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  1. yay, we got a real sponsorship!! I'm a real boy now! But seriously a big big thank you guys for all your support, it means the world and none of this would have been possible without you

    AND I'm starting to do more livestreaming! Come check out the channel at: https://www.twitch.tv/dougdougw

  2. “And you flipped that pancake perfectly”

    No, he didn’t. He flipped it over to the same side it was already on. That defeats the whole purpose of flipping to the pancake. If you don’t flip the pancake to the side that’s not cooked, then that side won’t cook.

  3. Well, that’s why when you see that you aren’t going to reach the star in time, you go do something else. Go try and get bonuses or allies, try and guess where the next star will land.

  4. Ok true except one thing, if you know all of the possible options for bonus stars, you can actually plan your route based on which bonuses seem most likley and are most frequent, certain items for example you need to have more coins which you earned by beating more minigames, therefore Minigame skill does affect the game alot more strategically once you know what items you can get and can weigh outcomes

  5. Just realised one change to Mario Party that would be good: it's not about stars, it's about points. 1 star is 50 points and 1 coin is 1 point. That way if you have 70 coins, you'll beat someone with 1 star and no coins. Or something like that

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