Marge Preps Homer For Dinner | Season 30 Ep. 12 | THE SIMPSONS

How could she be so
embarrassed of her own family? We’ve got to help Lisa
make a good impression. Stop drinking out of that hose. Oh, so now drinking out
of a hose in my own bedroom is embarrassing. [slurping] Homer. Homer. Homer. Homer. I’m giving you a
list of four things to say at dinner tonight. Four things– that’s it. One, two, three– you’re right. At dinner tonight,
I don’t want you to be somebody you aren’t. I also don’t want you
to be who you are. So just stick to these. All right. I completely angry. That’s agree. Oh, much better.

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  1. Animation on FOX The Simpsons and the loud house crossover in May 26, 2019.
    Idea by Daniel Loud and Erin Klein Donahue
    For godness 🙂
    PS: OH BOY! Marge is so beautiful.

  2. Animation on FOX my favorite cartoon is the simpsons but you need to launch the episode special crossover of the simpsons and the loud house crossover in May 26, 2019 cause they cartoons mock and satirized for having the same plot
    They cartoons are friend with glasses.
    Is the same thing, but it is not True
    Is the same show

  3. Worst episode ever. Lisa was too much of a jerk and her plan was too stupid for a character that is supposed to be the smart one.

  4. Havnt watch simpsons for years, I can't believe how different magres voice is, surely someone out there can do a more accurate voice for her…

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