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hey guys welcome back to my channel and
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holiday event wedding and DIY decor today I’m gonna show you how to make a
bridal shower centerpiece and set up here we go okay so if you’ve been a
subscriber for a while you know that I get obsessed with things I get obsessed
with products or colors or something I’m always obsessed with something this week
I am obsessed with paper mache products and I found this amazing dress maker oh
my gosh look at this how amazing is this and I’m going to turn this into a bridal
shower centerpiece yeah let’s get started so the first thing I’m going to
do is draw a sweetheart neckline or bust line around the bust and I’m going to do
the best I can because I am not good at drawing but here it goes thank goodness paper I can you raise it
nice okay so this is as good as it gets not bad now I’m gonna go ahead and paint
the dress because this is obviously their wedding down I’m gonna go ahead
and paint a white before I start painting I’m going to glue the
dressmaker to this bowl because right now as you can see it’s pretty wobbly
and I need it to be on a solid base and here she is now she’ll be able to paint
with no problem I’m going to be using white acrylic paint a fine paintbrush
for the bust line and then I’m also going to be using a foam brush for the
rest of the dress and here she is after two coats she is
looking bad I have to say I didn’t do such a bad job with the outlining of the
dress not bad at all I’m proud of myself nice very nice
now I’m going to add lace to the dress I’ve got this piece of lace from Walmart
I got half a yard and it was 249 for half a yard but I’m only gonna pretty
much use about a quarter of this so it’s very inexpensive and it’s also stretchy
okay so you want to get the stretchy kind so it will be much easier for you
to fit around the dressmaker I’m going to measure how much material I’m going
to need around her just give yourself a little extra just in case make sure you
cover her shoulders you can either cover the whole thing okay right now I’m not
sure if I’m just gonna leave it cover or if I’m gonna cut it to the shape of her
bust I’m not sure yet but for now I’m going to cover the entire thing in case
okay so now I’m going to turn her around and
I’m going to place glue down the middle of her back as if it was a sipper or
buttons going down and I’m not going to glue the darker part here I’m only going
to add glue to the white part because like I said earlier I’m not sure if I’m
going to leave the lace on here yet so I’m just going to leave it without glue
for now but if you know for sure that you do want to use lace on here go ahead
and start blowing from the top now you’re going to want to wrap it around
tightly okay and make sure that you get the shape of the waist so just pull and then you are going to add glue again oh my gosh I love it so I decided to
leave the lace on top so I’m just going to go ahead and make this nice and neat I’m going to glue this right here in
this one right over this is definitely a choice and you can leave her as is here
she is I mean it’s not like completely put together because I’m going to
actually be more dramatic and I’m going to add a tool mermaid cut bottom it’s
going to be very puffy and a little more out there so I’m going to have to cut
this off okay and make it all smooth and then I’m going to add the tulle skirt to
the bottom so I want the tulle train well it’s not really going to be a long
train is more like a puffy bottom a mermaid-style puffy bottom it’s going to
start from right here and I’m going to use this ribbon is a 3/8 width you can
use any ribbon obviously it has to be white this one is a kind of clear I’m
just using what I have and I’m going to measure or I want to start the tulle
skirt and I’m gonna leave or give myself a little room so I’m able to tie it I’m
also going to glue it but I want to be able to tie it so this should be perfect
right here so I already went ahead and cut a few
pieces of tulle to make my tulle bottom or my tool train or my short tulle train
I don’t know whatever you want to call it yeah so the way you’re going to
measure is simple you’re just going to measure from your starting point and
you’re going to double that so basically if you’re going to start right here
then you are going to double that okay and then you’re going to cut it right
there all right so now I’m going to show you
how to place it on the ribbon are you going to do is just grabbed a tool in
half and then you are going to grab your ribbon okay then you’re going to bring
it over and then you’re gonna pray place the rest of the tool inside the hole
right there and then you are going to pull it is again you are going to hold
the tool in half you’re gonna place it over the ribbon bring it down open the
hole there and pull the rest of the tool through it
and pull I wouldn’t pull it too tight because then you the knots will be very
little and then it will take too many pieces of tool to make it fool so I have made a total of three skirts
and I’m going to be placing one at the bottom one right here and one right here
of the top of where I want it to be all right let’s do it I love it yes okay so now let’s pull
this out comb it out because you are getting a cut it’s so addictive to keep
going but I am satisfied with this I am she looks pretty good now I’m going to
add pearls so I’m going to be adding some of this pearl trim I’m going to add
it to the bottom or right on top of the skirt right about there I’m going to
give her a pearl necklace and then I’m going to also place some down her back
to cover some of the imperfections there and that’s gonna look really really
pretty I don’t know guys I’m not really liking the pearl necklace on top because
of the lace right on top I don’t feel like you need the extra accessory so I
wanted to show you guys different alternatives besides deep pearls here is
I’m a wrap and this actually looks really really nice I might even replace
it I don’t know I’ll think about it so here’s how this looks very very nice
and you can also place it around the waist as a belt if you want to go for
your wedding color theme you can place the color of your wedding right on her
waist I am loving this purple purple is in this year and you can even add
flowers you know look how pretty that looks very very pretty this is probably
gonna be my final look all right guys this is it this is my bridal shower
centerpiece and I am so proud of it I love it I am in love with it I want to
hug it and d-dimer braaap totally polish to look so I’m very glad I switched it
I’m always kind of very cautious when it comes to Diamond wrap because he can
look pretty cheesy but this time it looks very very tasteful I love it and
what I like about the centerpiece is that you can totally customize it to the
color or theme of your wedding I hope you guys enjoyed this video and if you
did please make sure to give it a thumbs up and if you haven’t subscribe to my
channel yet do so right now and leave me a comment let me know what you thought
of my bridal shower centerpiece and if you have any requests or ideas leave
them down in the comments below until next time

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    That's so beautiful. I think you should have tried the diamond wrap for a necklace. I think it would have given it an even more classy look. I also liked the pearl look. Either way, it is gorgeous.

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