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  1. She's trying to manipulate the situation. She isn't really that interested. Thing's are only on her terms which means she only wants to move forward with her being in control. She won't submit to him. She doesn't love him

  2. its like she wishes he was "MORE CHRISTIAN" than he really is…He's a regular bachelor, player, n she's looking for a "strong Christian man" Hes not gonna become "more Christian" just for her.
    why did she come on this show?!
    it's like the same B.S. as Luke last year on Bachelorette except she's polite atleast

  3. Who the Fu_k cares. This stuff is ghe reason why the world is so messed up today. Reality TV is one of the most dangerous problems that Democracy is facing as it gas made peopke lazy and stupid.

  4. He's a manipulative abuser. Shame on him for trying to make her feel like the bad guy. She needs to take a few steps back and she'll see right through him.

  5. She can do so much better than him anyways. That guy is such a loser. Like why the hell would you risk Madison over the other two girls that’s bullshit bro. He’s full of bullshit this whole season. Literally the biggest drama queen I’ve ever seen.

  6. I hope guys are taking notes in the comments. Us women want loyalty and y’all need to stop trying to make us feel bad for your wrong doings. 🙄

  7. How many fuckin "likes" are said in this video. These conversations are not about communication, its about how it looks. Millenials feel really mature having these relationship discussions that dont mean anything.

  8. Girl: If you sleep with someone else I don’t think I can take it.

    Bachelor: So, if I sleep with someone else you can’t take it?

  9. Madison, if you are reading this, don't settle. You can't force anyone to be faithful, to make the same commitments, to have the same morals. Peter needs to make those decisions on his own. There are plenty of fish in the sea. Peter is not 100%.

  10. Wow did she Tammy Faye her lashes? Is this really tv? It looks like a soap opera. It’s so bad. And drags on and on. Bored can’t finish the video. Don’t care. Out.

  11. her: if you sleep with someone else, i can’t go farther with you. him; wait, i can’t sleep with someone else? her: um yeah, i mean we can’t be an item if you sleep with someone else. him; but how does me sleeping with someone else affect our relationship? tell me if i can or can’t. her: can’t. him: well we’ll see about that.

  12. lmao how y’all eating up this drama? it’s all fake love none of this is real. it’s publicized and everyone knows they’re on tv. i only came here to see how stupid the comment section is

  13. She probably pissed as hell that she wasted her time and he made her believe. She’s so close and he’s like fuccboi city

  14. Just say Yes thats what you mean!!! Gee the drama is so BORING ..every season its the same..girl gives ultimatum DUMB guy lets a good one go

  15. Right there is why this is messed up because in any other real relationship if your significant other slept with someone that’s just messed up like by now you know and she shouldn’t have to feel like she doesn’t have a say

  16. People are right, she did sign up for this tv show system. HOWEVER I think this just goes to show how messed up the system is and the kind of emotional manipulation the producers are willing to inflict on others for ratings. I think being clear about ur expectations despite the system is commendable. And the difference between her and Luke is Luke was controlling about his expectations. Madison is simply saying “I’m going to walk away”

  17. Dont follow this show but is this dude stupid?
    "It would be really hard for me to move forward in this if you sleep with someone else"
    "What, what are you saying to me? I don't understand"

  18. You don't need to be a christian or a virgin to say the guy Listen I am not getting engaged to you if..
    It's basic self worth

  19. I dont get it. Luke P told Hannah that he wouldnt be okay with her sleeping with other people and everyone thought it was controlling and that he was out of line but now everyones one Madison’s side? Im truly not trying to be hateful im just genuinely confused

  20. This show is disgusting. How gross is it for this guy to be dating all of these girls simultaneously AND having sex with all of them that’s just cheating or an open relationship and for some reason these girls see that happening and are still like “I hope he picks me” like what how toxic of a show is this and how toxic of a mentality to encourage

  21. yea shes right when she said actions speak louder than words. If you love someone you are not going to intimate with others. She has the right to ask that and find whether she things peter is right person to spend the rest of her life with.

  22. Remember when it was Luke and everyone thought he was controlling and manipulative and it was “her body her choice”

  23. Everyone’s arguing about whether or not she gave him an ultimatum. But what’s so wrong about ultimatums? Since when is it wrong to have deal breakers and to be honest about those deal breakers? If she was upset about the sex thing after the fact than ppl would be upset that she wasn’t up front with him….

  24. I don't even get why she's on this show when literally the whole premise of it is around fantasy suites, sex, and the fact that Peter is so famous for his windmill thing… Like girl, c'mon.

  25. WHY WAS HE PLAYING DUMB. This makes me so angry. If Madison ends up with him .. I am going to be so heart broken because he doesn’t not care for her.. not enough anyways. Just to be clear ?!?!! WHY DID HE MAKE HER “clarify” if he planned on just sleeping with the other girls regardless?! I AM LIVID

  26. She literally said what she meant in her first sentence and he got all confused. Yeah duh she’s gonna be mad if he moves onto the next pussy right away like give it some time if you really care for her that’s all she’s saying.

  27. this girls an idiot (so is he) but she signed up for this. i hope she doesnt take him back if she has such high standards for herself in the finale

  28. This show and the people who still watch it are such bullshit. A guy said the same thing to the bachelorette in a previous year, and everyone gasped at how dare he ask her if she’s going to have sex with other guys. They made him look like he was crazy. But now when the roles are reversed, all a girl has to do it bat her lashes and smile, and people are like “you go girl, stand up for your beliefs.” The hypocrisy of toxic feminism/femininity is endless and will kill the institution of marriage. **Watch the video and read the hypocrisy in comments from the previous bachelor season:** youtu.be/cKom8ppT0z4

  29. All the women standing up for Madison in comments section are hypocrites. You guys crucified a guy for doing the same thing as her in a previous season: youtu.be/cKom8ppT0z4 *Yall are toxic feminists*

  30. Unpopular opinion but I kind of am having a hard time feeling sorry for her. If she's familiar with how these shows work then she would have known that the bachelor/ette sleeps with their contestants. I'm not saying it's wrong for her to feel the way that she does but why would she go on this show if the whole intimacy thing with other women was going to be an issue for her? It just makes me wonder if she's like the rest of the women who want to join the battle to become the next Bachelorette.

  31. She’s NOT telling him what to do. She’s even mentioned it multiple times that she’s NOT asking him. All she’s trying to get out is her true feelings, set her boundaries and he can take it or leave it .
    Tbh She should just leave and become the next bachelorette she deserves wayyy better. Peter KNOWS what she means he’s just playing her.

  32. For those wondering:

    "So, what are you saying right now?" = "I heard what you said-I just want to make sure I heard you correctly."

  33. “Soooo, what are you saying?” You wanted some sign from me that I actually give a shit about you? You’re not ok with me having sex with someone else? Be clear, it’s not fair. You need to be upfront with me, don’t be rude. LMAO. It’s like seeing every highschool conversation after the guy gets caught messing around and the girl just won’t get it. He’s clearly looking to maximize his sampling of women and doesn’t care about anything else. Literally the only moments of this show I’ve ever seen and all I need to see.

  34. I don't get why everyone protecting her ??? She came to this show and she knew that there would be some other girls there!! She reminds me in this part of Luke so much
    And I know my english is bad

  35. Peter just asked a valid question:
    Wait, if I sleep with someone else, you wouldn’t be ok with that ?
    Then He gets mad after what Madison asked from him, So he goes sleeps with other women. This is “meant to be”

  36. I hope this is all fake and scripted otherwise he is a complete douche. Trying to act like he doesn’t understand what she is saying 🙄 “you know how much you mean to me so let me sleep with other girls while I can before I have to settle down with you.”

  37. The reality is, Madison or Luke P (from the last Bachelorette season where he was crucified for saying the same thing by hypocritical, toxic women) are not wrong. But what did they expect? This is a show built around promiscuity and a fake romance movie/book idea of “love.” None of this is love or real. It’s very scripted and artificial. And maybe feelings might develop when the competition is on and the bachelor is saying all the right things (as coached), but they’re not real, and why the vast majority of all relationships from this show fail. It’s mostly a self promotion tour for peoples social media brand as a lift off into other revenue streams. It’s all about making money. Not love.

  38. She will get sticky stuff in the manipulation tool he's already had sex so get over it you're not married to him this is a dating game and if you get this controlling until he puts up wedding band on your finger you might lose them permanently

  39. He's trying to make her feel bad for saying she doesn't want someone that she's going to marry to fuck 2 other women out of pure horniness just days before they get engaged.

  40. Just love how when Luke P said the same thing last time people came after him and now people are praising Madison. I don’t even watch this show, but what little I’ve seen there was a big double standard. I’m proud of both of them nonetheless

  41. She is not getting it. She is not the only one and can not stop him from trying other relationships. Sneaky. She says half to make him say it. Dont like this girl.

  42. People are such hypocrites Luke P. Was legit saying the same stuff Maddie was saying last season but because he's a guy it's degrading to women, but yet when a girl says it it's alright, I'm just confused you can't just change your belief because of the gender of the person.

  43. Luke P. and Madison; this is a Bachelor/Bachelorette dating TV show which means they're not committed to you. If you guys can't handle, them being intimate with other contestants on the show then what's the point of you being on it in the first place?!

  44. If the person I was with told me that DAYS before he proposed he had sex with 2 other girls that he also "had feelings for" I would have done the same thing. NO SIR. The fantasy suites aren't mandatory. Have some respect, say no and then come propose. 👍🏼 Good for you Madison. NOT BACKING DOWN ON YOUR STANDARDS FOR SOME GUY WHO CAN'T EVEN PUT SOME NEOSPORIN ON HIS DAMN HEAD. 😂

  45. i sure she sticks to her guns and leave him !!! dude already nailed the other 2 … tell his sorry ass good-bye madison !!!

  46. Proud of you Madison….momma raised you well.Peter , dude…be realistic…you cnt be in love with all those girls….you just wanna have sex with all those poor naive women … busy playing dumb with maddy when you know wt she means.

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