Mañana fiestorro | S3 E1 CLIP 2 | SKAM España

A Movistar+ original show FRIDAY 5:15PM Cris: Hey! Nora! Eva: I’ll go get her Where’s Alejandro? Uhmm… I don’t know… Hey, come here Well Do you want to come inside? Come on Yeah, okay It’ll be good for you What are you doing here? Girl, Alejandro is quick! Shit…Don’t tell me he cheated on you or something? Uhm, no Well, as far as I know But who knows? Maybe now he’s checking his schedule Come on, don’t say that… What happened? Did you argue? I’m sure he is texting you right now Did you check your phone? No And I’m not planning on doing it I mean… I’ve always known how Alejandro was Well, people change Do you think so? I don’t I mean, how many girls has Alejandro made out with? Why would he be different with me? *phone ringing* Uhm, girls it’s my dad, I have to answer, ok? I’ll be right back Look, to be honest I mean it’s a FACT that he is uglier than last year, right? There’s something that… I don’t know like… something “Something” Am I right? Am I right? Like older YES Turning 18, didn’t suit him well Nope, it suited him like crap Look, what they are trying to say is that He is not as cool as they say, you know? Alejandro, Alejandro, not a big deal *Spanish saying for “he’s kind of dumb”* Look, you have to have two words in mind FUCK. HIM And that’s it! Well, it’s not that easy but…yeah Look on the bright side, tomorrow, super party We can raise all the money we need and even more If you want we can go to Miami, what do you think? On god…! Girls, I have to go, my cousins are visiting And my parents told me to go meet them! Already? But we didn’t get to do anything yet Don’t we have to call the bar? Shoot! It’s true, shit, can you call for me? Please Yes, don’t worry Bye! See you I’m going home too, I have things to do Yeah, maybe you prefer staying at home, more calm right? Hmm no, I’m okay really Really, yes, yes Look, Pomeranians aren’t for me, to be honest I’ve always been more of a cat person. Preach girl, a fuckboy won’t ruin your day No, honestly. Everything but that Of course not! I’m leaving, ciao Ciao Bye girl

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  1. I’ve had a minute to think about it, but sorry Skam España but PLEASE no thank you, I want my regular storyline back😥. LITERALLY BOUT TO FLIP A TABLE. sry if you don’t agree, I just always love about this season’s story is how it develops into Nora falling for Alejandro 😭

  2. Esa llamadaaaaa pues si no es solo la costumbre de la intriga como siempre de que hay "gatitos encerrados". Joana sabe algo 🤔… y hasta diría que Eva también.

  3. Para mi que la llamada de Viri es de su papá llamándola por algún mal motivo, ya que por lo que sabemos el no era muy bueno

  4. Lo tengo! Alejandro le ha pedido ayuda a Viri para estudiar, seguro quiere entrar a la universidad o algo así, pero no quiere que Nora lo tache de un idiota y no quiere que se de cuenta de ello y pues Viri es un amor y vamos, quiere a Alejandro así que no se ha negado.
    Si no es ésto, no sé que sea XD

  5. english speaking watchers: go to subtitles, click add subtitles, select english and watch with subtitles until they're officially uploaded!!

  6. Tengo una teoría un poco loca pero podría estar buena. Creo que Joana tuvo algo con Alejandro y por eso salió a defenderlo. Arhe cualquiera, pero seria tremendo drama ¿ o no ?

  7. I'm still waiting for tge english sub ughhh!!!! I cant believe that i watching this in season 3😂😍😍😍😍😍

  8. Eva asks Nora what she is doing here and where’s Alejandro and then Nora just says, “Eh, i don’t know…” and then Eva just says ok and hugs her

    Viri asks her what is she doing there and Cris asks if Alejandro is that fast…😂

    Cris asks if he cheated on her and Nora says, “No. not that i know of. I wouldn’t be surprised”

    Nora continues, “Some people don’t change. I always knew how alejandro is.”

    Joanna says people can change”

    Nora says, “i don’t. Why would he be any different with me?”

    Viri gets a call from her “dad” (🤨)

    Cris says this year feels worst than last year

    Cris says basically says, to hell with him and Joanna says “its not that easy but…”

    Viri excuses herself because some cousins are visiting and then Nora says she has to go home too and do stuff and then they ask her if shes okay really and she says yes and that she’s always liked cats better than pomeranians anyway and Cris says don’t let a fuckboy ruin your day

  9. For the only speak English viewers plz put subtitles, I truly love this show with all my heart and I dying to see this new season and I’m so excited it’s finally out to see and I love how it looks so fare but it’s hard to appreciate it more if I could understand what everyone is saying if there is subtitles

  10. Soy la única que no se cree lo de: "Chicas me tengo que ir,es que han venido mis primos de visita" no sé me hace desconfiar

  11. Está interesante, pero, realmente no me parece que esté muy apegada al formato de Skam Noruega…Esperaba ver el comienzo de Nora y Alejandro 🙁

  12. Todos pensando que viri se fue con Alejandro y para mi es algo relacionado con un trabajo o algo así para ayudar a su familia. me encanta ver a Joana en el squad y amaría que sea el apoyo de viri. Croana sigue siendo lo mejor de skam

  13. Faaa chabón, este Alejandro re histérico 😒.PD. Viri se mete con Alejandro y el flaco la usa y ella le chupa un huevo porque al fin tiene algo

  14. Pasaros por mi canal de youtube estoy empezando en esto pero seguro os gustara mi primer video !!

  15. Bueno terminaron…pero tenemos este lindo momento 0:40…fuck,esperen cuando se hicieron novios? De q me perdí chicos¿?

  16. Alejandro es pesado, no me gusta para nada, pero… ello tiene razon! Quiere solo quedarse con amigos e todo, es Nora que se pusò mal

  17. Español skam Te amo esta serie

    En serio esta serie me enseñó varias
    Estaba esperando que saliera este
    espectáculo ❤️❤️
    Te amo las actrices

    La crisis y Joana ❤️❤️
    Esta muy buena serie realmente

    bandera de estados unidos es igual
    la serie me enseñó a gustar chica

  18. tu joder todo el mundo deseando que la 3ra temporada fuera de Alejandro y Nora, primer clip su relación ya a acabado que me estas contando

  19. i'm just wondering… how do they never suspect something is up with viri? like, her smile is obviously fake sometimes and it seems like it takes her so much energy to act energetic and happy

  20. Что-то меня тревожит взгляд который Джоана бросила Крис, надеюсь у них всё хорошо будет
    А Вири и Нора явно ещё многое переживут в этом сезоне
    Испанцы как всегда всё закрутили и от этого будет только интереснее

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