Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Community Competition – One Year Anniversary | Ubisoft [NA]

[ Click Sound ] [ Music Playing ] ALIA: We’ve been actually inviting 8 players this year. So after three season of the Community Competition and more than 20 challenges, unique ones – we picked the best players in the world to come to Gamescom and have the big finals on stage. THECRABSHACK: That’s super super exciting! I’m just glad I had the opportunity to come and play some games. Maybe didn’t quite go as I’d wanted it to. ROMASS: I messed up with the button. Three shots with Luigi – (shooting sounds) – out of bounds and it was over, but it was a great scene. The matches a Squadro
versus a DJMMT – the best match I have ever seen. There was something to learn
from every match. WHOPPER774: I felt like I managed to kind of the luck of the draw at the end of it . Just pulled off a couple of the right
moves at the right time and won, so that was great. Honestly. who surprised me the
most was me just for hitting as far as I did. AZZKICKAH: We’re meeting each other for the first time most of us and everyone has been so nice. It’s just so much to see, so
much to do, it’s been really incredible. Trying to catch as much as possible but
still trying to keep some focus on the other matches which we’re playing. MRSTAINLESS: It’s great to actually see people who you’ve only known through gamertags and it’s been great to see how great they are at the game as well. It’s been, uh, horrifying how good some of these guys are at playing Mario Rabbids. ELIA: Thinking about the
stats, what composition is the best, and which heroes will fit for this situation
of this map – so definitely, I think I’ve learned things on the games with them. GORHUG:I was surprised DJ dropped out. It was a very close match very closely fought, but that happens, anything can happen in the game. Sometimes, you get bad luck.Sometimes, one mistake and you both – that’s it. DJMMT: I have to say I was most
surprised by Squadro. Like he played extremely well, like
better than anybody I’ve seen play. SQUADRO: I don’t have any specific strategy for the final. I’ll just play as I usually do I’ll try to use the objects the best I
can and just try to win. This game is incredible and thank you for making this possible for us! I’m really glad Ubisoft had a tournament for a game that’s not just like “pew pew” FPS and it’s great that there’s an Esports Tournament that’s all participants that are 30 and over. So thank you Ubisoft for caring about other gamers! [ Music Playing ]

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  1. God, what an incredible game. It redeemed the Rabbids for a lot of people, it introduced awesome new mechanics to the strategy game genre, and it had some of the most charming cutscenes I've ever seen in a Mario game. I recommend it for everyone!

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