Making the Most of the Grace Hopper Celebration

– Thank you for joining
The Anita Borg Institute to learn more about ways that you can make the
most of your attendance at the Grace Hopper Celebration
of Women in Computing, GHC. Be sure that one of the
first items you take care of on arrival at the convention center is to pick up your GHC badge. You will need a picture
ID in order to pick it up and all students must show
a valid identification from an academic institution
upon badge pickup. You cannot attend any GHC
events without your badge, so make sure this is a priority
and remember to have it with you each day of the celebration. – In this video, we will
provide you with information on types of sessions at GHC,
on how to plan your agenda, GHC involvement, networking
and interviewing, and staying involved after GHC. – Since many of you have
not attended GHC before, we wanted to describe the
different types of sessions that will be available. A keynote is an inspiring
and motivational speech. Our speakers have had significant
impact on the community with their innovative
technologies and ideas. Featured sessions are like mini-keynotes and are individual
presentations by speakers who are leaders in their fields. You definitely don’t want to
miss the featured sessions. – Panels are moderated sessions, where individuals come together to discuss a particular topic. Presentations are shorter sessions led by individual speakers
about a technical topic. Workshops are interactive by nature. A presenter leads a structured training, followed by in-depth
discussions, exercises, or problem-solving. – Planning ahead is key
to a successful GHC. There are hundreds of sessions, almost 100 affinity group receptions, and, of course, the awesome keynotes and featured sessions to attend. Having a plan and a backup plan is key. Before attending, you
should become familiar with our online agenda. This can be found on the GHC
website, The online agenda will
allow you to filter by date, objective, audience level, and track. – I would like to share some tips that will help you prepare
for a full day at GHC. Dress comfortably, wear comfortable shoes, bring snacks, stay hydrated, and don’t forget to bring your
business cards and résumés. What if a session you really
wanted to attend is full? Have a backup plan, arrive
at your top picks early, and keep in mind, some
sessions may be repeated later during the day. Be sure to mark your
top picks for sessions in the mobile app, so you
remember which sessions you really wanted to attend. – Keynotes are inspiring. What if you just can’t get
up and get going one morning? Don’t worry. We are live streaming
keynotes and recording them. – That is great information
and we are very excited about the video streaming and recordings. Many of us will be in
a different timezone, so early mornings can be really rough. Now that you have seen the
agenda and you are at GHC, you are really motivated
about being surrounded by all the inspirational
women you are coming into contact with and the
sessions you’re attending. You are ready to really
start connecting with others. How do you go about that? Be sure to check out all
of the affinity socials being held at GHC. There are receptions for
many affinity groups, and if you are not finding the group that you most wanted to join, attend the International
Women in Tech social. Many attendees spend
time in the career fair or interview with sponsors at GHC. – We’re excited to share some helpful tips on having a successful GHC experience. Because so many amazing women and organizations attend Grace Hopper, networking is a key component
to your success at GHC. So how do I make the
most out of networking, and where do I do that? There are lounges set up for students, faculty, and speakers. Be sure to introduce yourself
to others in the room. You never know where a
casual conversation may lead. Network everywhere. In the career fair, in
the conference center, while you’re waiting in line,
or even in the restroom. Social events are another great place to network within the GHC community, from affinity socials
to community meet-ups, even after-hour parties
that you’re invited to. The list goes on and on. A best practice is to
set a goal for yourself to meet someone new and make a contact at least once a day. Or for the ambitious, at every event you attend at Grace Hopper. – Another great tip for
those taking advantage of all the networking that can
happen at GHC is to make sure to be ready for those
on-the-spot interview offers from our sponsors in the career fair. Having an elevator pitch
prepared and practiced is key to making a great impression
on a future employer. This could very well lead to
an on-the-spot interview offer. Be sure to be prepared to interview at GHC if you are speaking with
prospective employers or graduate programs. Preparation is key! Practice interviewing with
friends prior to arriving at GHC. Many will have interviews set up to take place at GHC,
even before arriving, while others will be offered an interview after meeting a prospective
employer in the career fair. If your goal is to find an
internship or job at GHC, you need to be ready to interview. If you have an interview scheduled, be sure to arrive early,
greet your interviewers with a firm handshake,
and look them in the eye. While you may be nervous,
at the end of the interview, make sure you thank your interviewer and don’t forget to follow up. – I can guarantee that you
will be inspired and excited by all that GHC has to offer. Now that you have experienced
the largest conference for women in computing, how do you stay involved and
continue making connections and grow in your network? – Technical women should
be sure to join Systers if you are not already a
part of this amazing network. Systers has over 7000
members across 61 countries. There are 19 affinity communities, six special interest groups,
and four research communities. Systers has several technical programs, such as Google Summer
of Code, Google Code In, Open Source Day,
Outreachy, and Rails Girls. ABI.Local is another excellent
way of growing your network and being involved with
other women like yourself. This global network is an
excellent way to connect, inspire, and guide women in technology. – Making the most of
your three days at GHC can be exhilarating and exhausting. We hope that you found
the information helpful, and we cannot wait to greet
you and meet you at GHC. See you soon.

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