Luau Party Ideas – Using Stampin Up Products and SVG Cuts

Hi Guys, It is Leonor with LDM Creations and
today I am doing another party and as you can see in the background I have some Hawaiian
prints. These are going to be the tablecloths (actually) overlays for the tables. I am doing
a Luau Party. I wanted to show you some of the cute ideas that I am doing for the party.
Earlier in the year I told you that I wanted to be sharing some more of my ideas and since
I am a busy party maker organizer I wanted to show you so you can do really cute parties
affordable that you can craft at home with you cutter. I have a Cricut and an Eclips
that works half ways now. I am planning to purchase another electronic cutting machine
and the Cricut Explore just came out and it is really tempting (Laugh) so I think I am
going to sell my other machines before I actually buy the other one. Let me show you what I’ve
done. SVG cuts has a really cute file and the pineapple…. let me
show you… the pineapple stands around 9″ from top to bottom. So I
am doing 6 foot tables and I am going to do 1 or two per table. The other idea that I
am doing to decorate the tables is
the cute water bottle. Let
me show you. Really cute, you can see it, it
has the grass skirt, and
it is very simple to make.

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