Making my wife cry with birthday surprise | Video idea for wife | girlfriend

Dhiviya Do you know why this day is so beautiful? Because… it’s your birthday The fragrance of all the flowers in the world I will imprison for you. With the dried up clouds I will wipe off the dirt from the moon. Because.. Its your birthday.. Because.. Its your birthday On a leaf, I will set up a stage. And I will get light to give in your hand I will get the birds to sing.. And all the leaves will clap their hands. From the lot, I will pick a bird that wins And make it sing into your ears. I will order the bird to build a nest in your room And I will command it to wake you up early in the morning Because.. Its your birthday! Because.. Its your birthday! I will reach out to the mountains. and break an ice block.. Empty it in your bathtub. I will filter the sun and melt all the ice For you to take bath I will drop you in at the right temperature I will capture blind female fishes… and let them swim with you.. To dry yourself after the bath.. I will fold my love and give it to you.. Because… Its your birthday!! Because..

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