Magh Bihu in Assam 2020 || असम का माघबिहु || Festivals || Makar Sakranti Celebration in India ||

Festival is a moment to celebrate our life which erases the boredom of our monotonous life. It brings a halt to our occupied life. A Festival is like a color brush which paints colors of happiness in our dull life. We live in Indian society, and here different places have different festivities. This video shall project a festival, which is celebrated in Assam It is Magh Bihu, celebrated in January. When the whole Nation celebrates Makar Sankranti, The Assamese celebrates the Magh Bihu parallel to Makar Sankranti. Magh Bihu means the Festival of Lavishness. As the farmers already have harvested their paddy plentifully, So, they do not have to compromise the lavish celebration of Magh Bihu. And they have all the means and materials to celebrate it. And they organize the celebration without fail. The preparation of a BhelaGhar (A Thatched Hut) is a mark of the beginning of Magh Bihu .

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