Marines | 2017 Birthday Message

Every day, before I put on these threads, I ask myself one question. Am I worthy? Have I earned the privilege to represent the legacy
of all the others who have come before me? To protect and defend our nation against
all who threaten our way of life, not only defines our motto, it’s who we are. Not everyone can be a
member of our team. It takes guts, and
it takes courage. No one said it would be easy. But anyone who’s ever worn our cloth, or received the Eagle Globe and Anchor, or heard the cadence, knows our name. You learn from day one it’s about the team. We’re part of a team. Anyone I’ve ever met, who’s been
awarded the Medal of Honor or any of our highest Nation’s
decorations, will tell you they did it because they
were part of a team. they didn’t do it for
themselves they did it because they wanted to make
sure everybody came home. No greater example of that was my own
situation on November 13th of 2004, and I think I get way too
much credit for that day. The real credit goes out to to the Justin
Bozwoods, and the Sergeant Robert J. Mitchells, and the Lance Corporal Marquez, and
Lance Corporal Schafer at that time. Sergeant Mitchell, he ran across a kill zone. in a room that was covered
by heavy enemy fire, and put himself into
harm’s way voluntarily. To get inside the room with me,
and try to make a difference, and to try to assist an evacuation of
myself and Lance Corporal Nicole. and I think
that’s pretty incredible Marines stepping up to the plate
to save other marines, to make sure they defend freedom and
liberty with everything that they got. No different. Uncommon valor, still a common virtue. 75 years ago, the 7th of August,
the First Marine Division landed on this island. Guadalcanal, unlike a lot of the fights in
the Pacific, was a six month long campaign. A series of attacks and
counter-attacks on air, land, and sea. On the night of 24 – 25 October, right here Sergeant John Basilone of Charlie 1/7, whose
position is about 10 meters to my right, defended his position against
overwhelming odds. But he earned his Medal
of Honor right here, Going back and forth through
the fire, getting ammo. I never thought in my lifetime, I’d be standing in the same position Sergeant
John Basilone laid his machine guns, his teams. And he sealed his name in the
history of the Marine Corps forever. The main things I think that all of us will never
forget, is the terrible night bombings and air raids. You can’t fight a plane,
and you can’t fight a ship. It was very frustrating because you
had to sit there in a hole in the ground, and take all this bombing,
and you couldn’t fight back, you couldn’t fire your rifle at anybody. but the Marines who were
on the line at Guadalcanal, I think every man there should
have received a medal and I think every Corpsman there
should have received a medal. This is a story about individual’s
heroic actions, but it’s really it’s about leadership it’s
about perseverance, about resilience. They could have quit. they could have given up. I mean there weren’t too
many good days here, so I think it’s important for all of us
to remember where we came from, and who we are and why we’re here, on our birthday, which is what we’re supposed to do. Remember the past, honor those
that are no longer with us think about what’s going on today,
and get ready for tomorrow. We’ve got a great Marine Corps, we’ve got
great Marines, our family supports us, the nation supports us.
We just have to execute. and we are executing every day, and the Sergeant Major and I
are very proud of what you do. Doesn’t mean we can’t get better, we
don’t want to make a mistake to learn. We don’t want to lose to learn. We cannot lose if we
have to go fight. We got to do what these
Marines did here 75 years ago. Persevere against difficult, challenging
conditions and odds, and win. We got to win.

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  1. Happy birthday to the Marines! Today would have been my cousin Michael Strank's birthday. He said was one of the flag raisers on Iwo Jima.

  2. Happy 242 Marines! To those who came before and those who stand today, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for your commitment and sacrifice. God bless you all.

  3. To all who have gone through 13 weeks of pure hell, to all who have earned the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor, to all who were once called maggots and now are called Marines, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

  4. ♫ Happy Birthday to you ♪ ♪ ♪ ♫ Happy Birthday to you ♪ ♪ ♫ ^ ♪ Happy Birthday Dear USMC ♫ ♪ ♫ – ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ Happy Birthday to you ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ I just wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you all have the best day ever! Hugs, Sparrow Six-Five! ·´`·.(*·.¸(`·.¸ . . :: . . ¸.·´)¸.·*).·´`·«·´¨*·.¸¸. Happy Birthday!! .¸¸.·*¨`·»·´`·.(¸.·´(¸.·* . . :: . .*·.¸)`·.¸).·´`· God Bless America, Her Warriors & Their Families! Hugs, Sparrow Six-Five!

  5. All Marines past present and future, please check out our tribute song "Yellow Footprints". Watch here ——->

  6. Happy Birthday fellow Marines and Semper-Fi.. But Our job is not over and until We defeat this enemy We will never be able to rest. It is not ISIS, Iran or NK. The biggest, dangerous, and most destructive enemy is the one that is destroying Us from 'WITHIN'. You know who they are and they will do anything to degrade, slander , defeat Us and Our 'Great' Commander In-Chief. It is a feeling of helplessness when Our only weapon now is boycotting and the voting machine against this very powerful and controlling enemy. But We have to still stick together as a team and prepare for worst that is forming to defeat Us or We and Our nation will fall as one.This enemy has control of the Media…50% of the Masses. .and are now  working to control the Military ( I really don't see this ever  happening without total revolt and the right to use and bare arms -This is the reason they want Us to surrender Our defensive weapons  ) and when at War. .. they always side with the enemy.  It seemed like Nov.8,2016 was a great day for Our nation. .We now have a true pro-American POTUS.. The nation had Won a great victory and future had finely  looked very good for Us and Our family for at lest the next four years. Then the  embedded 'scum' from the past criminal administration emerged to front(  again )  bringing with it the hate , 'sadistic' demoralizing   and negativism that they can only  use as a control factor. Trying to ( and doing a very good MSM job) put a halt to all hope of a great, prosperous , God and country, loving future. They are now filling Our airways with hate, negativism and unnecessary fear.I don't know how We are going to do it…but We as a nation are going to have to figure out how We to meet this destructive enemy head-on and defeat it.It looks like it's going to be a harder job than that fighting objectives and uncertainties  from the ole 'fighting  hole.. Remember the days… and I still will never personally surrender.All I can say is that We as a nation can only wait  (it's obvious that We still do not have any pro-American  control look at surrendering  states  like Virginia  ) and see how low We will go again and hope and pray that it will not go ALL the way to the bottom of this  Marxist sewer.. this time around. .

  7. Dust Devil Rage….SEMPER FI and HAPPY BIRTHDAY.! Thank you for your words. By the way, 4th Marines is a great unit. Historically, Sept 17, 1969, my unit, dug in, got hit by an overwhelming NVA unit. 18 Marines and Corosman kia, and 46 wounded. There were only 31 of us still standing. 4th Marines, H 2/4 heloed in the next morning to reenfirce us. As we sat on the mountain, we watched these 4th Marines move in a Extremely professional manner, and i remember thinking, Damn these guys are pros. Be safe out there brother, wishing you and your family the best of everything. God bless you. Always enjoy conversing with Marines. Respectfully, 1stSgt . P. Goodman, USMC, (ret).

  8. Semper Fi My brothers. Happy birthday Marine Corps! Soon i will join the Marines and i am exited to be apart of the brotherhood <3

  9. Happy birthday USMC. Thank you to all the men and women who fought, bled and died so we can have freedom and rights today. Semper Fi

  10. The only friends I have left in my life are my brothers I served with. All the crazy bastards that stood on the yellow footprints and ate the same dirt. Ooorah devils and Semper Fi. If the army and the navy ever looked on heavens scenes. They would find the streets are guarded BY UNITED STATES MARINES!!

  11. These words were left out, but every Marine takes an oath  “to defend and uphold the Constitution of the United States.”

  12. Happy Birthday gents. Pak, Gorzik, Burton. You will never be forgotten. Every year I think of you. Everyday I live to someday see you again. Semper Fidelis. I love you guys.

  13. Happy Birthday Marines
    Band Of True Grit Warriors
    Thank You For Your Honorable Service For Our Nation , Semper Fi Marines
    ♡ Gabby Gustafsen
    Proud Wife Of USMC Vietnam Vet 68 – 70

  14. Happy 242 years of being THE Premier Fighting Force in the world. Dogs of War, Devil Dogs, U.S. Marines! OOrah, Semper Fi Brothers and Sisters. 19711975 USMC HMM-261

  15. It is my great honor and privilege to be able to write this post. Lord forgive the sins of the ones alive that must live with the scares that we created in the name of freedom, and hold up those that lost love ones on any line for our right to live. Lord let us never forget and cherish those that gave their lives so we may live, there is no greater sacrifice. Lets us remember all of those on all the battle lines both front and rear, in particular the secret lines or black spaces. There a 10’s of thousands of “Mia’s” from the CIA that put Seal Team 6 in the room with Bin laden. All they gave should never be forgotten, and the MAC-v-SOG operators that where behind enemy lines abandon in Cambodia. Lord also forgive our enemy that died as they to gave their lives for an idea. Lord love my Uncle Larry that fought at the battle of the bulge in WW2, then as a bombardier in the Korean war. Also please change the hearts of those that loved my great Uncle General Robert E Lee, as he now see’s his own flaws and the shame he created. Also give peace and strength to those that are currently doing the right thing trying to save humanity.

  16. OOrah! Semper Fi to all who wear the bird, ball & hook. We ARE the few, the finest and I know the Corps is in good hands.
    1stSgt, USMC (Ret)


  18. I’ve been out of the Marine Corps since 2004 and I always feel like it was yesterday.. Semper Fi Marines and god bless —
    Alpha Company 1/8 weapons platoon 1999-2004

  19. "I am not worthy to approach you, to fall on my knees before you with my face to the ground…" +Fr. Kolbe (her littlest knight)

  20. Age 69 and the toughest days of my life were in vietnam 68-69. so tired, hungry, wet, had malaria and didn't know it. lost hearing in one ear due to grenade a little too close, but was scared to death i would let the guys next to me down. proudest day in my life was getting my CAR. happy birthday and Semper Fi

  21. I ran my final CFT for boot camp on Nov 10th 2017. Not a bad way to spend the day. Just graduated today. Kilo Co- Dec 1 2017 San Diego Ca

  22. God bless ALL Marines and all helping to protect us from evil. PizzaGate in particular. For so long, a lot of us have looked up to Politicians and screen stars as idols, perhaps 'cos of Operation Mockingbird and MSM brainwashing, but NO longer!
    We are Red Pill now and YOU are the real heroes/heroines. How do we thank you?!


    We SHALL overcome the evil. We ARE Christ Consciousness. #TheStorm IS BIBLICAL!

    I take my hat off to every person helping President Trump. Thank you thank you thank you. ♥

    And to the evil ones, GANG raping, torturing and EATING babies to FARM adrenochrome, YOUR TIME IS COMING. Tick tock.

  23. the marines of the passed did not do it for the marriage benefits, gi bill, medical care or their ego, they did what had to be done because they were good men who did not stand by and watch.

  24. No…219 years not 242. It's really only the Corps 219th Birthday. July 11, 1798 is their official and true Birthday. Just because some General wanted it to be something else does not make it historically factual.

    Until 1921 the birthday of the Corps had been celebrated on another date. An unidentified newspaper clipping from 1918 refers to the celebration of the 120th birthday of the Marine Corps on 11 July "as usual with no fuss." It is doubtful that there was any real celebration at all. Further inspection of documents and publications prior to 1921 shows no evidence of ceremonies, pageants, or parties. The July date was commemorated between 1798 and 1921 as the birthday of the Corps. During the Revolution, Marines had fought on land and sea, but at the close of the Revolution the Marine Corps and the Navy were all but disbanded. On 11 July 1798, President John Adams approved a bill that recreated the Corps, thereby providing the rationale for this day being commemorated as the birthday of the U.S. Marine Corps.

    On 21 October 1921, Major Edwin McClellan, Officer-in-Charge, Historical Section, Headquarters Marine Corps, sent a memorandum to Major General Commandant John A. Lejeune, suggesting that the original birthday on 10 November 1775 be declared a Marine Corps holiday to be celebrated throughout the Corps. McClellan further suggested that a dinner be held in Washington to commemorate the event. Guests would include prominent men from the Marine Corps, Army, and Navy, and descendants of the Revolution.

    Accordingly, on 1 November 1921, General Lejeune issued Marine Corps Order No. 47, Series 1921. The order summarized the history, mission, and tradition of the Corps, and directed that it be read to every command on 10 November each subsequent year in honor of the birthday of the Marine Corps. This order has been duly carried out.

  25. U.SM.C.!!! My father was a Marine & Uncle/Godfather also a Marine, dad in Korea and uncle in Vietnam!! Both came back, they have passed now, I miss them so much!! – Semper FI !!!!

  26. My grandpa was a Marine. He went to Vietnam straight out of high school after a childhood in foster care. Now, I’m not quite sure where his mind is. I can only pray that he turns to God if he hasn’t already. God bless the US Marines and God bless America. Semper Fi.

  27. Do you believe ww3 will come soon because everyone is talking about it and the politics and beliefs that it will happen in our life time will we see it

  28. I am an in betweener. Vietnam before I in Beirut. Marines in Iraq and Afghanistan after. 3 things I have heard on a consistent basis from others not Marines. Whether it was Vietna,Iraq or Afghanistan. 1. Marines are tough.
    2. Marines are very brave
    3. Marines ARE a brotherhood. It is
    very evident by the way they fight for each other that they REALLY take care of one anothet. And when ANY MARINE gets hurt,wounded or killed it affects every MARINE.. SEMPER FI BROTHERS.

  29. Is that a female wearing a male cover at 0:37? There's no room for political correctness in my armed forces.

  30. Saw this for the first time in bootcamp right after the crucible, this will forever be my message and my favorite.

  31. We need a special award in John Basilone name. He embodied the Corps spirit of Semper fidelis .He was a Hero as they all w
    ere. We need to keep our nation free and kick their ass as needed .Lives are priceless and we need to take as many of theirs as need be to keep us free . Semper Fi always

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