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There are such places on entertainment Lviv map, which can be described as cult. Today, we visit such a place. Club Malewicz is a fairly new place, looking at which we showed earlier in EasTravel episodes, but at the same time it is the largest disco in western Ukraine.
Thousands of people are playing here every weekend and we are visiting the Malewicz club on the May weekend. I am also inviting you inside, see how the Lviv people play and tourists who spend time in Lviv. Over 3,000 square meters on two dance halls.
Several dozen lodges 4 vip rooms, 2 bars and a strip room. What more can you ask for in the biggest club, disco in western Ukraine. Malewicz Club is a place that in a few months it won the iconic name. We have long wondered how to present place like that. What would you like to know before visiting Malevich. We came to the conclusion that the pictures will tell you everything themselves. We will tell you only about prices and additional attractions. First of all, table reservation if you’re in a few people, then it’s worth ordering Do it early because the demand is very high on weekends. Prices start from 900 hryvnia or around PLN 130. Of course, you can spend all this on the bar. The better, more prestigious place, the higher price will be of course. Another thing is alcohol. The choice is so big that I would bore you with numbers. We mostly use the so-called “party mixs” or sets of alcohol + energy drinks. We will pay 630 hryvnia for the cheapest set. that is around PLN 90. We have 0.5l of “Lviv Standard” vodka and 5 energetics in it. More expensive sets, eg with 0.5l Finland they cost 800 hryvnia or 112 zlotys be Jaggermaister 950 hryvnia, or approximately 134 zlotys. Do you prefer “szoty” instead of sets? Prices of 50 grams of vodka start at 33 hryvnia about 5 zlotys for “Lviv Standard” 50 years Finland is around 50 hryvnia, or 7 zlotys. “Sex in the Club” is the expense of 83 hryvnia cleared about 12 zlotys And you’ll get the popular “Long Island” for 127 hryvnia or around 17 zlotys. Or maybe you are interested in a striptease? If so, you’ve hit it very well because recently in the Malewicz club there is a show-bar zone. Very attractive ladies will invite you to play and private dances. We do not cheat on such services, but trust us everyone can afford such entertainment. At Malewicz, the fun lasts almost a whole week but only on Thursdays, the owners have prepared a surprise for dancing women. Out of the crowd, ladies who play best are chosen they are taken to the limousine, which circulates them to the center of Lviv. What’s going on inside you can see in the attached picture. If you are determined to visit the Malewicz club we advise you above all to make an earlier reservation. The basis is also an appropriate dress because in such a place selection is sometimes merciless. Do not be afraid, however, if you get inside It will be an unforgettable night for sure. Dear Ladies, the hours have already become very late the end of the event and the dance floor are behind us it is slowly emptying. We were at the Malewicz club today. One of the most entertaining places on the map of Lviv. We hope that this adventure with the club Malewicz You liked it and you will want to come here again, drink some drinks and, above all, dance because it’s a disco after all. At this moment, I invite you to watch the next episodes of EasTravelTV. Let’s hope that there are still many reviews that we have you will want to watch with me.

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  1. Garniak i krawat prowadzącego nie pasują do tego lokalu…, podobnie jak wcześniej krawat w "Rebernji", gdzie jada się po chłopsku gołymi rękami… 🙃

  2. Hej Bardzo Fajna twórczość na kanale! Zostawilem Lapke w gore ziom!
    Superka by byla jakbys ocenil moj kanal w komentarzu na moim kanale:

  3. Dobry kanał – trzeba by tu coś rozpropagować bo jeszcze dość mało wyświetleń. Propos klubu – jest dobry, na tyle że wrócił bym chętnie

  4. Byłem w tym klubie kilka tygodni temu, miejsce na prawdę robi wrażenie ,a filmik nie odzwierciedla tego co dzieje się w środku. Ochrona na wysokim poziomie , ludzie kulturalni nie szukający żadnych zaczepek. Jak macie jakieś pytania odnośnie strip klubu , pytajcie w komentarzu.

  5. I found this website that offers to pay for the entrance in advance, do you think its needed? Its which seems legit. And is Malevich the best option for a stag do?

  6. Wybieram sie turystycznie do Lwowa wlasnie i dobra reklama napewno tam zawitam Pozdrawiam i do zobaczenia 🙂

  7. Witam ponownie
    Gdzie zrobić rezerwacje?
    Można przez internet?
    Czyli jak zarezerwuje łoże za 1200 hrywien to 1200 można przeznaczyć na alkohol?

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