Marella Celebration visits Kalamata!

Today, Marella Celebration arrived in Kalamata It’s a cruise ship… Which has about 1,700 British tourists It arrived at 7 o’clock this morning, it will leave at 5 o’clock in the afternoon Let’s show a little bit here. We have some British Hello! Welcome! Hello guys!
>>Hi! Just step on board!>>Oh thank you!
You are you are so welcome! Good morning! Where are you from?>>Wales, Great Britain
From Wales? Great! You like it here?
>>Yes, yes! In Kalamata, in the summer season we have about 10 cruise ships coming in Bigger than this… this is actually a small one And where did you step on the boat? Ah Dubrovnik down to Greece… and you go back the same way?>>Yes, yes
Ah then from Dubrovnik you go with the airplane back to…?>>England, England England, that’s great!>>Ah you’re from here? I’m… you know… from everywhere I just fall down here! We also have other boats here… we have another little marine where you have the yachting boats Enjoy your stay. Thank you, bye-bye Enjoy it?
>>Very much!
Yeah?>>I’ve enjoyed it more now, now I’ve seen you! Oh ah… I love you, too!>>Thank you very much!
Have a nice trip!
>>And you! Let’s just have a little bit fun! Here we are!

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