MAD LAB MIX PUTTY MENT / So much fun Squishiness Glitter and MESS / SLIME we can’t get wrong

– Welcome back to fun
with Charlie and Mom! – And me! – Today we have the Mad Lab Mix Putty Ment. – Now that is a tongue twister. – And it’s a putty that we can’t mess up. – Because we are renowned for– – Messing putty up.
– Not getting our slime right, aren’t we?
– Yeah. – If you haven’t seen
any of our slime videos, there’s a few to check out. We’ve done the A to Z
or the alphabet slime. Ooh and the other really
really good one was, “Christmas Cracker Chooses
Our Slime Ingredients.” So yeah, ugh, that was pretty cool. – That was. – So we’ve got three to do.
– Yeah. The pink one, which is
this one is the sky. The silver one is the land. And the blue one is the sea. – Ooh! And they’ve all got
awesome goodies to mix in. – If you’re new to my channel, don’t forget to like, subscribe and share so you don’t miss any of the fun. And be part of the fun. – That’s right, become part
of the fun and subscribe. – [Charlie] I really wanna do sea. – [Mom] Okay, that ones yours. And I think I’ll do the land. – So, inside my Mad Lab Kit, I get seashell sequins. – Ooh, fancy.
– I get beads. – Nice.
– And I got yellow foam balls. – We’ve never used foam
balls before, have we? – Yeah, I haven’t even seen a foam ball. – What’s the bit they go everywhere and make a mess. – Uh-oh! – And show us your putty. – And I have a blue putty – Ooh!
– with blue sequins inside. – And it looks like the
galaxy or I guess the ocean. Ooh, it’s tipping out! – It’s making a wave. – And I got clear with silver
bits and pieces in there. And then colored beads,
gold beads and sequins. We really can’t mess this one up, can we? – We really, really can’t. – I’m just gonna tip, oh! Did you see that? It came out in one blob. (laughs) That’s full.
– Mine feels so weird. – So weird? – The sequins is just–
– Whoa, look at this, ah! Is this what slime is supposed to be like? – Yes. – This is what I’ve been missing out on. No wonder you like to
play with it all the time. – It’s so fun. – Wow, ooh you got glitter
on you, on me too. (laughs) Okay, I’m gonna start layering mine. First I’m going to put in my gold beads. – First I’m going to put in my beads. (Mom singing) – Okay, oh!
– Whoa! Drop drop drop, here we go!
– We’ve got that. – Oh my god! – Is it cool?
– It looks so cool! – I’m just gonna fold mine in like that so now it’s in like a little parcel, and they can’t escape! And then just mush them through. Oh, that feels really
weird feeling the beads. Can you see them? – Oh. – Oh, one fell out.
– What?! – Come back here. (Charlie laughing) – Here we go! It’s caidsdy.
– Ooh, smells really funny! – (gasps) Oh my god, it feels so weird! – So weird?
– My toast to you. – Your glitter’s coming out everywhere. Ooh! – Mine’s sticking to me! – Is it? I have two more layers, and I’m going to put in my colored beads. – Oh, one set!
– I really like this set. – Same! – They were really cheap too. I think I got them from K-Mart. – K- Mart.
– So if you want them, go to your local K-Mart and have a look. I think they were $5 each. – $5?
– Yeah. – Cheap! – And, look at that! Ooh. – (giggles) And me over here struggling. – Are you struggling? – Yeah, it’s so sticky! – Er! – Here comes in my sea shells. Look how cool this looks with the sea shells in it now. – Awesome! – Ding bong.
– Ooh! – You’re making a weird– – I don’t really know what I’m doing. I’m just folding it round. It has the strangest smell. – Ew! Ew! – My beads are starting to pop out. Have I got anything left to put in mine? What did I put in? The gold, the beads. Oh, that’s right, I’ve got sequins to go. – Yeah, you’ve still got sequins. And I’ve got foam. – The beads keep coming out! (laughing) – I’ve got foam balls, uh-oh. – They’re gonna go everywhere. In anticipation, I’m
waiting for them to foam. (laughing) Maybe it’ll be when you fold
it in that they go everywhere. – Ah, amazing. – Are you gonna use all of them? – Yeah. – Uh-oh! Your game.
– Okay. – Oh my god! This is so weird! Oh my god.
– Are the foam balls awesome? – Yeah! Oh my god. – They feel soft and squishy or hard? – They’re like this
hard kinda nice feeling. – Aw, I’m sad that I
missed out on them now. – But we’ll get to do it
on the third one, remember? – Oh, that’s right. Let’s squish this one out more. – I’m putting more beds.
– There’s so much stuff inside this. – And I like how the foam
beads stick to the slime. – Do they? – Yeah. – I’m gonna spread mine out. Look at that. I have made a sequins pizza! (laughing) That’s what it looks like. Well, it doesn’t really
look like it, does it? – Yeah. – Now, to fold it in. – While I’m picking up beads. (laughing) – Finally, we get to do slime!
– Slime! I think you should feel mine. – Oh yeah? – Yeah, you can feel mine. – Oh, you can feel mine. Oh, look at that! It’s so choc-a-bloc and
everything’s falling out. (laughing) Are you stealing them? Okay, go! I want more than you!
(tapping) (Charlie laughing) – [Charlie] This is promising though. – Ooh, the pink one!
– Here’s your beads. And remember, this one is the sky. – How is it the sky? It’s pink. – I think it’s from the sunset. You know when it gets
like all orangey-pinky? – Huh, I didn’t even
think of that. (laughs) Good job! And this one came with foam beads, colored beads, and then– – They look like crystal beads. – Oh, crystal beads, sorry. And then silver sequins. – Just like yours. – Just like mine. – Let’s pull it out! Wooh!
– Whoa, ooh, stretch it! Ready, go! – Stretch, stretch, stretch, stretch. – Oh, wow, feel the difference! – Between all of them. – This one is super stretchy. Were these ones like that
before we put the beads in? – I don’t know. We didn’t test it out. – We did a little bit, didn’t we? – Weep, weep, weep.
– I think yours was. Comment down below if you remember the blue and the silver one being just as stretchy as the pink one before we got the beads in. – Yeah. – Oh, maybe it’ll be
Mom that makes the mess. Sprinkle a bit here, evenly, all over. Is that enough?
– No, keep going, keep going! Put the whole bag in!
– Okay! – And I’m gonna fold it. – Whole bag in. – Let’s fold! Flip, flip, flip. Oh, it sounds so nice. Ready?
– Mm-hm. Oh, there’s like a scrunching noise. – Yeah. Here we are. (gasps) Oh my god, feel it, feel it. – Oh, give me some of that. – ‘Cause they’re all in
one spot, it feels so nice. I don’t wanna put
anything else in this one, I don’t wanna put
anything else in this one. – Maybe we can put some of the other bits. Ooh, ah. – Maybe we could put
some of the other bits. – Let’s do the sequins. – Yeah, you gonna spread it out? – Okay, you’re gonna spread it out or maybe we can tip them on
here, and you roll it through. – Yeah! I’m gonna start getting it into a ball. – Okay, watch out for a
second, and I’ll tip these. Sprinkle, sprinkle, sprinkle. (singing) – Roll, roll, roll,
roll, roll, roll, roll. – Roll, roll, roll,
roll, roll, roll, roll! – That would taste disgusting! – (laughs) That would taste disgusting! – Well, I don’t think
you’re meant to eat it. – Ugh! – Now they’re flying off. Maybe that wasn’t a good idea.
(laughing) You need to get the sequins on
the inside of the putty now. (laughing) Uh-oh, uh-oh! – (laughs) Sequin shower! (laughing) – That was– (laughs)
– Don’t listen to Mom anymore. – How about you pour it in,
– I don’t like the stickiness. – and I’ll fold it this time.
– Sure! (laughing) – It sounded like you didn’t
trust me anymore, Charlie. Okay, so in go the crystal
beads, I think you call these. – Yep, crystal beads. – And fold away.
– Yay. – Do you know what the great
things about these are? – What? – Well, you get to put them
back in their little containers. – (laughs) I cannot speak. – So, this was Mad Lab – Mix Putty Ment.
– Mix Putty Ment. Hmm, money well spent, I think! – Let’s lay them out and see
which one’s our favorite. – Ooh, oh, once it’s been
resting, have a feel. It feels all soft again like before. This one feels all tense and
like hard for some reason, but this one is all soft
again, because it was resting. – Same with mine. – Huh! Wow! Hey, Charlie. – What? (growling)
(laughing) Looks so cool! Put this one up to your face. It looks so cool. Don’t forget, guys, to subscribe, like and share.
(Mom blowing) And if you like this– (blowing) (Charlie laughing) – If you like this video– (blowing)
(Charlie laughing) – If you like this video, don’t forget to smash that like button! – And stick around for some more videos!
– More fun!

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