Making A Difference: One Party, Many Gifts

well it’s a party with a purpose a local nonprofit is throwing a huge blowout to help bring a special needs girl home to Kentucky the raw family of Campbell County is adopting a baby with Down syndrome from Eastern Europe and the journey to get her here won’t be easy Hayley exciting’s Clare Crouch shows us how a special pair of friends will help make this family whole in this making a difference Rafi that’s what Scott and Jackie raw say led them to Brack Duncan and Josh banks play an answer to prayer the roz knew their family of four wasn’t complete and after suffering a series of miscarriages they turned to the website Reese’s rainbow where they learned some staggering statistics thousands of children across Europe and Asia orphaned all just because they were born with Down syndrome it was on that site they found their little girl and it was kind of like I think she’s ours but then the daunting cost of getting the little group here began to set in I remember Scott joking he’s like Jackie money is gonna have to fall out of the sky that’s where brac and josh come in the pair founded the nonprofit buddies of the bluegrass to raise money for Kentucky families adopting children with special needs and it just so happens brac was already thinking of throwing an event for Josh he thinks he’s a country star and he is to me so I wanted to give him that opportunity so we got the idea to put on a big concert with Kentucky musicians and an America’s Next Top Model alum to let Josh sing and to raise the $20,000 to bring the Raw’s little girl home one party and answer to multiple prayers I think that it can be really successful and it’s going to make a big difference covering this making a difference in Lexington Clare Crouch lex18 news buddies of the bluegrass is October 7th at Manchester Music Hall tickets are $15 and for more information just head to our website lex18 calm

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