Making of: Christmas Dinner for an Alien

Hello there! It’s nearly Crustmus the
most Chrustmusy time of the yeah Isn’t that right ghost of Christmas present? I’m a spooky Chrustmus Ghost That’s right, you certainly are I’m gonna do a poo in
your stockings You are? To teach you a lesson about commercialism at Christmas it’s the lesson we can all learn from My poos are full of pogs and Lego thanks for the heads up They hurt when they come out Yeah… I think I need more fibre in my
diet Or less Lego Or less fibre I can’t remember which way around it is I think it’s less Lego Nah *Heavy Chrustmasy breathing* so in this video I’m gonna show you how I made the alien foods from my previous video how to cook
a Christmas dinner for an alien so if you haven’t seen that the link is on the
screen now and you should probably watch that first so this actually make sense
so I’m gonna go through the process of making each of the foods but there’s a
lot of information to get through so this will be more of an overview What? What? Did you say ‘stocking poo’? No, I said OVERVIEW Oh…. As you were Yeah okay thanks Oh I’m gonna go… great so I won’t go into too much detail
as I’ve covered a lot of techniques in previous tutorial videos anyway let’s
start with the materials list the materials list *lovely Chrustmas surprise from up on high* Open me you idiot Merry Chrustmus! I wanted to wrap up the
materials for you for Chrustmus but I got confused and I wrapped up myself Okay I’ve lost my body, I think I used it to wrap up the box Of course you did My torso is made of wrapping paper Why would you do that? I just wanted to do something nice for Christmas you jerk what? give me your severed head in a box wrapped in your innards Yes! it’s a festive treat! It’s very generous of you I think this might be my last
Chrustmus as my last act I’d like to read the materials please sure off you go you will need! scrap plasticine, kitchen
foil, monster clay, PVA glue and tissue paper expanding foam, a craft knife and
sculpting tools, plain flour liquid latex… oooo kissy kissy My last wish is kissy kissy and liquid latex thickener hot glue gun and other craft
glue, some red wool, talcum powder no not Malcolm powder! I told you he was stinky! yes that’s better red and yellow acrylic paints, polymorph
plastic, a compressor and air brush, ooo fancy stop-motion armature wire, duct
tape and masking tape, all of the tapes yes! cardboard and pillow stuffing, oh it’s fluffy okay I’ll go now Little help? now for the big long method, okay
so let’s begin with the flesh nut so the first thing I did was to take a rugby
ball and wrap that in kitchen foil and then coat this and warmed up monster
clay to create the base shape of the nut I then used watered-down PVA glue and
strips of tissue paper paper mache on top of this base shape I waited for this
to dry and then I did another layer then once it all dried I cut the paper mache
along the length of the nut to create the two halves then I filled the insides
of the nut with the expanding foam and spread it out with a spoon I did this to
both halves of the nut and left them to dry then this formed the base skeleton
structure of the nut if you use expanding foam make sure you use it in a
well-ventilated space and wear gloves as it sticks to everything and it’s horrible. I
added another layer of clay to our base shape to make it a bit larger
I used monster clay to create the lip shapes on the nut and use the sculpting
tools to blend them in and shape them and I did this on both sides of the nut
so I mixed some liquid latex with liquid latex thickener and then put a coat of
this on the monster clay nut shape I waited for this to dry and then I apply
the second coat once this had dried it was time to remove the latex skin from
the monster clay sculpt so cover the latex skin in talcum powder so it
doesn’t stick to itself then cut the nut all the way around with a craft knife or
scissors and peel the two halves of the skin off of the sculpt. I added some
thickened liquid latex to the cut line of the skin and then I waited for this
to dry I painted the whole of the skin of the nut with watered-down red acrylic
paint and then dabbed away the excess of the paint with some kitchen roll
I waited for the paint to dry and then I coated the nut with un-thickened
liquid latex to seal the paint in then I made a mix of watered-down darker
red paint which I mixed with a little bit of liquid latex and ran this through
the airbrush painting the insides of the lip and around the bottom of the nut and
then jumped back onto the inside of the nut and gave the expanding foam a coat
of liquid latex, I dipped cotton wool into liquid latex and use this to form
the gums around the top of the nut once this had dried I gave the gums a coat
with watered down red paint and then remove the excess with kitchen roll
again and then I used this same method on the expanding foam inside the nut and
once it dried I coated the whole thing in liquid latex again. so the next step
is to put more of our red paint and liquid latex through the airbrush again
to spray on the inside of the nut and then I sprayed on another layer in a
slightly fleshier tone. I softened some polymorph plastic in hot water and then
moulded it into teeth shapes for the nut. So many teeth. And then I gave
all of the teeth a wash of yellow acrylic paint, once they were dry I glued
them onto the gums with our hot glue gun and then I blended in the point where
the teeth joined the gums with some of our thickened liquid latex so to make
the tendrils that held the jaws shut I hung up a load of strands of red wool,
dip these in liquid latex and then waited for them to dry in the meantime I
got some shorter lengths of red wool separated these apart to create strands
and I dipped the strands in liquid latex and spread them apart on the inside of
the nut to create veins once the lengths of hanging wall dried I cut them down to
size and glued them to the inside of the nut and then onto the other side to seal
up the jaw and then finally added some more strands of red wool dipped in
liquid latex. And there we have the flesh nut! I also glued on some brown hair
around the base of the nut to make it look a little bit more gross. The skin
just actually sits on the papier-mache shell so I could pull the lips back
whilst I was filming.And then next I moved on to the stone inside the flesh
nut, so I built a base for this out of scrap plasticine wrapped in kitchen
foil making sure to leave a hole in the middle and then used monster clay to
sculpt the shape of the stone on top of the foil and then coated this with
thickened liquid latex, waited for it to dry and added a second coat.
Once all the latex had dried I dusted it with talcum powder and then peeled the
skin off of the sculpt. At this point the skin was quite flimsy so I added another
coat of thickened liquid latex to the inside. Once this had dried I trimmed
around the base to tidy it up a bit and the stuffed up of some of our pillow
stuffing. Next to paint the stone, so I coated it with another watered down mix
of red acrylic paint and then used kitchen roll to remove the paint from
the high points, so once this had dried I went in again of some more red paint to
emphasise the low points and pick out some of the detail I covered it all with
liquid latex to seal in the paint. Once dry I made a mix of flesh tone paint
with liquid latex and lightly brushed this on the raised points in the ridges and
then finally I used another dark red paint mix in the airbrush to emphasise
some of the key parts, like the hole. So for the final piece the flesh nut I made
another base out of scrap plasticine and then wrapped this in kitchen foil and then
sculpted on top of this with more monster clay I then mix some thickened
liquid latex with red paint and gave it a couple of coats of this. On the back of
a flat surface I painted a lot of rectangle shapes with our red liquid
latex, when dry I rolled these off to make the tendrils. Using a purple paint
and latex mix I painted the recesses on the inside of the nut. I dusted it with
talcum powder and then remove the skin from the sculpt and then stuffed it with
more pillow stuffing. Using the airbrush I sprayed more of the purple paint mix
onto the model, to give it a bit more of an
organic feel than I achieved with the brush and then once this is dried I
glued the tendrils onto all the recessed areas. I added more liquid latex at the
base of the tendrils to cover up the seam of the glue and then waited for it
to dry. Next is the potato parasite which I sculpted the base shape for out of
monster clay then covered in two coats of our thickened liquid latex, I made a
mix of liquid latex and flour to create a paste and then use this to add texture
to the center of the parasite and then wait for this to dry sprinkled it with talcum
powder and I trimmed the excess from the underside of the base just before I
removed the sculpt from the latex skin I then cut seven lengths of our armature
wire and then bent over the ends on each of these so they were rounded and
include the other ends into a round carboard base. I wrapped this base in duct
tape and then wrapped the arms in masking tape This acted as the stop motion
armature for the parasite. So then I put the skin on the armature and then used
more flour and liquid latex to cover up the base and seal up the duct tape and
then to add more texture along the arms of the parasite. Once this had all dried
I covered this in watered down red paint and let this drip into all the holes and
recesses and then remove the paint from the raised points with kitchen roll again
and then I coated the parasite with liquid latex to seal all the paint in
again, but I forgot to film this Onto the hand vegetable, so I sculpted the bulb and the hand out of monster clay and then coated both of these in multiple layers
of thickened liquid latex, once dry coated these with talcum powder and then
remove the latex from the sculpt then used our armature wire to make a
skeleton for the hand. I cut a piece of wire for each and the fingers and the
thumb and then a circle for the palm I bent the finger ends over and then wrapped
the opposite ends around the circle and strengthen these joints with polymorph
plastic I put the armature inside the hand and
stuffed the hand with pillow stuffing I got a patch of liquid latex that I’d
let dry separately, cut this down to size and glued it to the bottom of the
hand and then sealed up the seam with more thick and liquid latex and then
painted another watered-down red base coat onto the hand. I again use liquid
latex to seal the paint. I took another dark red paint and latex mix and I ran
this through the airbrush to darken the hole and the stump of the hand and then
took more strands of red wool, dipped them in latex and put them around the hole of
the hand I made some fingernails out of polymorph
plastic and painted them yellow and then I glued these onto the fingers with some
of our craft glue. Once the glue had dried I covered it with thickened liquid
latex. I suspended the fleshy ball and then hung threads of red wool and liquid
latex to create the veins and i did the same to the base of the hand And finally the spore sprout! so i sculpted the sprout out of monster clay and mixed some green paint
into some thickened liquid latex and painted this onto the sculpt once it was
dry I used a knife to score down the back of the sculpt and remove the latex
skin from the monster clay, using the armature wire, I made a skeleton for the
spore sprout, I placed this inside the skin and stuffed it with pillow stuffing.
I then glued the slit at the back of the latex together with our craft glue
holding it in place with masking tape whilst the glue dries and then once the
glue has dried I sealed it with more green latex. I added a watered down coat
of dark green paint to pick up some of the recesses and then painted over the
high points with a lighter color and then I sealed this all with latex and
then finally I made some really tiny teeth with polymorph plastic and then
glued these into the mouth of our spore sprout with our craft glue and finished!
We’ve got the flesh nut, the stone inside the nut, the middle of the stone, potato
parasite, hand vegetable and the spore sprout with added sprout leaves. I’ll
just go get materials list back in. Oh I’m bored. I go this way! Oh no! Help! Oh dear! Where am I going? Um, hello? Anyone? I think I need a wee, but I’m only a face Thanks for watching I just wanted to say thank you to my newest Patrons and YouTube channel
members for helping to support this video and they are so thanks so much for your support if you like these lovely people want to help
support my channel, then head on over to my patreon page when you can pledge to
support and receive perks in the process anyway, I hope you have a very Merry
Chrustmus! Thank you, ok bye

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