Mang Ambo’s friends celebrate his return from the hospital | Starla (With Eng Subs)

I’m here to pick you up. We’re going home. Alright. Are you okay? I missed you. I’m fine, Buboy. Let’s go. Aw… Thank you, Frida. Attorney Teresa was
so amazing earlier, right? I’m glad she’s on our side! We’re really lucky that
she’s here to defend us from the Rosales Group! You’re right! I was worried I’d have
a hard time delivering Doc Philip’s
food every day since San Rafael’s
far from here. I’m glad I won’t have to
do that anymore because Attorney Teresa
helped them get out of jail. – That’s right.
– Wait… Sounds like you’re not against
Attorney Teresa anymore. Does this mean you’re not
jealous of her anymore? What are you talking about? Hey, stop making fun of Lolita. Whatever you say, best friend! You’re the one who was
jealous of Doc Philip. Oh, just stop it. I’ll make this clear, okay? – Go ahead.
– My feelings for Doc Philip is just pure admiration. Even if he ends up
with Attorney Teresa, I won’t feel jealous at all.
That’s the truth. To be honest, I think they
really look good together. Lolita, does this mean
that you think we’re the perfect pair? – Nice one!
– This guy’s so annoying! Looks like you guys are
having fun here. – Hey!
– Mister Ambo! I missed this! You’ve taken off
the bandage on your head. Do you really feel better now? It only means that the
medicinal herb I gave him was really effective. Alright, alright. But you know, guys… After everything
that’s happened, I’ve decided to quit gambling. – Really? You’re quitting?
– Are you sure about that? Want to bet on it? [LAUGHTER] – Let’s eat.
– We’ll finish that. Wow! This is really good,
Daddy Greggy! I’m sure you haven’t
had a proper meal since I got imprisoned, so I cooked something
special for you. I prepared your
favorite adobo . How about Teresa? Is she coming home too? I wonder how her
hearing went. I wanted to go to
the courthouse earlier, but Frida told me to
just wait for an update so Teresa could focus. Oh! Teresa’s here! Teresa! You’re awesome! That’s why you’re my idol! Thank you so much, dear. Without your help, I wouldn’t get to be
with you and Buboy. I just did what had to be done. Attorney Teresa,
here are your things. You brought your belongings? Does this mean– You’re moving back in? I want to live here again, Dad. I realized I want to be
with my family again. Aw… They’re one big
happy family now. I got the Christmas
lantern, Teresa. Wow! We have our
own lantern now! I forgot it’s almost Christmas. Aw… That Christmas lantern
looks beautiful. I’m suddenly reminded
of Grandma Tala. We’re going through
a lot right now and things will get harder
because of Dexter. But now that we’re
all here together, we have more reasons
to celebrate Christmas. That’s right! I’m so happy!

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