Lunch Hour Learning – Celebrating Women at Yale: Pioneering Yale SOM Alumnae

(gentle music) – The first class I attended was Sharon’s competitive strategies class and it was such an eye-opener for me. I’ve never forgotten it, honestly, I’ve never forgotten it and
so much of what I learned in that class was, I’ve applied. – My name is Amanda Hathaway. I’m a second year MBA student
at the School of Management and today I got to hear
several women alumni from SOM speak about their experiences at school and in their careers. They provide a fantastic perspective. Often times when we are
thinking about our careers after school, it’s with a short-term lens of just a couple of years, but they’ve had the benefit of time to really think about what
they can do in their careers long-term to make the most impact. – What has been helpful
to me in charting a path is now I can say in retrospect, is having some kind of a north star coming out of SOM of what
I wanted to do with my life ultimately, and what would
build a life of meaning? – I really liked hearing
them talk about the community that they made at SOM. Many of them referenced
really close friends that they’ve made along the way and that was just personally
really exciting to think about the friends I’ve made
here and how 30, 40 years from now, I’ll be able
to say something similar. – I was in a skit called corporate girls when I was in, when we
had the (mumbles) here, and the corporate girls, we did, it was fantastic.
(laughing) But we performed a song,
I think a song by Queen or something crazy like that, and those women, the corporate girls, we still travel together. We still go on vacations together. We’ve been each other’s
support group throughout. – They were really trailblazers at a time in business where women
were starting to take a more forward facing path and it was really
interesting to hear about what that was like for them and to think about what my story will be
like when I go into business and the fact that it’ll be
easier because of people like those that spoke with us today. – I think it’s very helpful
when you’re starting out in a career to not put the pressure on yourself that you have to
find the right perfect fit right away and that your profession will likely be in chapters.

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