Maayanadhi Movie Emotional Scene | Venba and Abi Saravanan get married | Aadukalam Naren

Uncle… Why are you calling him? Focus on studies or
else I’ll punish you Dad… why didn’t you punish me and send me
back to school when I refused to study? If you had done it, I would have got
educated and been in a good job by now You were his life… you threatened to jump into the well and suicide
if sent to school, what else can he do? Senthil asked me to pass this pen to you Hello Senthil… why did you take such a risk? Was it necessary to risk
your life and get this pen? Didn’t you say
it’s your lucky pen? Moreover, anything for you
is never a risk for me It’s not a big deal Excuse me – Yes?
– What are you doing here? Just like that. How
about a tea for you? – No thanks. How are you?
– I’m fine – How’s your rickshaw business?
– All good Excuse me… Hope Kowsalya is studying well She will study well and become a doctor And later we will marry her off to a doctor You focus on your business and try
moving up from rickshaw to car Because you must be the chauffeur for
the married couples, at her wedding Sir, tea Did you hear that? Who was that? My uncle? Now do you see what worries me? I can’t even sleep thinking about it.
It’s quite upsetting So just listen and do as I say I’ll commit suicide if you
don’t show up tomorrow What’s running in your mind? Answer me! I didn’t eat at all yesterday.
Do you know that? I was waiting for you… I was waiting expecting
you’ll come to meet me Neither my family
understands me nor do you What do I do? Answer me! Vaishu… A moment please What are you saying? I am just revealing it to you Please do not tell anybody Handover this leave letter
to the miss, tomorrow I’m off for only half a day I’ll be back in class by afternoon – Please do not tell anybody…
– Ok No Forget it I’m going nowhere tomorrow I’ll come to class Talk! Why are you quiet? So, you say you won’t marry me? So, you say you won’t marry me? Oh God! Why did you do this, my dear!?
Move! Move! – Drive fast! Lord, save my daughter!
– Quick, drive carefully Her forearms are
full of blade marks Is that why she always wears full sleeves? Why would she do something
stupid like this? Must be some love affair – Ms. Mary
– Yes? Why didn’t Kowsi finish her breakfast? – Aiy-aiyo
– I wonder what’s the hurry? Look! Even the lunch box! Come on, Ms. Mary.
Won’t you check? – She forgot her lunch
– She left before I could see her off – I’ll hand it over on my way to work
– Ok Hello sir, this is Malini,
Kowsalya’s class teacher Your daughter didn’t
turn up to school today I didn’t receive any leave letter She in the 12th grade.
Hence, I called you up She left for school She didn’t come here Please don’t mistake me
for saying this, sir Your daughter… Look, stop… Miss, please don’t judge her! Consider all your students
as your own children Please don’t tell anyone
what you just told me Kowsalya, once married in
front of this deity… no one can separate that couple You finally got what you wanted Anyway, God bless you You guys are my world – What do you say, Soni?
– Of course Kowsalya, now take your own good time and
complete your studies. I’ll wait for you I don’t have a good feeling
about this, Senthil I have never kept any
secrets from my father We will reveal it to him one day Do you think he’ll agree now? Study well, become a doctor
and get your dad’s consent Then in presence of both our families
we’ll get married in a grand manner – What do you say, buddy?
– Of course! It’s getting late. I have
applied only for half day leave Also got to go to Soni’s
house to change my dress – Let’s start
– Ok – Let’s go
– Please dissolve this in the pond You go do it. I’ll wait here Let’s go before someone sees Come on, bro! Dad! Dad! It’s not like what you think Dad! I’ll come home and explain I was on my way to home, next Kowsalya! Kowsalya, this was
totally unexpected First, I must go home, Senthil I must meet my father My dad will understand me

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