Oh it’s Mickey Mouse.
“Mickey” Do you remember Mickey Mouse? Our friend. “Mouse. My mouse” Oh look it’s Tigger. Happy Birthday. Thank you. That’s you, that’s you. That’s you. Hi. Come, show me where elmo is.
Where did the elmo shirt go? Where did he go? he’s over there and look they got you another gift This is going to be a big one. “Big present”
Yeah it’s a big box. “please!” “Please, he’s like take it out now” You want to play with it?
He’s like, how do I get this out? Baba, open it up.
“The trucks!” That is so nice mashallah “Yeah, trucks and the tires” These are beautiful.
“That one” “Yeah” “That one” “Okay what’s the next one?” You want to open the last one? This is from auntie. “Oh what’s that?” “It’s a smart house blocks” *let’s build and learn* This is too much, thank you all. “I think he likes it” mashallah “mashallah” He’s so into it, he went straight for the button Happy birthday habibi! “Birthday boy” Happy birthday. I love you. “yalla”

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  1. I can't believe how quickly the party went by and I'm so glad it turned out well. Who here is also a winter baby?
    لا أستطيع أن أصدق مدى السرعة التي سارت بها الحفلة وأنا سعيد جدًا. من ولد هنا أيضا في فصل الشتاء؟

  2. It’s amazing how fast he’s growing mA! Habibiiii! All the work you put into this party is amazing. You’re the best mama ❤️

  3. You throw the best parties habibty! It was so nice and you did a great job really everything was so good and the kids had a blast 😍🤗 Again happy birthday to the cutest Suleiman! 🥳🥳😍😍

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