today ladies and gentlemen we are
watching these best be very best you’ve never seen better than this you have
been so let’s rest my board that’s like if this slow motion that sound effects expert can you make some good sound
effects let me hear it let me hear it I became your feed box whoa I heard a
gorilla you heard yeah I heard like a no that
was in your beatbox very non rata tisha sound that was a very gorilla tisha
sound did you steal my ring bruh what dude when did you get you really are
rash get me Debbie found this ok you know you’re not gonna be able there’s
gonna be a moment when he’s not paying attention
watch this Momo and I’m gonna I think I think it really looks good ok this is
just great now he’s got one of my rings and attention to what’s happening there
is a what I don’t even like this custom Subaru hitting them drifts and then
lo-lo’s he’s it really look at that drift Wow
solid drifting yeah dang it how did you not know what you’re doing no you how
did you wrap your room like that I swear he was not this flexible until five
seconds ago he’s got way too many hidden secrets about him I’m gonna orange you
eyes the first thing that came to my head I saw big orange juice I like the
water this looks like a sun-kissed commercial
looks like you know drink Tropicana you know drink the Sunkist or is it oh
what’s it the Sun kisses he like taste the rainbow let’s taste the Sun slams
Sunkist tastes the size I don’t think the sign no no no no nobody’s burning
their tongue fantastic fantastic slogan you should
work for them what you doing the ring what did you do with my ring I don’t
know what you’re talking I spent that back by the end of this episode Shivs oh
wait a second he just set his hand on fire Shivs it looks like a like a
mushroom cloud wait is that okay I don’t know what that is but those are
definitely not bubbles right I want to do that to your head hey why can’t we do
it joy to my head yes but no no no no watch just go on I like my hair shivers
with the amazing slow motion okay can we please have a like down below – hashtag
stop Preston abuse Preston abuse yes you abuse me all the time in our videos
no you love it it’s amazing no it’s not you know it is okay what’s amazing
though is like the card flick through the flame what is that what how does this hand not
burn and what is that material do you guys know what that material is he is
the Human Torch he’s not the Human Torch there was a trick I want to know what
that is on his hands cause it ain’t regular Johnson & Johnson hand bubbles
No so I do thank you sometimes I think
there’s a conspiracy I think that there’s game masters like behind this
camera controlling what is on the television so is that weird
the television just ran it yes yes you think that one to the television just
pick these slow-motion clips and we end up watching it can we just talk about
this guy yo yo skills like is the amazing eye we’re just here to talk
about yo-yoing yep a new channel yes yo-yos were like 30 years ago although
there are still some legends like me again okay you can rat traps I wonder
how much human traps are I don’t know I wait to see you okay while yours is
talking about my wife if you would like to be in QT take the device you’re
watching this video on and make the red subscribe button gray okay do it please my only hope okay I put the hood on for
one second and you’re making Star Wars references how did you sneak in to see
those lucasfilm’s huh yeah I know you snuck them wait a second wait a second
rat traps good it’s just like Soup for the Soul you don’t I mean this is
perfect I’m going to give you a gift of a lot of rat traps in fact I think next
time you’re not here in the office I’m gonna just lay them everywhere see what
happens dear you sir I’ll put up some hidden
security cameras we could send it in to AFV America’s Funniest Videos no I’m
talking to a charm yeah you guys I don’t like this I
thought you had something I was trying to help oh yeah just barely poked it I
was trying to clean it I’ve always wanted to do this but I really wanted a
moving target I was hoping that with what are you
looking at me for just saying I mean moving target makes it more challenge
what are you looking at me for because you are a pretty fast loss
scampering little rat you know what am i seeing right now gibberish what are you
doing dancing okay yeah turn that based upon pump it up oh okay shivers too much
energy it’s too much energy sippers you’re wearing me you’re wearing me out
shivers now and look what you did to your hair look what you did yeah you got
to keep it like that yeah oh so that was pretty impressive I don’t even like you
just maybe kind of go with the funky jams I even paid since you was going it
was funky was it funky funky jams toejam and earl
whoa that’s a Sega Genesis game toe jam toe jam it’s delicious no I
don’t know about that one chief wait wait is this like Evel Knievel can I
would love to see you ride a motorcycle like that totally dude you could be like
Duke kaboom from Toy Story you can do that on like a low ride tricycle okay
like he’s my dad I would show do that you would so die would you not survive I
bet you I mean I believe in you because I like to believe in people but I don’t
think you could do it we should we should both try it see the thing is I’m
married shivers you’re not married you got nothing to lose I’m sorry okay I
won’t even do the rat trap I just got you we had some people doing some fit oh
it’s a stack of pennies look at that I bet you you’re good at this huh you want
to know why cuz they’re stealing you know what I could do that with a ring I
bet yeah I bet you good you could I bet you probably did with my ring you’ll
never get this one you’ll never get this one this one you want to know I got fat
fingers it’s too hard to take it off got a dislocate one of my keys
try what but why are you talking about a diet right now while we’re watching some
man I see what you’re doing this we saw me that maybe I should eat more meat you
know some lean meat yeah maybe I know some lean me that I could get right now guys Shivers and I are having a little
bit of a dispute right now hopefully we’ll make it to the next episode in the
big time you guys can comment down below because Shivers and I will read your
comments after I find that ring so comment right here so we can feature
your Goblin have a great day

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  1. PrestonPlayz, that patch of bubbles that ignited on fire is actually hydrogen filled bubbles, water bucket added with soap and filled with hydrogen. Ignite a bubble with any ignition source will ignite the whole lot. "WWI Zeppelin Terror Attack Documentary" (42:47 – 43:29)

    He uses hand sanitizer (a lot of it) by first applying it to his hand and then he adds soap and then lights it on fire. The hand sanitizer will protect the hand while the soap catches on fire.

  3. It is regular had bubbles i think

    Oh yeaaaaa it is not regular bubbles, well it is but it has helium in it, i think

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