LUCKIEST Birthday LLAMA OPENING | Fortnite Save The World

(Introductory noises) – [SXVXN] What’s happening, everybody. My name is SXVXN. Welcome to a brand new Fortnite video. If you’re hyped for a double upload. Hit it up in the comments below. We’re gonna be doing some llama openings of the special
birthday cake llamas that came in to save the world. We’ve also got a gift and
I have no idea what’s in this box I thought hey let’s start recording. I’m
also joined by Storm and Skronex. You’re going to hear their reaction.
– [Storm] Hey!
– [Skronex] Hello. – [SXVXN] I’m sharing
what I’m doing my screen to them so they’re gonna see everything that we’re
gonna be doing today. I hope you enjoy this let’s open up a gift. Let’s see what
happens KABOOM! Epic games… so we’ve changed some
of the items in the store inventory so we want you have this. So we did it
they’ve gifted me 25 free armory slots. Alright, thank you very much. I appreciate
that that’s cool all right. A blast from the past guarantees at
least one legendary and one epic or better including one hero
you have fourteen thousand six hundred fifty road trip tickets. Are you sure you
want to buy ten for ten thousand? Let’s do it click it. Let’s see what we can get.
I’m gonna take my time through this I’m not gonna rush. Let’s look at all them Look at the beautiful llama man. Look at his eyes, dude. Haha. He’s eyes. “What are you doing?” – [Storm] “What you doing?” – [SXVXN] Let’s see what the cards are gift us. We got a green straight away. It turns blue. Alright, yeah we don’t really need any of these. – [Storm] You don’t want blues. – [SXVXN] Typical items.. If anyone
doesn’t place everyone you guys need to get a hold of it. Legendary… Riot hero… Is this a mythic already? No way?!?! – [Storm] Imagine..
– [Skronex] Woah! – [SXVXN] Oh my?? Which one’s better dudes?
I need help. I’m going to need your help.
– [Skronex] I’ve never seen the nailer before. – [SXVXN] The copper nailer or the copper neon scythe? I’m going with the neon
size because I think that looks really cool and I’ve no idea what the nailer is
about. I’m gonna get roasted in the comments they’re gonna make mistakes bro. (Storm laughing) – [SXVXN] Okay. Let’s do it.
– [Storm] Imagine if you got the Skull skin from BR. – [SXVXN] Okay, that was one of them so that we get
some legendary stuff. Alright, come on! See what else they’re going to gift me.
Some greens and blues. Not what we want right now. We want some better gear.
– [Storm] You’ve already got all of this. – [SXVXN] Trailblazer but I’m hoping we get something…. Oh yes!!!
– [Skronex] Arrrrrr, no. (mumbles) – [SXVXN] Copper quadlauncher as well, dude. – [Skronex] I’m so salty. – [SXVXN] I’ve just got Billy’s Battle Hound. That’s the character that he represents in BR. Let’s open these up come on see what the
next one gets us that’s a more blue rare survivor so none of these blues or
anything I’m gonna be using.. What the? There’s a vendor tech pulse rifle. Ooooo – [Storm] You got your raider skin!
– [SXVXN] I got my raider skin from BR, dude. I don’t know how rare these are
but I’m definitely gonna keep anything that’s legendary. So, you don’t get a lot per
pack. What the?
– [Storm] Woah! – [SXVXN] What?
– [Storm] What’s that? – [SXVXN] It’s a hero. Shrunken master.. WOOOAAAH!
– [Storm] Wooooaaah! – [SXVXN] What was that? Dude. I can play as a Llama. Can I play as a Llama? That was a Llama hero. I actually play as a llama if I can run
around this llama that is dope. Alright. We’ve got something more blue.
I don’t want these blues these are this gonna be traded in for XP mate. – [Storm] Come on. Pass us a mythical. – [SXVXN] Choice, choice, choice. Hmmm. Alright, Hydra launcher or Vindertech plasma gun – [Storm] Looks like a shotgun but uses the energy cells. – [SXVXN] Yeah, I think I’m gonna go for the hydro launcher I think because I can
upgrade that to legendary using the flux isn’t it? The legendary flux. – [Storm] The flux. Yeah – [Skronex] Yeah. – [SXVXN] Oh okay..
– [Storm] Woah! – [SXVXN] The chromium Ramirez.
– [Storm] This is cool. – [SXVXN] This is well cool I was kind of hoping
I’d end up having more llamas to open though right let’s get some more come on
pop I just want to see these Legendary’s an epic, man. Yes survivors alright.
I’ll most likely trade or upgrade. Vindetech Slicer.
– [Storm] Woah!
– [SXVXN] Oooo. Hang on. We’ve got a choice. (x3) Hmm.
– [Skronex] Ooo. – [Storm] Wait. Do you have the raider one? – [SXVXN] I don’t know so we got the shrunken especially
the snuggle specialist Sarah or the Bersker renegade. Most likely I think this
one’s not the boil and I’ve already got a really good soldier so I think this
one I’ve been told is like a cross between two really good end game ninjas. I’m probably going for this one the first of that one I think
this is a good choice boom Snuggle specialist Sara. I know it looks
pretty sweet right we’ve got a couple left I’m excited to see what I get but
I’m gonna have to grind out and get more of these llamas. I see we’ve got
plasmas.. Shock trooper renegade.. bass hype I love it when it give us the choice. Oooo – [Storm] Ahh. – [Skronex] Oh, man. – [Storm] They do look sick! – [SXVXN] I’m a big fan of explosive some probably he’s gonna stick with the explosive and
go for the vacuum tube launcher it I for some reason feel like I’ve seen it
before and I reckon it’s gonna destroy life so I’m gonna pick that one boys
that’s the one I’ll go for. – [Storm] That’s so dope. – [SXVXN] Is that the last one? That was the last card of that one. So we’ve got 42 birthday
cards so far. (Mini laugh) Greens, blues.
– [Storm] Happy birthday, Fortnite. – [SXVXN] Yeah. It’s insane to think that like a year ago we had 300,000 less people in this community. It’s absolutely insane! – [Skronex] It’s crazy man. – [SXVXN] Whichever one I don’t honestly mind they’re both epics. I won’t ever use
them. Okay then go flashy Eagle Eye. We’ve got an survivor. Yeah, yeah. I like that. – [Storm] You’re going to have so much for your collection book. – [SXVXN] This is
the interest this is where I’m interested.. (Mindblown) – [SXVXN] Oh my god dude. The riptide.
– [Skronex] The riptide. The riptide. – [SXVXN] I was told you the day on stream that the riptides like a
classic one of the most like you can’t even oh my..
– [Storm] Rarest skin. – [SXVXN] What about the dragon Fang?
Like what’s that is that more rare than the Riptide I’m gonna rip out I’m going to
have to go yeah I mean I’ve got a 106 and I was using it on stream on of the
day and I got in so much trouble off my viewers. They were like.. What are you doing? – [Storm] I got it now all – [SXVXN] Alright, we’ve got one left after this one. Come on, come on, come on. – [Storm] Come on. Something good. Have you got all the traps? I’ve got a bunch of traps, but I haven’t. The only one I haven’t got is the legendary
patrol ward, I think it is. I got that anyways.
– [Skronex] Ah, see. – [SXVXN] I got that anyways. Well. I got both of them. Sweet. Alright, this is the
last one all right Llama luck. Come on come on. We’ve also got a couple
of other llamas we can open to you for good loot as well. We don’t want to be
bulleyes don’t need the epic guy see you later brother OH MY GOD, DUDE! – [Storm] You had the purple one.
– [SXVXN] The nailer too. – [Skronex] Yes! Oh all the things I.. I need to find out what these Can you dress up as?? No no a no no it’s a llama on his
head oh my god oh my god I was tell myself was the last one oh my I’m
addicted to opening these, man. I’ve got a llama addiction.. Honestly, I do. I’ve been spending more money on llamas then I have been in BR. On skins. I’m scavenger spear or the the copper dragon launch that looks dope but any I
don’t really use Spears very much but then that might be rare I don’t know I
mean it doesn’t look that impressive I’m gonna go for the one that looks cool
yeah I shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover we’re gonna need today. – [Storm] Looks like the hound.
– [Skronex] Very true. – [SXVXN] Epic defender. Okay, I think I’ve had him I
think I’ve had him I think about him Alright, come on. – [Storm] I think you’ve got that in your collection book. – [SXVXN] Yeah, it might be. I pretty much trade everything I can a collection
book is like a level 133 or something crazy. Alright, come on. Epic, nice. – [Storm] That’s cool. – [SXVXN] We’ve got her already. – [Storm] Noo. – [SXVXN] Oh my god. The obliterator! – [Skronex] Nice!
– [Storm] That blows buildings. – [SXVXN] Dude..
– [Skronex] That destroys buildings. – [SXVXN] That is the sniper rifle that pounds
through walls and destroys walls. We were saw someone use that that was it there
was a fan of mine who dropped me one the other day and I was in a city smashing
through the walls it was insane. – [Storm] We were having so much fun with it. – [SXVXN] I’ll go with what ever. I don’t mind. I’ll pick either one. – [Storm] It’s only Epics. You want legendaries. – [SXVXN] Yeah. Legendaries or mythic. Come on mythics. [All] WOAH – [SXVXN] Okay. What is this? I’m addicted to these dude
I wish I had more I wish I had like a hundred of these man. – [Storm] We need more llamas. – [SXVXN] The Centurion Hawk nice.. What?
– [Skronex] Woah!
– [Storm] Woah. You’re going to have a section just for these. – [SXVXN] Let’s try the pistol. I don’t think I have all
the pistols I think I need that Raygun looking one. – [Storm] There you go. – [SXVXN] The tiny instrument of death especially I need both of them I think
I’m gonna take the risk and I’m gonna go for the copper space invader. I’m hoping
I don’t have it I’m hoping I don’t have If you get the skull trooper. Another birthday llama. Come
on. Gift us, so godly. We don’t even know what to do with
ourselves. We’ve got a choice of some epics. I’ll go for some constructed ones allow many
constructors really. Archie actually just got him before.
Did I? Here we go. Oh my.. – [Storm] I think you’ll alright have that one. – [SXVXN] That’s good you want duplicates if
you can get duplicates that’s even better
oh yeah and claim another one. – [Storm] Place them in your collection book if you can. – [SXVXN] No that you want to put them into your
survivor squads to level up your squads. (mumbles) – [SXVXN] That’s looks cool. None of their goods you want duplicates because they have the same personalities and traits. Okay. the Argon axe or vindertech blazer? The axe looks cool, but I’m not a big fan of axes, so I think we’re going to go blazer okay I’m gonna take this one I’m not really a big fan of axes. That should be the end of that one super people llamas too.. for 2,000 vbucks. Let’s do that! okay here we go. Let’s see what people we get from these oh it’s going to turn gold.. Llama addiction is being fed right now. Let’s see what we get. Uncommon. I’m so happy opening llamas. Alright, mate. Oh my.. Yes, mate! We can open up another 2 birthday llamas. epics and epics epics and epics from a
legendary defender. Nice nice. Mythic oh I think I forgot him I think uh very
going I think already have him let’s go you are gonna get rekt llama but this is
the last Super people on my man. – [Storm] How you like me now? That’s what it just said. – [SXVXN] How you like me now? Rare. Another thousand. We’ll be able to buy yeah nice. We can buy 2. We can buy another 2 birthday llamas, man. We’ve literally opened up like 20
birthday llamas. What choice? What choice? What choice? the gunslinger or a shotgunner Hmmm. Shotgunner. Okay nice, mythic oh oh. Oh, nice. – [Storm] You don’t have that one. – [SXVXN] I don’t have that one. (mumbles) – [SXVXN] Doctor. Go doctor.
alright let’s see wait two more two more two more two more two more two more
we’ve got two more chances guys feel WOAH!!! – [Storm] BeetleJess. – [SXVXN] Beetle Jess and the sword dude that’s the
Dragon Sword man the dragon’s tooth and beetle Jess. – [Storm] Beetle Jess (x3) – [SXVXN] If anyone gets the reference
that’s the reference to Beetlejuice the film no way man. Alright this is the last
birthday I keep saying it’s the last one but this will actually be the last one (mumbles and laughs) – [SXVXN] We’ll have to get more tickets. Let’s see what we get. Come on, come on. Something insane. Okay. Vindertech pulsar or the husk buster? I think this one will get compared quite a lot to what’s known as the ground pounder which I’ve already got and it’s a shotgun that Shane
mistakenly upgraded so I’m gonna say I probably took that one over that because
I’ve researched it and that one looks like it’s underpowered compared to what
people expect it to be so I take the first what’s there so we can bust some
husks I think we’ve got one more we have one more or is that last one? No. That’s the last one? – [Storm] No. That’s the last one – [SXVXN] Ahhhhh. We can’t afford it. I’ve got 150. [Outro music]

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  1. Can’t play save the world anymore cause of a power outage in March
    Had the console for 5 years and stopped 30 days ago,sure do miss the days killing thousands of husks

  2. At 11:48 in the video the nmade the right choice because I’d he really wanted the vindertech pulser cause he got a epic earlier

  3. This guy knows nothing of Save the World.


    Me: imo ghoul trooper as a hero sucks

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