Mario Party 7: Now It’s a Party – PART 1 – Game Grumps VS

Dan: Hello and welcome to Game Grumps, the show where YOU… [purposeful long pause] …this is Mario Party 7! [Arin and Danny chuckle] Dan: Woo! Arin: Y-you can’t say it yet, it’s not the title screen. Dan: Oh… Arin: Yay! Dan: It’s Maaaaario Party 7! Arin: It’s Mario Party 7, alternatively titled: “Holy Shit, We’re All Running from the End of the World,” alternatively titled: “Holy Shit, we-” Dan [talking over Arin]: We’re all running and destroying the world, yeah. Arin: There’s Bowser too. Dan: I love it. Arin: Um, this is Mario Party 7. Dan: Man, it’s weird to play, um… look at Baby Bowser, he’s like “HELP! HELP!” [Dan and Arin laugh] Dan: Uh… Arin: God, he’s so ugly too. Dan: Yeah, he’s… Arin: …before they streamlined him. Dan: It’s a fuckin’ disaster. Um… Arin: Welcome to Mario Party everybody, we’re- Dan: Yeah, it’s… it’s strange to play a Mario Party on Grumps again, now that, it-it’s… for anyone who’s seen our Game Grumps live show, or perhaps, our Ready Player Three show with the gorgeous and sexy JackSepticEye, uhm… Dan: ‘Myuugi?’ Arin: ‘Myuugin.’ Dan: ‘Myuugin!’ Dan: Uh… we played Mario Party 10! Uh, with our audience and with each other- Arin [talking over Dan]: What the fuck, that’s a spoiler, dude. Dan: Well, I mean, we’re not doing that show anymore. Arin: We might in a couple cities. Dan: Whoops! Well, the point is, we did it, and uhh… …it’s just amazing. We went all over the world playing that game, so it’s – it’s fun and different to like, just play with you again. Arin [talking over Dan]: To go back to our roots, to Mario Party 7. The most loved one. Dan: The show where YOU… [purposeful long pause] Dan: Let’s try the solo – uh, party cruise! [Dan chuckles] Arin [chuckles before mimicking Dan]: “The show where YOU…” [Dan laughs] Arin [reading as the fancy Toad in a stately British accent]: “I say, welcome to the party cruise! I’m sure you’ll have a smashing time with these stupendous minigames.” Dan: I’m sure nothing will go wrong with all these delicate fountains on the choppy seas. Arin: Then those two Goombas in the back, plotting the destruction of the boat via bomb. Dan: Yeah, it’s bad news. Arin [mimicking the two Goombas]: “We’re – we’re gonna bomb it tonight, right?” “Yeah, we’re gonna bomb it.” [Dan and Arin laugh loudly] Arin [as a Goomba]: “I’m glad we’re talking about this loudly in the… the public area.” Dan [talking over Arin as fancy Toad]: “But first things first, let’s adjust the game settings!” Arin: “Do you want me to tell you how to play?” NO. Dan: You have the kick-in-the-nuts option off, do you want it ON? Arin: Oh man, so which level should we play? Dan: Oh… geez, what are our choices? Arin: You’ve got… “purchase windmills to earn Stars,” it’s like Monopoly. Arin: “Find Stars hidden inside treasure chests.” Dan [enthusiastically]: “Thrilling!” Arin: “Hop on the Chain Chomps and take Stars from your rivals!” …That’s kind of fucked up. Arin: “Climb to the top of this one-track mountain road!” Dan: Pagoda Peak. That looks pretty cool. Arin: It’s like, uhh… Snake Way in Dragon Ball. Dan: The Grand Canal. [mispronounces canal to rhyme with anal] Arin: “Collect coins to get more Stars! This is a basic course.” Arin: So what do you want to do? Dan: I like the – I like the Pagoda Peak. I like – that looks pretty – pretty rad. Arin: Yeah, you would. Dan: Thank you. Arin: Uh… we could team up or go against each o- I think we should go against each other. Dan: Yeah, for a free-for-all party rumble. That sounds right. Arin: Fifteen turns? Yeah, alright. Dan: Yeah, that works! Arin: All games, with bonus. …Hell yeah. Dan: Shit yeah! Arin: Yeah, we got two – two players- Dan [talking over Arin]: Two people… and two CPUS. [mispronounced as ‘kapoos’] Arin: I wanna be Peach as usual. Dan: Yeah, and I’ll be Yoshi, as always. Arin: Ohh man, alright, so we’re gonna play… Wario, who’s gonna be… super hard. Dan: Aww, why always a hard one? Arin: And then… Toad- Dan [talking over Arin]: We should do Toad and Waluigi since that’s what everyone always picked… during the live shows. Arin: Waluigi, super hard. Dan: God damn it. Arin: And Toad… really easy. [Arin laughs] Dan: Weak! [imitating Evan Breen] Your moves are weak! Arin: Uhh… set a handicap? I don’t want a fuckin’ handicap. Dan: Okay. …I’ll set a handicap, for myself. Arin [talking over Dan]: Are you ready? Dan: Yeah, let’s do it! Arin: No, we’re not gonna give you a handicap! Dan [dramatically]: Start over! I’m lost! [as fancy Toad] “Ah, cracking!” Arin: Is that a thing people say? Dan: What? Arin: Ah, cracking? Dan: I mean, not since 18th century England. Arin: Well, apparently that’s what that guy is based off of. Dan: Yeah, and Mario Party 7. [low announcer voice] Pagoda Peak. Arin: Alright, mothafuckas. Welcome to Pagoder [sic] Peak. Dan [as fancy Toad]: Thanks for joining me, here at the end of all things. [Arin laughs] Arin [as fancy Toad]: Now that I’ve got you here… here’s my penis. Dan [as fancy Toad]: You could just SMELL the PENIS! History, sorry. Shall I tell you about this board? Dan [in normal voice]: See! Some people say ‘board.’ Right. Arin: This is – it’s literally a board! Dan: Totally! Just like levels. [as fancy Toad] “Head for the mountaintop as you follow the single trail of Pagoda Peak.” Dan [as fancy Toad]: “If you manage to reach the top, Master Koopa will sell you a Star.” Arin: Oh, boy. Dan: What is this, a… [old man voice] I’m so lonely. [Dan and Arin laugh] Dan [as fancy Toad]: “The price of a Star is ten coins. Er – well, that’s the price at first, you see.” Dan [as fancy Toad]: After that, it’ll go up to ten coins and a handy-J! Dan [as fancy Toad]: “Every time someone reaches the peak, the price will go up. Right dreadful, that.” Dan [as fancy Toad, over Arin’s complaints]: “Yes, it jumps to twenty coins, then thirty coins, and so on!” Dan [as fancy Toad]: “But a Star will never be more than forty coins. I’ll bet my dinner on it.” Arin [as old man]: I don’t want your dinner, dammit. [Dan chuckles] Dan [as fancy Toad]: “Oh, and do stay on your guard. That scoundrel Bowser is out there somewhere.” Arin: I agree. Dan [as fancy Toad]: “Right, now hit those dice blocks and decide who goes first.” Arin: I’m gonna hit mine. Unh! I got a ten! Dan: Unh! Arin: It kind of looks like you got a nineteen. Dan: We got a 10,719. Arin [as Peach]: Yay! Dan [as fancy Toad]: “Second is Toad!” Arin [as classic Toad]: Ah! Dan [as fancy Toad]: “Third is Yoshi.” [Dan and Arin imitate Yoshi’s “yahoo” noise] Dan [as fancy Toad]: “And fourth is Waluigi!” Arin [as Waluigi]: Wah. Dan [as fancy Toad]: The guy who’s set on hard and will undoubtedly win this whole thing. Arin: Oh my God, he’s gonna fucking decimate us. Dan: Of course he is! What, are you kidding? Arin: Yeah, I’m not kidding. Dan [as fancy Toad]: “Brilliant, I say! Utterly brilliant! And now it’s time to party!” Dan [as fancy Toad]: I know a little something about partying. I wear adult diapers! Arin [as Bowser]: “Grr, don’t move a muscle! This party doesn’t start ’til Bowser says so.” Dan [in a silly voice]: Yaaaaaayyyy! Arin: Lemme freeze frame for a second and scare the children. Dan: Let’s party! …Boy, those Bowser’s [sic] faces look AWFUL in this game. Arin: That’s his – that’s his horrible son. Dan: Oh – really? Arin [as Bowser]: “Bwaha, this board needs Koopa Kids spaces. There’s three for ya.” Arin: Ow, my fucking knee. [continues as Bowser] “Now you can contend with that. Man, I’m so evil! I love it!” Arin: Alright, congratulate yourself more, you fucking clod. Dan: Peach, go! Arin [as Peach]: That’s me! …Can you smell? I need more deodorant. Arin [as Peach]: That’s a five. Arin: Oh shit, I got a fucking mushroom orb, bitch. What do you think of that action? Dan [mumbling]: Oh, yeah, I don’t fuckin’ know. Arin: Have you ever head of, uh… have you ever heard of toadstools? ‘Cuz I certainly haven’t. Dan: To- oh, I don’t know. Arin: They’re fucking mushrooms, dude. Dan: Oh shiz. …Oh my God, I’m so EXCITED! Arin: Big ass damn mushroom. Dan: Five, just like everybody fucking else. Arin: What the hell, are you kidding me? Is this game rigged? Dan: Oh, an egg. I got the egg orb. Yessss. Arin: That’s because you’re epic. Dan: Thank you for noticing. Arin [as Waluigi]: I’m – I’m here too. Dan [as Waluigi]: Fuck. Dan: Does he just get better rolls than everybody else? Arin [laughing]: Because he’s set on there. Dan: What? Arin: Because he’s set on hard. Dan: Yeah. Arin: Oh, cool. He just got fucked. Dan: Good. [as Bowser Junior] “Gwa ha ha!” Arin: God, he’s so ugly! Dan: He looks terrible in this. Arin: I’m so glad they redesigned him. Arin: He’s gonna use the Bowser pipe. Dan: To what? Arin: I dunno. Dan: What is – what’s happening, what am I doing? Arin: You got fucked. Dan: Really? Arin: He’s sending us to – [Arin laughs] Dan: Oh, we’re trading places? Arin [as Bowser Junior]: “Another job well done!” [normal voice] ‘Mr. Bowser,’ what, are they not related? Dan: I don’t know what ha-… Four player minigame, what the hell is happening?! Arin: We gotta do a minigame, Dan. Dan: ‘Track and Yield.’ Oh, nice play on words. Arin: Sheesh! Such a little weirdo. Dan: Uh, jump over the hurdles on the conveyor belt. The last player standing is the winner. Arin: That’s so easy. Dan: It’s super easy – until we actually play it, and realize it’s fucking impossible. Arin: It’s not impossible, it’s easy. Dan: What jumps, A? [Arin agrees] K. Arin: Look, that’s so simple. Arin: Oh God, you actually have to control the character. Dan: Yes, you do. Arin: Oh, this is easy! Don’t even get me started about- Dan [talking over Arin]: Don’t even josh yourself. Don’t even fib yourself, bro. Arin: This is making me – ow, ow oh. This is making me feel like… a master. Arin: Because I can just finish this so easily and quickly. Arin [talking over Dan’s panicked yelps]: Damn. Look how fuckin’ cool I am! Dan: Ah, shiz nuts. Arin: Yeah, Waluigi didn’t beat us there. Dan: Peach won! Fuck you. Arin: Why’d they mash the c-caps lock key? Dan: Hey, I tied for first! …Aww. Arin: Why do they use these fucking, like, JPEG-ass pictures of us? [Arin and Dan laugh] Dan [sternly]: Do NOT touch the Memory Card. Arin: Fuckin’ uploaded with a camera phone. Dan: You will never get this back. Okay. Peach, go! Arin [as Peach]: I’m here! [Dan laughs] I can’t open this bag! Dan [as Peach]: I’m alive! Arin [as Peach]: It’s been glued shut. Dan: Use… on yourself? Arin: Hell yeah, I’m gonna use it. Dan: What – what does it do? Arin: It makes me go farther. Dan: Really? Just in general? Arin: Yeah, because I’m fuckin’ awesome. Dan: Oh crappity. Arin [over Dan’s increasing shock]: Got a nine. AND I got a six. That’s fifteen! Dan [loudly]: Oh my God! [normally] Wow, the orb shop? Arin: Yeah, I’ll go in the orb shop. Fuck it. Dan [as sales turtle]: “…we’ve been selling orbs for centuries.” Arin: I don’t know if that’s true. Dan [as sales turtle]: Yeah, I’m only twelve! Arin [as sales turtle]: I’ve PERSONALLY been selling orbs… Dan: Damn, you can afford an orb? Arin: “…foe who lands on it must give up coins.” Arin: “Who knows where you’ll end up!” That sucks! Dan: “Hop aboard the big gun and ride.” That’s… excellent. Arin [as sales turtle]: “Many thanks to you! Please come back.” Dan: Ah, oh, ah, oh my God. You’re fucking… come back, Arin, NO! Who do you think you are? Arin: I think I’m the princess, bitch. Dan: Oh my God, Arin! The game’s over. Arin: Well, it doesn’t end when we get to the top. Dan: Oh, it doesn’t? Arin: It ends after fifteen turns. So, we just have to keep being as epic as possible. Dan: I see. Son of a bitch! Fuck! Dan: I missed the orb shop… and everything! Arin: You missed the orb shop? Dan: Yeah, because I traded places with stupid suck-ass Waluigi, the fucking teleporting douchenozzle. [Arin laughs] Dan: Okay, so here we go. Arin: Dude, I’m sorry, man. Dan: It’s okay, it’s alright. Arin: You want a fuckin’… some crackers or something? Dan: No, I’m alright. Uh… “Eat Orbs in your path and turn them into eggs. Yummy!” Yes, I’ll use it. Arin: Is that an only you ability? Dan: I don’t know. “You bet!” Arin: I can’t imagine Waluigi doing that. Dan: Is that just a one-time thing, or is that permanent? Arin [as Waluigi]: I love eggs. [in normal voice, speaking over Dan, who is yelling the word ‘eggs’ as Waluigi] I think it’s just a one time thing. Arin [as Waluigi]: Mm. Tasty eggs. Dan: Fuck nuts. Arin: You landed on that? Dan: I did. Arin: Silly. Why are you guys all in fucking lockstep, dude? Dan: Hmm… uh-oh, what’s happening? Arin: It’s a microphone minigame, I guess. Dan [as fancy Toad]: “Welcome to – welcome to the Bonus Mic game! You can double your coins if you beat the minigame!” Dan [as fancy Toad]: “You’re betting ten coins?” [Dan and Arin mutter indistinguishably over one another] Dan: Jesus Christ. Of course he’s gonna win, you set him on fucking hard. Why do you always do that? Arin: Because it’s funny, Dan. Don’t you understand the rules of comedy? Dan: Ugh, I hate you. Ugh, I hate you. “You must remember which piece of fruit is on the cards.” Arin: Nobody really has to care, he’s just a computer player. Dan: That’s true. Arin: It’s like, he knows what’s there, he’s a fucking computer. Dan: Orange, grape, apple, strawberry. [talks over Arin’s continued complaints] Orange. Dan: Strawberry. Arin: “Tough break.” Dan: Boy, he fucked it up. You’re not so good, hard Waluigi. Arin: Yeah. Sorry, bud. Dan: You could be a lot harder. As could we all. Arin [talking over Dan]: Apparently it has – it has, like, word recognition. Dan [as fancy Toad]: “Oh dear… How horrid.” [Dan and Arin imitate Waluigi’s ‘wah’] Arin [as Waluigi]: I hate life! [both laugh, returns to normal voice] What if he just pulled out a shotgun, dude? [imitates gun shot] Dan: Oh my God, Arin. [Arin laughs] Dan: Okay, next time on Game Grumps. It’s a battle minigame! We’ll see you then. Arin: Our first minigame of the century. Dan: I c- I can’t wait. Dan: We’re doing this, bitch. Arin: We’re having a Marty [sic] party. Dan: Just, like, a guy named Marty comes over like, “Hey!”

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  1. Its weird that Donkey Kong transcends from a playable character to like a God Deity, benevolent ruler of the board alongside the likes of Bowser

  2. Don't scroll down. It's nothing but people talking about something called Friends Without Benefits that nobody gives a shit about.

  3. this brings back sooo much nostalgia. my sisters and i played this so many times and it was ALWAYS pagoda peak

  4. Nobody noticed that the mountain is like super young, 4000 years may look old but is actually really really young for mountains

  5. Sometimes. When Arin doesn’t figure out that bowser junior, Koopa kid, and baby bowser are not the same character, I cry myself to sleep, right after I karate chop my own legs off.

  6. Technically there is no baby bowser, his name is bowser Jr. and that’s not him. That’s simply a koopa kid. All the ugly ones are lol. Love you guys I hope I didn’t sound too douchey

  7. I remember playing the living shit out of this game as a kid. Looking back, this game is atrocious, especially compared to mario party 6. Still fun tho

  8. It's good to see that some things dont change 🙂
    (Sorry that ones extra cheesie so it will make you farty)

  9. I am very glad that Koopa Kid isn't in Mario Party games anymore. Now I don't have to listen to you two call him "Baby Bowser" 😛

  10. Fuck all you fwob people commenting on a game grumps comment section hating game grumps have been doing this for a long time also there copying fwob to be ironic not on purpose you fucktards

  11. It's so nice watching the Game Grumps playing one of the few games I had when I was little that wasn't on the V-Smile! It brings back some nice memories of trying to use the GameCube mic, but it not understanding my voice, and playing Neon Heights, my favorite board in the game.

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