Man CRIES OUT In Church That He Wants To MARRY… And THIS HAPPENS!!!

The SCOAN Sunday Service It’s alright. During a Sunday service, there is a seeming distraction in the congregation. We can see here, a young man creating a scene. Brother! Please take it easy. Come. What’s wrong? Come. I want to get married, I am not yet married. You want to get married? Yes, sir. And you are not yet married? Yes, sir. What a handsome man! Come. He says, he wants to get married and he is not yet married – very handsome man. Don’t worry. Take one. The SCOAN Sunday Service Go and wait for me. Okay? You will come back and give testimony here. Somebody says he wants to get married – and you are blocking him? TESTIMONY CONTINUES Hallelujah. Let’s put our hands together for Jesus Christ! Testimony Time Emmanuel!
(God With Us – Matthew 1:23) Good Morning! My name is Deacon Prince Uche Anazodo, and this is my wife, my beautiful “pina pina”. Her name is Princess Kenechi Vivian Anazodo. Praise the Lord! You have already seen the clip. It was a terrible situation. Before I came to the SCOAN, I had this challenge of not being able to get married. It was not ordinary. It was a challenge. It was a demonic conception. I am a deacon, I had a challenge, in spite of my church commitment and what have you. The time I intended to get married, I discovered that I couldn’t get married. It’s either, I like the woman, she doesn’t like me; or she likes me and I would not be able to like her. And even if she likes me and I like her, it will not work. In that scenario the lady in question died. It was so terrible! In fact, it came to a point where my father, who is late now, took it as a point of duty to get me married. In fact, he took me to a lady. At a point he said “My son, you have to get married”. It was like an embarrassment. And you know, at that point I was downcased. I had a lot of thoughts in me – suicidal and what have you. But I remembered, there was a man, a man of God in the person of Prophet T.B. Joshua, the Senior Prophet. Prince Uche and Princess Kenechi Anazodo – Prophesy Testimony I took a decision to go to the pilgrimage. You know, here is a “pilgrimage”, here it’s not just a church setting. … to have an encounter with the man of God. When I came – the church was actually winding up, and the man of God in the Synagogue was not looking at my direction. I said: “Wow! No, I can’t go from here empty handed. God, You have to help me”, because I knew what it takes to see the man of God without him inviting you.” So, I prayed a simple prayer; I said: “Lord, have Your way.” From what you saw in the clip; I stood up, the ushers came running around me, but God had to intervene because my case was desperate. My case was different. Emmanuel! When he beckoned on me, and he asked me: “Young man, what’s the problem?” I told him: “I want to get married. But I discovered that it was not ordinary. My own case is not an ordinary case.” He now said very simply I would come back and give my testimony. I said: “Wow! So simple?” God is a good Arrenger. He had to arrange me and He gave me the favour. Actually, I am an engineer, I install, satellite dishes, CCTV camera and what have you. I got an arrangement and I started working in the palace, of the king of my town. When I started working there… It happened on certain wonderful day. Her Majesty called me, she said they had a challenge. I should come and see what was happening, what was the problem. I went there, and before you could say… I saw my wife now passing by. I said: “Who is this person?” They said, it was the daughter of the king, the daughter of Igwe. I said: “Ah!” Prince Uche & Princess Kenechi Anazodo – Prophecy Testimony I went to her, I approached her, I introduced myself and she introduced herself. She just graduated, she came back trying to prepare for her Youth Service. We started talking and we exchanged our phone numbers. She said that since I was into installation of satellite dishes, when she gets where she would be posted, she would want me to come and install a satellite dish for her. That was how it begun. Before we knew it, it came from installing of a satellite dish to an installation of marriage. And before you know it, it was an installation of pregnancy. The God of Senior Prophet T.B. Joshua is the authentic, autocratic, authoritative God. God of Prophet T.B. Joshua is the God, that is beyond human comprehension. The “impossibility Specialist”. The God that knows the ending from the beginning. I want to give Him all the Glory! He is worthy. Hallelujah! Amen. Let’s put our hands together for Jesus Christ. And brother, we would like to ask you; when you came to the SCOAN and had this encounter with Prophet T.B. Joshua, when you returned home, what was the reaction of people who saw you on Emmanuel TV crying out? What did they tell you when you went home? Actually, when I went home, they were laughing at me. My friends, they were saying I went to the Synagogue to eat apple, “Where is the woman?” It was not an easy encounter. I was like: “Wow”. But today this is my woman. You can see her live and direct. Hallelujah! Amen! Lets put our hands together for Jesus Christ. And brother, we can see some pictures on the board there. Could you describe to us what we are seeing here? This is my court wedding certificate. This is my white wedding certificate. This is my court wedding. You can see me here. This is my “pina pina”, my wife. This is the court wedding. This is the church wedding. You can see me here. This is my “pina pina”, my princess. This is the church event. Let me introduce my father in law to you. This is Igwe Doctor K.O.N. Orizu. The Igwe Nnewi and this is the daughter. This is the Igwe Orizo III, Igwe Doctor K.N.O Orizo III. Igwe Nnewi Traditional ruler of Nnewi Kingdom. Ordinarily, there was no way I could have gotten married to the daughter of Igwe, if not of God’s intervention through the Prophet himself, Prophet T.B. Joshua. Amen! Lets put our hands together for Jesus Christ. This is the traditional wedding. In fact, I am overwhelmed, I am over-gusted, I am overwhelmed. Glory to God Almighty. Since you have got married you have enjoyed peace and love in this marriage and the curse that didn’t want you to get married has truly been broken. Actually, my wife here, my wonderful, beautiful, joyful princess; since I got married to her, I have been enjoying peace. Very humble, as you see her, she is very humble to the core, very down to earth. You know, just like my father in the Lord, Prophet T.B. Joshua, humble. So I want to give God the Glory. She is wonderful woman, very peaceful. She doesn’t want trouble, she doesn’t like trouble. And the family is a wonderful family. It was through divine arrangement because everything was divinely arranged. You can’t imagine me getting married to the daughter of Igwe – it was not possible. Naturally, there was no way. Indeed, this is divine arrangement, and we give all the glory to God Almighty, for what He has done in the life of our brother here. Do you mean to say sir, that in your family you have been facing this problem of not being able to get married? This has been a curse in the family but that curse has been broken, through your coming here? Yes, it was actually a curse. I am the only son – you know what that means. If you have an only son, and your only son is not able to get married – you know what that means. That means the lineage is going. And when I knew it, I knew it was not a “church thing”. You have to go to seek the face of the field marshal. We have generals actually, but we have a field martial. And I had to go and seek the face of the field marshal, in the person of senior Prophet T.B. Joshua. Amen! And today we can see the results in the life of our brother. Right now we want hear a quick word from your wife as well, before coming back to hear you advice. Emmanuel! My name is Princess Kenechi Vivian Anazodo. When we were about to get married, it was a surprise to everybody. People were like: “Are you sure this is the daughter of Igwe?” and all that. In fact, they said many things. But thank God. One thing I know is that with God everything is possible. Glory be to God. And today you are happily married to your husband. You have listened to this wonderful testimony. What can you say about what God has done? God is a marvellous God, He is indeed wonderful. Thank you, Jesus. Finally, brother, we would like to hear your word of advice to our viewers all over the world in the light of this wonderful testimony. Praise the Lord! I would like to use this opportunity to advice my Christian brothers. Praise the Lord! It’s good to be in a denomination but when you discover that your case had become a “chronic” case, please my brothers, my sisters – run down to the SCOAN. Run down to the SCOAN to have an encounter. This is not a “church thing”. God is not interested in you being a church member. Praise the Lord! God is interested in you having an encounter with destiny and this is the place of destiny. Praise the Lord! This is the “pilgrimage ground”. People go to Israel for pilgrimage. Please run down here, this is a “pilgrimage ground”. When you come here, you have an encounter with your destiny. If you are not able to get married, just as I was, you are going to come back with your wife to share the testimony in this place, in the name of Jesus. Amen. Lets put our hands for Jesus Christ! Thank you, Jesus Christ! We heard it all from our brother. We know that our membership at our local church is merely symbolic. What counts is Christ in us, the Hope of Glory. We believe that as Christians, we are all one in the body of Christ. On the last day when we stand before Jesus, the question will not be: “Did you worship in this church or worship in this denomination?”, but the question will be: “Did you worship in Spirit and in Truth?” We thank God for what He has done in the life of this couple. We believe more and more testimonies are on the way. As Prophet T.B Joshua says – better is not good enough the best is yet to come, in Jesus’ name. Lets put our hands together for Jesus Christ one more time! TT Monica Asefa 27/07/18
RV: Pavel Tatyana Zheleznyakov 09/08/2018
CR Robert Begier 23/10/2019

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