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  1. My daughter and I visited there in August 2017 and loved every minute of this! New Zealand is amazing …… both islands are so different!

  2. Hard to believe it has been four years since I visited New Zealand. My heart yearns to go back. This Hangi dinner experience was the cherry on top of the experience The stations you encounter before the meal is served are very good explanations of Maori beliefs and practices. If I could have changed one thing about it, it would be to learn SO much more about this incredible culture and its amazing people. You are letting yourself down if you don't indulge yourself with this experience. New Zealand is so much more than the pakeha (European) culture and history. You will fall in love with the Maori people, as I did, as long as you just open your heart to the experience! Oh, and the very BEST part of the Hangi meal was the Maori bread, in my humble opinion. I still crave it four years later.

  3. I'm glad you enjoyed your time in rotorua I was born and raised there myself and am maori thank you for sharing and partaking in our customs

  4. Wow Rotorua has become entirely Disneyfied. What the hell happened ? It's the essence dressed up for American tourists. Money talks hey, money talks.

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