Manager Tom Got Married!! (RYYZN – Week 90)

live there live material you can only
manage it all put it in the light see this is what
this is though you don’t know is a very expensive bottle of wine champagne just
got married manager Thomas congratulations to him
congratulations say congratulations in the comments type clout hey what’s up
you guys we are rising by the way rise at the doll I forgot to say Mary you watch it so that’s that that wasn’t
clear where’s at Tom’s wedding reception manager Tom big moment for the ride
through TIV is a wierdo crew now it’s a Christmas break coming up here this next
week is gonna be actually next two weeks and next two weeks are gonna be slightly
different like we’re still gonna do a copyright free song every week but I’m
going home for about a week so I won’t be able to like help Jessie borrowings are be borrowing a beat there
so writing the song still singing everything so we found a couple
copyright free beats online we’ll be linking to their channels as well yeah
getting that full credit so just because we don’t have some like time over the
Christmas break – like produce ourselves
we just found pre-made beats for this one for these next two weeks that we
me and Jesse rode over it’s mostly wrapped for these next two weeks so it’s
a bit different but I think you guys will enjoy I think it’s a lot a lot of
you guys listening to this kind of music and you like this style yeah that’s just
what’s happening for the next two weeks and then after that we’ll continue
making our own beats yeah we’re not gonna stop till we get 100 won in a row
we’re gonna pass the FX again thanks for 8,000 subscribers to either City it
means the world to us no idea like we’re not just saying that to be so close to
10k like it actually means like this is all we care about so this is all we care
about this is our water right just all we do every single day we just heard
Spotify followers check our YouTube subscribers just refresh refresh refresh
this is all we care about so honestly you guys each and every one of you that
subscribed and share our music like it means the world so thank you so much I
guess we’ll see you next Tuesday thanks for watching

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