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hi I’m Sophie and welcome to my world
today I have another party tip for you now this one is about Park parties
people do a lot of parties in parks and I want to let you know that I’ve put
together an entire blog with a whole checklist of things that you should
check out if you are going to do a park party in fact I have my clipboard here
and I’m gonna go over with these points with you right now so here’s the deal
the main deal with a park party if you’re gonna be in a park and it’s not a
park that you’re familiar with make sure you go and check that park out a couple
times here’s the things that you’re going to be looking for
does it get super sunny and hot does it get windy does it get overrun by
preschools and other programs now are there safety concerns like is
there a water facility there that you have to be careful of with little ones
is there a playground that might be a little rickety there are things that you
want to make sure that you check out those are very very important are there
bathrooms and if so are they close by are there amenities such as tables and
chairs or do you have to bring in your own are you allowed to bring in your own
are there barbecues are there garbage cans play structures are always an
important thing because it gives you something to do are there play
structures or is it just an open field or there a wooded area that you can go
into do you need a permit that is something that is very very important or
is it first-come first-served and if it is first-come first-served check it out
to see do people get there at 6:00 o’clock in the morning 7 o’clock in the
morning you need to know these things because you don’t want to show up at 11
o’clock and you’ve told everybody hey I’m gonna have a party at 11:30 and you
get there and there’s no place to sit because everybody’s been camped out
since 6 o’clock are there any rules about decorations
balloons water balloons bounce houses you need to ask those questions
especially if you need a permit and if you need a permit how much
does the permit cost is the permit for a certain amount of
or is it for all day every park has its own rules and you’ve got to make sure
that you check them out is there electricity is there running water are
you allowed to have food trucks are you allowed to bring in catered food are you
expected to take your garbage away or is there a dumpster for you to place your
garbage in and then there’s always table clothes and
they always want to blow away even if there isn’t that much wind so make sure
you check out my tablecloth video which there’ll be a link in down below for
more great tips check us out and make sure you check out
the link down below because all of these things that I’ve talked about the park
party are going to be in a nice big checklist so you can just check them off
and write them down for more great things check us out

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