Luxury Desert Experience in Dubai: Dinner and Emirati Activities with Vintage Land Rover

– The desert is an iconic part of Dubai and today, we’re going
to explore in luxury using a vintage open roof Land Rover. – This is our traditional
head scarf, an Arabic butera. – It’s nice to be able to sit back, relax, and enjoy the view. So we might see an Arabian oryx also known as an amaha and some gazelle. Actually there’s one right now. So beautiful. I don’t think I ever realized
how stunning the desert is. Looking out over all these dunes, it’s so natural and raw, and I love it. Cheers. (applause) So we come here to camp and now there’s all these
different little stations where we can go around and learn some of the different traditions
out here in Dubai. This is a first; I’m trying camel milk. Delicious, I like it. While traditionally, only
women would do henna, it’s now more common that
men will do it as well. So the traditional meal is called ouzi. So we got some vegetable rice, some lamb, chicken shish kabob, yogurt, camel meat. Oh, I’m going back for some more of that. That’s delicious. – This is way better than
what we expected I think, for all of us in our group. So it was incredible and amazing and excelled all of our expectations. (applause) – This has been such a stellar day. Coming out here to the desert and riding the vintage Land Rover and now enjoying shisha with friends. This really is luxury in it’s finest and an absolute must when
you come to the city.-

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