Marin Cilic and Borna Coric at the Official Dinner

okay so what I want to do is I want to address the elephant in the room immediately get this out of the way this is the final you are Croatia the other team is France I mean come on France Croatia 2018 final it happened once this year already let’s talk about it come on let’s talk but get it out of the way what happened I don’t remember I just remember Croatia celebrating in the end you remember winning the semi-finals exactly exactly same here monomers here snow did you get any support messages from the guys from the Croatian football team that’s yet there is still a few days until Friday so I need to hurry up they’ll probably heat up by Thursday you know you know them yeah I also know a couple of them I I spoke to two of them a couple of days ago and you know I’m sure same like Martin said I think no Thursday evening there’s gonna be some messages for sure where did you not watch the World Cup final very not watch it I don’t know we I was sitting in Croatia I was a Croatian Island enjoying my summer time and also enjoying the World Cup obviously well by you I was on a vacation for first five days and then I was doing some preparations also in Croatia so it was it was it was so cool I couldn’t celebrate so much unfortunately after the same is I was able I was able to celebrate but then after not this is your chance to send out a message to Madrid rocky teach anybody if they want to for you for your support guys please support us you’re gonna need it yeah guys give your best in supporting like we did during the World Cup and we’ll need all the support we can get hopefully you guys will do better than them have a nice evening thank you very much [Music]

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