Maison Shalom’s 25th Anniversary: Love will Prevail

Forget all your titles and honors. I’ll call you as my friends, my brothers and sisters. I’m feeling I’m part of your family also. And not only me. I’m so glad that Tom Catena, Bernard Kinvi, all people who came to Armenia in different years to be part of our Aurora Prize. Feeling like it’s a big network of the people who are doing fantastic things. I think what people like Maggy show us is that the true way to happiness, the true way to peace, is “sell what you have, empty yourself, pick up your cross and follow Christ.” It’s how we can really live together, how we can integrate the differences, how we can come together to feel that we are all members of one planet. We need to save each other. Otherwise there will be no future for our children. Hate will never have the last word. I refuse, I refuse, I refuse.

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