Make a Princess Castle Birthday Cake with Jill

Hey, everyone! Welcome to Sweet Art Made Simple I’m Jill Today I am going to show you a super simple Princess Castle Cake. I was going to have a friend come and help me….but… “I’m right here!” Oh, there she is!! This is MacKenzie Mackenzie and I taught you how to make Halloween cupcakes. She is back and we are going to show you how to make this princess castle cake The things you need you can buy at your grocery store. You need ice cream cones. You need some pink cake cones. You can use the regular kind too. You can use the white standard kind too. You need the strawberry waffle cookies You need colorful candy, we are using heart candy Find colorful candy to compliment the cake We are using electric purple color buttercream. Link to the buttercream recipe is below. I am using a frosted strawberry cake – recipe below. You can make it yourself or buy a pre-decorated cake at your grocery store. I will link how to frost a cake video below Using my number 18 tip in disposable bag, I am making u’s Think of cursive writing to make the continuous u’s. It kind of reminds me of a flower It does look like a flower, like a scallop look I am going to do the same cursive u’s along the top edge of the cake. I am extending the u’s out a little more. Like a drape look. See she is good at frosting, but I am good at piping Below I am piping a squiggly line for a bottom border of the cake Super simple! Now we are ready to build our castle First take an ice cream cone and place it towards the back, but in the middle And then stack another one on. I want this to have a lot of height We used royal icing to glue the candy hearts on the cones. Royal icing is just one egg white and 1 cup of powdered sugar mixed together. It makes a paste that will dry quickly Then place next two cones to the sides You just put a dot of royal icing We actually stuck the cones in the freezer for the candy to glue quickly It firmed up really fast in the freezer There we have our castle pillars Now we need to add our doors and windows Place the strawberry waffle cookies on cake to make the doors Now let’s add some windows We did take off the frosting of the cookies It makes it easier to stick on the cake You can buy any kind of candy to compliment the castle You could use Skittles all over the cake This would be a fun cake to make with a friend Now we are going to prop our larger hearts on top of the cake Using different colors Make sure the writing on the conversation hearts are face toward the back So it doesn’t say “HUG ME” What a surprise this would be for anyone that loves Disney I don’t know if one of the Disney castle’s are pink? I don’t know. I’ll have to look into that Now we are adding the smaller hearts on the sides of the cake I will let you finish decorating it Again, make sure the writing doesn’t show on the hearts We add more windows later We can just add more hearts right now And see how simple that was This would be great for a princess party cake I’m gong to a birthday part tomorrow I think I’m going to make this cake Why don’t we bring this cake to that party! All right, we will see you next time!

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  1. Make a girls dream princess cake that is simple and sweet! It was a lot of fun decorating with Mackenzie using ice cream cones, cookies and candy to make a magical princess castle cake.

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