Lunchbox Picnic Party Food Ideas Cream Cheese Sandwich Pizza & Rollups Video Recipe

welcome to bhavna’s kitchen in this
episode I’m going to show you three easy cream cheese base snacks for party picnic
recipes so let’s begin all these recipes can be made ahead of time and so as
needed some of the recipes actually like to do all knobs and the sandwich tastes
better next day so I prefer to make them and then refrigerate when ready to serve
cut and serve first let’s make cream cheese sandwich chop colorful bell
peppers and onion very fine I like to use my vadalia onion chopper to chop
vegetables fine take original or spicy cream cheese add finely chopped
vegetables onion bell peppers and pickled jalapeno and olives mix it all really well take two bread
slices slice bread you can use white or wheat or even these days oats and many
other healthy bread options available take cream cheese mixture and I like to
make little thick layer of cream cheese mixture if desired
bread can be toasted before applying cream cheese mixture place another bread
on top of it and refrigerate for about an hour
zip lock and refrigerate when ready take out the sandwich from the
refrigerator and cut in half for the party snack you can
cut into four pieces and you will get nice finger food bite-sized pieces like
so next let’s make tortilla roll-ups I have spinach plain and harbanaro you can use your favorite flavors or you can simply just use plain
tortillas and of course cream cheese because it’s cream cheese based recipes
I simply love to use colorful flavored tortillas take one tortilla at a time
spread cream cheese mixture if you
desired add black beans for more nutrition if desired
sprinkle a little bit of taco seasoning and simply roll roll tight follow the
same with all kinds of tortillas apply the cream cheese mixture black beans
taco seasoning and simply roll look at the inside of the roll-ups
colorful I love to prepare tortilla roll-ups for picnics and parties because
they are so quick and easy to make and also can be made ahead for the same with
all the prepared tortilla roll-ups when the tortilla roll-ups are refrigerated
it is so much easier to cut them and finally let’s make crispy crunchy cream
cheese based pita bread pizza on a medium to high heat take about a TSP of
oil add minced garlic sautéed garlic for a little bit and spinach red pepper flakes nutmeg
salt and cook spinach just about 30 seconds or a minute until it’s wilted
turn on the stove spinach is ready let it cool
take original or flavor cream cheese into the mixing bowl take original or flavored cream cheese mix it all for this recipe I’m going to
use flats oat bran and with pita bread now for the cream cheese pizza I
prefer to toast pita bread until they are nice and crunchy so I’m going to use
mini toaster oven when done safely bring down onto the
plate and as you can see I make quite brown to make it crunchy now as you can
see it cannot be banded so that shows that it’s nice and crispy and that’s how I
like the top for this recipe spread cream cheese mixture and I like good amount of cream cheese here I have black beans just sprinkle on
top boiled black beans you can use your favorite beans here here I have fried
onion you can use caramelized onion here sprinkle on top pizza is ready and
simply cut as you can hear the crunch from everywhere if desired red bell
pepper or tomato can be garnished yummy-looking
one of my favorite pizza recipe to prepare any time so here I have all
three recipes ready cream cheese sandwich tortilla roll-ups
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