Hey! It’s Joanie from M Montreal and
tonight is very special! We have the Rio Carnival Party so I’m gonna show you a
little bit more about how we organize everything, everyone who is involved and
tonight I’m DJing so I’ll bring you over! Who says party says decoration and right
now the bar is having a little makeover. We have Axel over here finishing up the
last little touch to make the bar even more awesome! Bringing you to the parking right
now to show you something.. We’re like next level we are right now building.. Limbo game! Everybody is working really hard when there is a party because we want everything to be as perfect as possible but now I gotta go get ready!
Let’s go change all of this and I’ll see you later! There you got it the full outfit, ready for tonight! And now i’m gonna stay here a little bit to welcome the first few people! We got Pia over here!
Pia are you ready to Party?! OH YEAH! PEDRO! Hello my name is Pierre! Are you ready to dance all night?
I’m ready to dance all night!! YURI! Yuri, ARE YOU READY? I’m so ready! I’m gonna dance all night and I’m gonna crash the dance floor! Seems like everyone is saying that they’re
ready to dance all night but we’ll see how it goes on the dance floor! Now I’m just here chillin in the hammock!
We also have some limbo as you saw earlier we have some other games to win some
free alcohol we’ll have music that is gonna be absolutely amazing all night
you have like $2 tequila shots we have free drinks it’s gonna be one hell of a
party guys En Français!
(In French) “Je voudrais 2 Tequila shots avec des limes et du sel!”
(I would like 2 Tequila shot with lime and salt!) So we’re here with Louis! Hey!
Louis what’s your role tonight? Animation! Limbo you know? So you’re the guy for the free drinks? Yeah, that’s true! That’s the free drink, come with me! Let’s try this thing! Kayla, what is your job for the night? So, I stamp people and make them look fabulous! So now you got the activities, the decorations, but what about the bartenders? Let’s go have a look! Aren’t they just the coolest bartender you ever saw? Now I actually need to go get ready, cause it’s time for my DJ set! LOVE THEM! They’re amazing! I found a new piece of costume! You gotta know it’s really, really hot in here! But it’s fine, WE LOVE IT! I got them into a choreography! Ok your turn this time! This one is always the last one I put at
the end of my set! That’s over! BYEBYEBYE!

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