Luigi’s Mansion 3 Adds Some Fun New Moves

– Luigi’s Mansion 3 has
a lot of things people who play this series are familiar with. There’s Luigi himself,
creeping through a scary place. It’s a hotel this time, not a mansion. There’s his Poltergust
vacuum, which is great for sucking up ghosts, and
curtains, and couch cushions, and, ok, let’s just stop for a second. Vacuuming everything in
sight in Luigi’s Mansion 3 might be the most satisfying
activity in gaming this year. (Luigi rustles)
(upbeat music) Back to the rundown. Luigi’s got a flashlight to zap ghosts and a dark light to reveal hidden objects. And, this is a newer thing, a
green goo version of himself called Gooigi that a
second player can control or that a solo player can take charge of while Luigi takes a nap. Gooigi can do everything Luigi can do, and more, but he melts in water. Oh, and you can now shoot plingers and vacuum them for extra pulling power. So what do you do in this game? So far, we’re working our
way through the hotel, discovering new floors, hunting ghosts, and vacuuming everything in sight. The ghost combat is more
action-packed this time. There’s also a multiplayer
mode called ScareScraper that lets you and up to
seven friends play some local or online co-op gameplay. Work together as a squad
of Luigi’s to solve puzzles and find the missing toads
scattered throughout the hotel. We’re having a good time with
the main storyline campaign. There are lots of ghosts, tons of secrets and the game looks and sounds great. Luigi’s Mansion 3 is out for the Nintendo Switch on Halloween. (dramatic music)
(ghost chuckles)

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  1. Wow – the animation for this is beautiful! Really polished. Quite detailed environments too. Its nice how great switch games can look when designed for the hardware rather than ported.

  2. only complaint from watching this is that it appears to slow to a crawl when you have 7-8 players… why allow that many when its seemingly a major hit to the FPS/Performance?

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