Mahmood (Italy 2019) | London Eurovision Party INTERVIEW

Mahmood, Hello Hello I have to say, It’s very unexpected, it makes me very proud I’m happy that my song “Soldi” is very liked And I hope to perform well in Eurovision Actually, more than sadness it’s anger there’s a lot of anger, it’s like I have to vent I tell the story of a family left by the father so more than sadness it’s resentment Yes, the song is partially autobiographic, and It talks about my experience, my story. He congratulated me, He told me: “Congratulations for the song, I’m happy that it was succesful, let’s go eat together sometimes”. Yes, during the years we have been in touch even if our paths, from when I was a kid, have been different I wasn’t scared of neither of those things, because in every song that I write I always put something personal and unique, that in someway makes me part of the song when I sing it on a stage. So, regardless of my family, or even… …In every song, even when I talk about a relathionship that didn’t end too well, I always put the same amount of emotions so for me it’s the same thing. I’m a person, first of all, and an artist so I don’t like talking about politics, because I always put music first and I think that’s the important thing that everybody should focus on. I hope to be on the cover of Vogue someday, it would be an honor I like following… taking care of my look, my physical appearence but without always folllowing the trends, I like feeling represented, because, in the end, following a trend at all cost it’s useless the important things is always feeling 100% comfortable Feeling like yourself I’m an Italian going to Israel, I’m not Egyptian I only have Egyptian roots. So I don’t have any kind of problem, I’ve been to Israel (Tel Aiv) last week, and it was a very open city Both for the people who live there and for the atmosphere It’s a city… Open to different cultures And I’m going to Eurovision, a song contest, hosted in Israel, but I’m not going there to do a concert or bring a political message, so I don’t see any problems. I put that sentence in the song because it reminds me of what my father told me when I was a kid, It means: “my son, my son my love, come here”. That’s all. It talks about how money can change the relationships of a family It’s not about the value of money I’m going to add something for sure, There are going to be surprises, I don’t want to say much because I want it to be new and unseen, but yes, there will be new things

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  1. The girl who had translated in the video Mahmood's answers finds difficult to translate instantaneously what Mahmood says, so I'm going to translate literally what he answered for you all who are interested to know exactly what he said (sorry If I make some mistakes, I'm Italian mother tongue and I study English)

  2. Complimenti Alessandro moahmood🇮🇹👏🇮🇹👏🇮🇹👏🇮🇹👏🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹

  3. I wish he did this interview in English…. he did some interviews in English
     that day. Him speaking English with his accent is SOOOOOOOO hot!

  4. Forza Mahmood ❤️ sono sicura che vincerai 😊💋 ps:mi fa morire dal ridere quello che alla fine ci prova con te 🤣

  5. it's so sweet how he understands english, yet gives his answers in another language! lol, like in blade runner! How AWESOME would it be if we could reach this level of multilinguism, among europeans at least?!?! id love ittt!!! everybody understanding eachother while speaking different languages sksksksksk

  6. He's so adorable, isnt he? Great artist, great personality, great song and the one and only winner of Eurovision 2019! 12 points and lots of love for Mahmood and Italy from Germany 😚🤗🇮🇹🏆

  7. quanto mi piace Mahmood…come parla, la sua canzone… spero tanto vinca (anzi non ho dubbi a riguardo)

  8. Ma se è andato al linguistico l'inglese lo poteva pure parlare, siamo smerdati abbastanza, almeno una soddisfazione 😂

  9. "Ciao bellissimo", God that makes me laugh so hard ahah the interviewer was reaaally flirting with Mahmood. Actually, I've notice that all the interviewers gave the same look to him. Guys, I can relate, definitely.

  10. i’m Italian and my brain is shifting from Italian to English every two seconds… i’m getting crazy

  11. Grande Mahmood ti auguro tanti bello cos'è successo di più 🙏😊👑🤜🤛🤲🏾🤲🏾🇸🇳🇮🇹💪.

  12. Great state, great singers! And when you hear it in italian language.. well I told you everything! Greetings from Slovenia!

  13. Αν ήταν Έλληνας τραγουδιστής είναι πιο πιθανό να μην ήξερε ελληνικά παρά να μην μπορούσε να μην μιλάει Αγγλικά! Χαχα

  14. I don't know my Father He never cared for Me, Mahmood sings about my Life, I started to cry when He started to sing, I also sing and as a half Italian half Tunesian I can relate to the sadness and anger and power in this Song thank You Mahmood You are the Best Singer for Me right now ❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕

  15. Mahmood should've really stayed where William was. My eyes wanted more of his face throughout the video.

  16. tip : turn the english captions on by clicking the 3 dots up right, and then by clicking on ‘captions’. it really translates everything he says way deeper than the translater does. what he’s saying is so beautiful. i love him

  17. Now I understood what is the reason that he didn’t win. It is impossible pretend be an international star without English, sorry…

  18. Mahmood didn't like the interview. You can see how tense he is. He's done interviews in English and you can tell his natural feel.

  19. Mahmoud, sei bravissimo! 😍💖🌞🎤💖😍🌼🍀🎤🌞🌈🌟🌟🌟🔥🔥🔥🔝👏🔝👏🔝👏Un abbraccio! 💖😍🎤🌼🍀💖😍

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