MARK X LA : The Late Late Dinner with Angel’s Flight (Feat. JW) | NCT 127 HIT THE STATES

M.K. Hurry M.K! Come on We’re actually very hungry Because we just came back from recording the performance on James Corden so we’re looking forward to this…mall, I believe? It is a mall right? What is this? Let’s choose what we really want to eat Yeah what we seriously want to eat Let’s look around at first Okay Choose right after looking around This place has…hamburgers Ah I don’t want a hamburger No no no come here How about taking a photo here? Okay Guys this place is… Wow, this place is beautiful It looks splendid It is nice, right? Hey, let’s show off our chemistry MARK, how was Corden show today? It was fun but… It went by in a second Really? It is quite an unbelievable experience When would we have this chance again in a life? Hey this looks nice What is this…CHINA CAFÉ! Chinese food What about Chinese food? This can be our candidate This place is for Mexican food You don’t like it, do you? Honestly…I don’t know We’d better not get so full in Chinese restaurant Why? Let’s eat some in there and then get Mexican food in our hands when we go back Okay Why don’t we ask them for a recommendation? MARK is ordering food now Yeah that’s right Alright, first we gonna get one chicken fried rice One seafood noodles Can we get one quesadilla? What kind of meat? What kind of meat do you have? Chicken and… Beef, pork or chicken I’ll take chicken With everything? With everything The only thing MARK and I have left is to eat Oh yeah How does it feel? Do you feel excited? I’m starving I asked ‘do you feel excited?’ I’m excited What’s ‘excited’ in English? Just…EXCITED EXCITED? EXCITED Oh there’s watermelon EXCITED Thanks for a meal Let’s have a great meal What is it? It looks like sauce This sauce is for these ones Right, these two Let’s get it Are you ready? Bon Appétit Oh What do you think? So delicious This Soup is crazy It was a nice choice The soup is so warm Oh we didn’t take our drinks! Really? Wait I have to finish this before MARK coming back Ahh he came back so quickly Cheers Didn’t you order Sprite? I changed my mind You didn’t tell me You were right next to me! Try this, MARK Soft, right? Hey, do your best! Honestly I’ll full Me too Why am I so full? You’re cute Didn’t you know that? You said…”I’m full…Why am I?” What did I eat today? You’re so cute Guys, you should visit this place I highly recommend it Grand Central Market There’re so many different foods here I’m so full now And.. While eating, I just realized why I’m this full There was one more thing I had That is.. Our friendship with MARK Wow I just experienced this feeling for the first time ever I felt like the time has just stopped! The time has stopped! MARK.. I want to say something to you watching this video right now.. You’re so special to me So.. just trust me and follow my lead Stop, stop Stop, stop Cheers Wow we look like twins, MARK We’re like.. – Because of the hair color..
– We’re like brothers Cookie and cream Alright, can I get one cookie and cream? Thank you This is good Yes, it’s so good Wow, is this really going up? This is like Harry Potter Oh yeah it is It’s moving! So fast! This is so cool! I guess they’re watching us Wow.. this is LA LA~! Angel’s flight This is so cool This is LA LA~! Wow isn’t it amazing? The view here is amazing Hold on, hold on Here is.. Where is the moon? That isn’t the moon No above Here it is! TAEIL hyung! TAEIL hyung, are you watching? TAEIL hyung, why are you here? Are you watching now? We’re now going down There’re other people coming from the other side Wow, it was so close! But didn’t bump in Like a distance of a piece of paper We’re exiting the angel’s flight I like the name, angel’s flight It’s in front of Grand Central Market You can enjoy the both at the same time So guys.. I highly recommend visiting here and that’s a wrap LA~~~! Keep turning around!

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  1. When Mark pronounced Quesadilla correctly, I felt blessed in this lifetime. + that little nose scrunch you little bub

  2. They ACTUALLY Looked up at the Moon & called it TAEIL the DORKS I- XD
    So, they just, made that cannon forever.
    The Shawol in me (& I do NOT mean to be rude here) how Jonghyun feel about that…

  3. So … i just realised Jungwoo keep changing his shirt backwards then normally back , and i was like that a cute shirt 😳😳

  4. Aww but this reminds me of Minho and Taemin from SHINee. Mark and Jungwoo are so cute. I never thought I'd see them hanging out alone. ^_^ Jungwoo is so Taemin. I love SM Cloning Technology.

  5. And I regret watching this at 4.30AM. With NO FOOD left nad I just have to bear this hunger 😭😂

  6. Everywhere Jungwoo goes to eat he always tell us to try it hahaha yhis guy could really be an effective endorser.

  7. Terimakasih subtitle indonesianya tapi agak gimana gitu hampir setiap kalimat (terutama kalau mark yang ngomong) ada catatan penerjemahnya(?) Kalau sesekali it's oke

  8. Jungwoo's heart is so big, Mark and the rest of NCT are completely out of their depth with him. He doesn't have to "put on" aegyo with hand gestures or facial expressions because it basically radiates from him all the time. I'm sure Jungwoo is a lot to handle at times but it's so wonderfully heartwarming to watch how plainly the NCT members adore him.

  9. Something else I just want to put out there: anyone else notice a fairly radical personality change in Jungwoo once The Origin world tour was over? Ever since the tour ended he has seemed more serious, tired, and less engaged than before.

  10. Ok aku terima kasih bgt buat yg udah nge sub indo.. Tapi plis jangan terlalu sering kasih tambahan kata kata dari penulis sendiri soalnya cepet jadi takutnya kalo panjang ga kebaca. Makasih

  11. just got into NCT. I though Jungwoo would be the cool, quiet, and mystery, fuckboi type, but he is all the opposite. the feeling he gives off and the way is is so uwu, and slapstick comedy. Idk how to explain it, but I like it,.

  12. jungwoo and mark remind me so much of jisung and chenle. mark and jisung just non stop saying to jungwoo/chenle “ahhh you’re so cute”

  13. Pretty surreal watching these videos as I went on a trip across the States last year & visited a ton of the places the guys went on their downtime during their tour ><

  14. I really cannot find a video mark not saying HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA at least once

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