Lyme Bay monitoring 10th anniversary celebration

We’re having an event here at University
of Plymouth Marine Station to celebrate 10 years of protecting andmonitoring of the Lyme Bay Marine Protected Area. We’ve invited everybody here who we want to say thank you for helping us making it happen. There’s nowhere else that’s
actually brought together so much expertise, enthusiasm and
collaborative working as there has been in Lyme Bay, it really is the pioneering
site in the world for this type of environment. The Lyme Bay project is one of the
earliest projects which has actually been successful in engaging, if you like,
the whole community, but especially fishermen in managing a Marine Protected
Area and managing it successfully. A lot of partnerships are one partner
gets a lot out of it and the other partner doesn’t get much out of it,
whereas I think the Lyme Bay is really good in that all partners feel
that they get equal worth from their from their work and from their money
they’re putting into it. The model that we built in Lyme Bay with all the partners
is the first of its kind for the UK and I think it’s the only way really that we’re going to have management and protection of our Marine Protected Areas that is long-term
you’ve got to involve the people who live in the area and so we’re working with Plymouth University to roll this model out we’re working in North Devon in Berwickshire, The Firth of Clyde, Jersey and we hope to grow that network over the next six years.
I work on marine protected areas on the other side of the world and I’m not
aware of another example anywhere that integrates all of these different layers
and levels of information so to see what’s emerged in the last 10 years is
beyond my wildest expectations.

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