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  1. Waaaiiit wait wait.. You're telling me that most women lie in order to get as much attention as they can from every man? there is noooo way. no way at all. this whole story has to be fabricated.

  2. 9/10 times it is the women that causes the problems in the relationship. when a guy gets comfortable with a woman he loves, he will express it in small ways or just be a regular human with them.. like family. you dont write your family love notes every day. but the women remembers the beginning and wants that all the time. so maybe a new guy will do that. and then the cycle continues. dumb dumb dumb lady. women are stupid because most think they are smart.

  3. If you feel the need to have an open relationship and have your kids removed from the environment you’ve failed at life and as a parent

  4. If you agreed to have a open marriage why try to hurt the boyfriend when you agreed to share your wife basically an who tf chooses a man over there kids what a pathetic mother

  5. "lets take the guns out of the equation" More like take that hoe out of the equation! Poor excuse of a mother. Close your legs first and take care of your 9 children!

  6. He should have filed for divorce the moment she decided to sleep with other people.. he allowed this to happen.. he didn’t fight for her.. possibly she wasn’t worth it.

  7. So she says she had her children removed cuz of their relationship and domestic violence yet she made the choice to keep herself in that situation?? That really doesn’t make sense at all.

  8. Some of you did not watch the whole video. Lmmfao he agreed to an open marriage.
    They can not take care of their kids. It's both of them. They need help. Shame on all of you placing it on one person. Also I'm sure this marriage has been over for sometime. Its the way the spouses talk, to each other.

  9. She looks like a wine addict and worse she fat, ugly and disgusting. She's not attractive at all the man she's marrying is desperate and he has to be to marry a woman with kids.

  10. She already seemed odd but for some reason having 9 kids just made everything more odd. I can’t imagine why letting her date went wrong

  11. When u think your life sucks or your relationships with people are dysfunctional, watch clips of the Dr. Phil show. This woman doesn't deserve that husband!! This woman is an old hoe.

  12. The world is getting messed up, if you are going to have open marriage. There are no, single reason to get married in first place.

  13. Shes not worth the time or effort, shes a dead beat "mother" and her husband could do so much better. Let the guy have her, it's not like shes worth fighting for, the kids will be better without her anyways.

  14. the usual scenario – he proposed the idea of an open relationship because HE wanted to sleep around – when his wife finds someone else HE doesn't like it. Fellas, if you can't stand the thought of your wife cheating DON'T CHEAT YOURSELF.
    I'm glad shes divorcing him to be with the man who actually loves her. You only live once.

  15. I hate to judge!
    U are NOT acting like a man, why are sleeping with her while shes still commeted to her privuios marrage!

    Be a man bro🙈

  16. what kind of open relationship …. better being single ..spend your money for yourself rather than fathering a wife who sleep around neighborhood… bet me threesome wont work for the future LOL

  17. That little fire plug must really know how to work it. Who would've thought she could ever get two guys to fight over her.

  18. I want us to look at the title of this video….I dating a marry women and her husband hit me.😬😬 come on man she's marrird. But he shouldnt have hit the man he did say that an open marriage was fine. He did not have the right to get mad. They need to get their stuff together. I think Philip is mad because she is in love with someone else who makes her happy. I would say that the man who is dating her is not guilty but he did know she was married. I mean he should have been hit that was messed up.

  19. Stupid man to not understand why the husband of the woman he’s having an affair with wants to hurt him physically… she’s the wife of his 9 kids omg ! That lady is pure trash and so is this guy ruining a home with 9 children .

  20. Being in an open relationship & being in numerous relationships are entirely different things!! At least get that sorted before u enter into a relationship like that

  21. This is selfish ,and I'll never agree… if you marry and cheat it's wrong ,it's a commitment under the eyes of the lord. And it's unighting two people only.

  22. Eugh this woman is all Me Me Me.
    9 kids and sleeping around outside the marriage- someone please sew her legs together

  23. Proverbs 6:32-35 King James Version (KJV)
    32 But whoso committeth adultery with a woman lacketh understanding: he that doeth it destroyeth his own soul.
    33 A wound and dishonour shall he get; and his reproach shall not be wiped away.
    34 For jealousy is the rage of a man: therefore he will not spare in the day of vengeance.
    35 He will not regard any ransom; neither will he rest content, though thou givest many gifts.

  24. I don’t like to disconnect but watching this show makes me realize how weird humans are when it comes to interpersonal relationship. Logic is non existent

  25. If you sleep with another man’s wife, you are the lowest of the low and I have no respect for you or her for that matter. Regardless if the marriage is “open” or not.

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