Making Fun of Our Babysitter! Awesome Bloss’ems Inspired Makeover

– This video is sponsored by Spin Master. – [Man] Emily, Evelyn, I’ve
just texted your babysitter. She’s gonna come over last
minute ’cause I gotta go. – Which babysitter? – [Man] Gigi.
(sighing) – Didn’t she quit? I thought she said to lose her number? – Didn’t we prank her so much last time that she doesn’t want to babysit us again? – [Man] Why wouldn’t she
want to babysit you guys? You guys are awesome. (sighing) – Sure we are. It gives us another chance to prank her. – Yeah. – [Man] Wait, wait, wait, wait. There’s no pranking okay? – Okay. – [Man] She was very nice
to come over last minute, so I don’t want no funny
business going on, okay? – Okay. – [Man] Be nice. – Sure. (knocking on door) – [Man] Come in. Gigi! – Hello.
– [Man] Thank you so much for coming last minute. – No worries. – [Man] What is that? – A little something for the girls. – [Man] Why, so kind of you. Thank you so much. – Absolutely. – Looks like Gigi is here. – Hi Emily.
Hi Evelyn. I have something for you. – Oh hi Gigi. – Are those for us? – I’ve got some Awesome Bloss’ems. – Wow, thank you! – Just a little something
to keep you guys busy so you won’t have to think
about trying to prank me. – Oh yeah, that. Yikes, she still remembers. – Yeah, come on, let’s
check ’em out over here. – Which one can we have? – Whichever one you want. – Really! Wait, I heard about them. These are the ones that you plant the seed, you water them, and
then you grow the doll. – That’s right. And it’s a surprise of
which Awesome Bloss’em doll you’re gonna grow. – Are there a lot of them? – Yeah, how many are there to collect? – Actually there’s 25 different
dolls that you can collect. And if you’re really lucky, you might even get the ultra rare doll with the real diamond tiara.
(bell tinging) – Are you serious?
– I wanna get that one. – Well yeah, you gotta be extra lucky, because there’s only 3000
of those diamond dolls. – Let’s get planting Gigi. (plastic wrappers tearing) – Wow, it comes with a lot of accessories. – Yeah, I’ve got the
leaf to water the seed and the sparkle soil. – Now let’s open this part. Wow, we have some cool pop outs, we have a checklist and we have the seed. – Well cool, I got a purple seed too. – Okay, let’s pull the tab off
and put the seed in the pot. Time to pour the sparkle soil in. (happy music) Now we have to water our seeds. (cheerful music) I wonder which one I’m gonna grow? – Don’t forget to say the
special chant to help them grow. – [Evelyn] Plant the
seed, make water flow, I have the magic to make
Awesome Bloss’ems grow. (popping sound) Wow, awesome! – [Emily] Plant the seed, make water flow, I have the magic to make
Awesome Bloss’ems grow. (popping sound)
Wow! This is so magical. (cheerful music) Wow, they’re so cute and sparkly. Let’s check the checklist to
see which world they come from. These are the worlds that the
Awesome Bloss’ems come from. So Wild, Sweet Chic, Posh
Floral, Fierce Petals and Fashion Buzz. There’s mine.
She belongs to the Posh Floral family, and she has a four-leaf
clover next to her. That means that she’s rare. Evelyn your pot was pink
and the seed was purple. That means yours probably belongs
to the Posh Floral family. – [Evelyn] Yeah, there
she is, I found her. – Look how cool! You guys ready to take ’em out
and create their terrariums? – Yeah. So you can take your doll
and put her right here, standing up in her base. That’s gonna be her new home. And you can also use
the leaf as a hammock. – [Evelyn] I laid mine
down in the hammock. – [Emily] They’re super cool
’cause they can stand, lay down and sit. – Emily let’s take out the pop outs, and put them in the terrarium. – [Emily] Right in here. – [Evelyn] Look how cute it is, and one of the pop outs is a pillow. – [Emily] Look how stylish her purse is. Let’s put the domes on,
to finish the terrariums. It looks super cool, and you
can display them anywhere. – So much fun! I have a great idea. I’m gonna hide all these around the house, and whoever finds the most,
is gonna be able to give me an Awesome Bloss’em-inspired makeover. – Really, you’re trusting us with that? I might get super creative.
– Yeah. – Oh oh, what have I done? And who knows, you might even find the ultra rare diamond doll. – Yeah!
– Let’s do it! – Okay girls, I’ve hidden
the Awesome Bloss’ems all around the family room right now. You have 30 seconds to find them. And remember the winner
that finds the most, will get to do my makeover. – Yay! – Here are your bins.
– Thank you. – Okay, ready, set, go. (racing music) – Got one. – Found one. – I have two. Three. – I have one. – Four. (laughing)
I’m gonna win. Oh no, no, no, no. Five. (bell chiming) – [Gigi] Okay, time’s up. – I got five. – I got two. – [Gigi] Okay, looks
like Emily’s the winner. – Yay! (laughing) – Oh, I really want to
make a mess on Gigi’s face. But before Emily starts, can we open another Awesome Bloss’em? – [Gigi] Sure. – I’m really excited to
make Gigi’s makeup look like an Awesome Bloss’em doll. – Argh. – Safety off. – Now the sparkle soil. Oh this smells so good! – Okay Evelyn, ready to
water your Awesome Bloss’em? – Yeah. (cheerful music) (popping sound) – Oh my gosh, this one’s so pretty! She’s right here, she’s
from the Sweet Chic world. (popping sound) – Ooh, pretty. Mine is from the Posh Floral world. (happy music) – There’s also a cool Awesome Bloss’em app coming out in August. – Gigi are you ready for your makeover? – I was, but now I’m not so sure. – Well you get to pick
the Awesome Bloss’em doll for inspiration. – [Gigi] Let’s see… A little bit of blue, a little bit of pink, and a lot of glitter. – Don’t worry Gigi, I’m
gonna make you look awesome. A little bit of blue. Ah, okay. Looking pretty already. – This is getting me nervous. – Don’t worry. You’ll look very pretty. (whimper) – Oh, I’m so excited, I can’t wait to see how this comes out. I have plans with my
boyfriend, he’s gonna love it. I can’t wait! – Hm, don’t worry, your
boyfriend will sure love it. Gonna make it nice and sparkly. – Emily, are you going
for the clown cheek? – What was that? – Oh nothing, don’t worry about Evelyn. – Okay. – You said pink right? – Oh yes. – Okay, pink. (happy music) Hm, perfect. So magical! – Gigi wanted a lot of
glitter, don’t forget that. – Don’t forget the sparkles. – Oh yeah. There’ll be a lot of sparkle. (happy music) Now this is so extra. – Oh boy. – Let me know Gigi, how your
boyfriend liked my masterpiece. – Oh I will. I think he’s gonna love it. – Okay Gigi, time to pucker up. Does it taste good? – It taste interesting. – It’s nice and sparkly,
just like you wanted. – I’m so excited! – Don’t talk Gigi, it’s
all over your teeth now. – Oh no, is it really? – Maybe. Almost done. There. – How do I look? – Perfect, magical, awesome. Your boyfriend’s gonna love it. – That’s just her makeup. What about her hair? – Oh, my hair? You’re doing my hair too? – Gonna make you look extra sparkly. – I hope so.
(spray can spraying) – Wow, you’re gonna look so pretty! So glittery. – One last touch. (grimacing) You are all done. You can go and see yourself in the mirror. – Oh boy, I’m a little bit worried, to be completely honest with you. (cheerful music) Hmmm. – So what do you think Gigi? – Oh, you guys nailed it, for sure. – Okay you guys, so this has been a
super fun video to film, and the new Awesome
Bloss’ems are so adorable and fun to collect, ’cause there’s so many of them. The process of growing them is really fun, and you can also reuse the pots. You can use them as pencil holders or just to store your little accessories. I also love that you can put the dome. They can become a cute little terrarium, so you can display them. They’re just super fun, and I really love the
one’s that are glittery, like this one. This is probably my favorite. – Mine’s this one. – I also like this one a lot, because it kind of looks
like Gigi’s makeup. – The glittery ones are the rare ones. – Yeah, we got a lot of different ones. They are all super adorable. Also give this video a thumbs up if you like Gigi’s makeup.
(popping sound) (laughing) Thank you to Spin Master
for sponsoring this video. Thanks for watching. – See you next time. – Please subscribe. – Bye.
– Bye.

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