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  1. I would have been like " my mom doesn't allow pigs in the house". And laughed and walked away before he had a chance to say anything else.

  2. In reality this would not work in most jokes the only real way to stop getting bullied is to either challange them to a fight of in the middle of them bullying u just push them if they try to comeback harder drop there ass

  3. I agree partially with what you said… Not to respond emotionally. However, the need to have a comeback at all shows emotion. Almost like absorbing the energy completely and not reflecting any negativity is the way to go. There’s a book called Verbal Judo. If someone corrects you in a meeting, point out “Yes, that is correct, the right way to say it is suchinsuch..” and the continue with what you are saying. When you allow ego into it in any way you lose.

  4. Does anyone else think this guy could totally do the voice acting for the sound your character makes in Minecraft when he gets hit?

  5. " …And you can count on me waiting for you in the parking lot." — Happy Gilmore – Mr. Larson's response to shooter McGavin after the insult in front of a crowd of spectators.

  6. 5:58 What are you doing? It's not "Behadior" it's Behavior! Does he have a problem with reading or something? ^

  7. What about having one of those friends who keeps talking shit even if you make a good comeback damn he makes me feel like I'm trying to have a serious conversation with a 9 years old.

  8. Going over the top in a corporate environment/meeting after a comment like that? "YEAH IT WOULD BE NICE IF I COULD READ, WOULDN'T IT!"

    Yeah, way to look like a psycho in front of everyone

  9. What I care about is truth. When people make fun of me I might deserve it. Some might tease me and who can tell their motives? Extrapolated conversation is intertwining but not all together bound in interaction. Compassion, humility, understanding and a knowing is the way to go. The under dog often rises like the Phoenix from the flames. And if you want confidence become knowledgeable in 3 or more disciplines. For example. Learn a Martial art, learn a foreign language and my suggestion is Spanish. Learn to play an instrument. The guitar is best. And also become knowledge based in the kitchen. Know food and understand flavour. If you play with these four suggestions you will find yourself in a space.

  10. I usually always agree with this guy, but this one time I don't. Most people can't think of specific things to say right away. But he is definitely right on not showing any emotion! Also, the condescender is either right or he is wrong. If he is right then tell him he is right, thank him, because you are happy to learn. If he is wrong then tell him the facts in a non-emotional, rational, mature way. If you look like the mature one in front of everyone, then he will look and feel stupid and not do it again.

  11. “Yeah pardon me I’m tired from actually WORKING…” Then look at them, straight through their soul, and let everyone else in the room now wonder just how lazy that person is. The results will linger long after the exchange because it will plant questions. (Just make sure you actually do outwork that person, and if you don’t then you better start).

    This exact situation has happened to me before in my final year of college. That’s how I responded. Way more people laughed at my subtlety than her not-so-much-subtlety.

  12. I take no prisoners. I strike quick and it’s vicious. King of the zingers here. Nobody fcks with me. I grew up on Mad magazine. And 3 hateful brothers.

  13. People laugh at me i get angry and they laugh even more three girls laughed at me in one shop i walked into another and they laughed at me there aswell different girls i made no mistake i was just getting my shopping . I hate going shopping because of these people . Should i speak up if girls giggles at me and how should i react

  14. Learn jiu jitsu… it will give a person confidence that they don't have to be as concerned about physical confrontation. Because, I suppose it could be said, that male challenges to authority do have a primal aspect to them.

  15. I was not a bully as a kid, I stood up for myself and kids getting bullied..my father told me and my brothers if you don't stand up for yourselves in life and I find out about it it will be much worst when you get home and he meant it..so I would not run my mouth back to much, I normally calmly walked over and punched him right in the face and did not stop punching him until I was pulled off him by multiple people, never got messed with again..I did go to juvenile for it but my father stood up for me and said he was proud I was man enough not to allow bully's to keep on

  16. From personal experience, i know bullies are just emotionally broken inside and the only thing keeping them up sort of is trying to push others down so the sad reality of their own low self esteem doesn’t become exposed to others

  17. When they say things about your mum. Say ," son ,watch how you talk about your grandmother" in a very patronising tone. It works all the time cause it implies that you are their dad and your mom is their grandmother because they are your child. Not everybody will pick this up instantly ,but when they do…..ahahaha

  18. Growing up I was always the slender tall kid who happened to have a long neck. There was several times people would try to poke fun at my neck and I got the nickname "Giraffe neck" I came back with the response first kind of having a small chuckle then responded with "You're absolutely right I do have a longer neck, But you know what? When natural selection unfolds and someday we are having to scavage for food I'll be able to reach the top of the trees to get the best of foods while you're getting the leftovers that fell to the ground" Often got no response😂

  19. If you said, "It would be nice if I could read, wouldn't it?" Then a smartass is just going to say "yeah it would be so work on that." There are plenty of derogatory remarks/responses to the phrases you gave but I do agree not to come back with an emotional response.

  20. You owe my respect brother…❤️❤️ Great love from 🇮🇳 Guess the country name? ..And will u take out the time to reply to a jerk coz most YouTubers don't…as am having a little query..so will u reply?

  21. Being nonresponsive makes so much sense going along with the joke and taking it a step further makes Makes it even funnier LOL

  22. i think it’s pretty easy i mean put yourself in the position of a viewer and imagine what kind of respond would stop you

  23. Fight them, Use violence, be brutal, be tough, Crush them or be crushed, prove you are a man! 👊

  24. I went thru a LOT of bullying and teasing as a child. So much so that it traumatized me and I had to get counseling. Unfortunately, because I'm partly disabled (anxiety disorder, ADHD, bipolar, blind in one eye and Avoidant personality disorder) and cannot walk very far due to back and knee problems, I get ridiculed and bullied a lot. My disability isn't physically visible so that makes me more of a target. I only wish I could remain calm when someone harasses, bullies, or taunts me. But instead the anger builds and builds. I have tremendous rage and anger inside that I cannot get rid of because I'm constantly being told to "relax" and "calm down." The area where I live has been listed as one of the unfriendliest and rudest cities to live in. (I prefer not to say where specifically, due to concern over being harassed or attacked for it.) The majority of ppl who live here either think they're better than others, are narcissists, overprotective parents, nosy eavesdroppers, a or bullies. I can no longer afford counseling or moving. I'm only 3 years away from retirement, so I'm trying to stick it out.

    I have tried to respond back to "rudies" (as I call them) and bullies with a joke, but all they do is laugh harder and louder at me. Because I am so "high strung", I physically shake when I confront bullies. It's something that I simply cannot help, it's just part of who I am. 🙁

    I am NOT-NOT- NOT saying any of this for sympathy and I don't expect anyone to care, I'm only saying that trying to remain calm is MUCH easier said than done. Try remaining calm when you are constantly being harassed or bullied due to circumstances beyond your control..

  25. If someone calls you fat and you really are fat, just say "Well Duuuh… i like food"….see that wasn't too bad 🙂

  26. I really like what you're trying to do for people with these videos. Please keep it up. There are many people who genuinly appreciate them. Thanks!

  27. It's actually not hard for someone to go even further. If I say "I can't read" The answer could be something like "Well yeah we already know you're moron" Or "Well you don't have to tell us you're a complete idiot" etc

  28. I always hear people laugh at me when I speak because am having trouble in pronouncing words and it really makes me sad
    I just finished college and scared to look for a job cuz in the interview people will laugh at me for sure and my mentality is really down

    if someone could help me please leave a comment on how can i deal with this

  29. This reminds me of the 8 mile final rap battle. Eminem just rapped over everything Papa Doc was going to say about him. Anyone else feel me on this?

  30. Ignoring is the most unrealistic solution…why?…it emboldens the bully…no retaliation…no consequences…I always get in their face…they don't have to learn it twice…

  31. Woah this helps me alot! I have been dealing with alot of the second scenario thing in my current social context where there is that group that keeps making fun of me for what i do! I will start using this. I will always keep quiet and walk away but i realise that that somehow shows to that bully i was affected. This advice was way better

  32. So I'm gonna have a fight and the person I'm gonna fight is the type that laughs at everything you do WHAT THE HECK DO I DO

  33. I did something so stupid and everyone was laughing at me and I want it to stop. I’m nervous to go back to school and I have to work tomorrow ugh I don’t want to get laughed at there either 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  34. What if you can do all of these things but you have a problem not being able to control blushing? I can make comebacks, fight, etc but the blushing seems to be out of my control and kinda makes me seem to automatically lose. Or maybe I’m just reading into turning bright red too much?

  35. The one-up to compensate is a bad idea, all you are doing is suggesting to people that they should buy into the bluster, and fire back like an asshole!!! Why not just remain silent, and appreciate the lesson?? I say simply ignore people, and if you have nothing intelligent to say, then remain silent!!

  36. I get laughed at by complete strangers for being ugly and overweight. People are assholes and I hate the majority of them.

  37. I would take the angle of:
    – Tons of self love. Accepting yourself exactly as you are. Once that happens, you will much much stronger. I am not saying that nasty comments wont hurt, but the self-love quickly takes over nasty jokes or cruel criticism, because you already know what you are and you love you with your crappy sides.
    – Calming down instead of winning: the world is very broken. We all have bad days, we all have moments when we over-state the small, we all get hurt and react wrong sometimes, hurting the other person…The recommendations on this video are really brilliant but I do not know how much they really help. Most bullies do not care, they are at a stage of life where they do not have the heart to care. Calming down just changes the whole game. Ignore the insult. If it is a relationship fight, always thanks to the person calming down, issues will be spoken. When it is hell both ways, couples might end up telling each other terrible things. And, they things they tell each other often end up causing more trouble than the initial situation
    – Request advice and protection as soon as things get really problematic: if it is a school, it is better to talk to the teacher or psychologist. If the law is being broken, call the police. Make it serious. In most cases, it will stop.
    I think that the author of this videos is a very good hearted person. That comes from the eyes, there is no malice in there. But I dont believe in hitting back in any way. It keeps the "problem adrenaline", it keeps the "fire of the fight". You need two for a fight. If you just ignore it and move on, there is only one, and in most cases they will get bored and stop. And again, if they dont, just ask for help.

  38. My supervisor got mad at me because he didn't supervise and correct me in the first place. His humor was more crude and third grade level "LOOK THE LITTLE ONE MEASURED THIS WRONG"… ok then.

  39. Im 4'6" in 12 grade. I'm 16 a girl, my birthday is tomorrow. People make fun of my height. They say i look like a middle schooler they say, i try not to cry ajd i dont but i hold back the crying. Idk what to say.

  40. What if what there making me anxious I cant hide it people can see it on my face it's so difficult to change it my anxiety gives away my emotions they feed of my anxious emotions . Saving these videos though I'm learning myself to side up for myself properly I'm done with the negative people

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