Mark Zuckerberg Talks About His Dinner With Trump

>>Mark Zuckerberg had an interview with Gayle
King, and he addressed the fact that he had a private dinner with Donald Trump. Let’s take a look.>>Sure. I mean, we talked about a number of things
that were on his mind, and some of the topics that you would read about in the news around
our work.>>People would say the optics weren’t good. Did he try to lobby you in any way?>>No, I mean I don’t think that that’s, I
think some of the stuff that people talk about I think it’s discussing and these discussions
are not really how that works. I also wanna respect that it was a private
dinner discussion.>>He seems like he was really telling the
truth there.>>Yeah, that was not a good answer.>>How is he this bad at corporate stuff? Like he’s this is supposed to be a kind of
a fluff piece, I mean Gayle King asked some good questions, not very forcefully. But I like watching succession they have all
of those erudite kind of ridiculous corporate interviews or whatever to make propaganda
stuff to make people look good, and he can’t even do that?>>Yeah, and they should have known that the
Trump question was coming, that’s super obvious, and it didn’t look like he was prepared for
that question. Yeah, is not a good beginning to any answer,
let alone twice.>>Why would Trump want to have dinner with
him? Because he’s such a charismatic interesting
person to have a conversation with?>>So, which then goes to the more important
point, the substant point which is come on, who are you kidding? Of course Trump lobbied you, of course it
was meant to pressure you to favor Republicans, and the part that’s even worse is of course
it worked.>>Mm-hm.>>And so trump is lying all his ads which
is what Facebook’s policy is. Now as Zuckerberg has had dinner with every
imaginable conservative in the country, ranging from Ben Shapiro to Donald Trump, he has had
dinner with, as far as we know, zero progressives. His entire board is Republicans. Every consultant he hired in Washington, DC
is Republicans. The fact-checkers are Republicans, they also
then write negative articles about the Democratic candidates, like Elizabeth Warren. And we are supposed to believe that somehow
you’re being balanced? Cuz if you are you got a funny way of showing
it. I’d be super open to and really interested
in their evidence that they value and respect and also promote progresses, but I haven’t
seen it yet.>>I wanna go to a Warren quote about this
dinner. She said, amid anti-trust scrutiny, Facebook
is going on a charm offensive with Republican lawmakers, to your point, Cenk. And now Mark Zuckerberg and one of Facebook’s
board members, a major Trump donor, had a secret dinner with Trump. This is corruption, plain and simple. This is how our politics work.>>Yeah, and Democrats, all those years of
taking that big tech money and cozying up to this industry, how’s this working out for
you? When you played by this corrupt game and you
did what Elizabeth Warren said there, doesn’t seem to be helping very much. Because now Zuckerberg is helping further
the GOP conservative agenda by disseminating Republican propaganda at will and taking their
ad money and meeting with Trump.>>And, guys, I don’t think that the owner
of Facebook having dinner with the President is by itself a problem. But covering it up is a problem. Why wouldn’t you just say yeah, dinner with
the President. The President want to have dinner, I had dinner
with him. By the way, Bernie Sanders wants to have dinner,
I had dinner with him. Because the second part it’s not really true,
is it? You wouldn’t reach out to Bernie Sanders,
you wouldn’t reach out to Elizabeth Warren, but you did reach out to Trump. And obviously what you talked about was something
you guys wanted to keep secret really, really badly. So this none of this is playing well at all. I don’t know, at some point, I suppose Facebook’s
gonna say yeah, we don’t despise the left, but they haven’t said it yet. And they’re actually certainly haven’t said
it, so I don’t know when they’re gonna say it or if they’re ever gonna say it. Or if at some point they’re just gonna say
yeah, the entire company is Republican, so it is what it is inside there for everyone
who isn’t Republican.

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  1. "I love MySpace. It's amazing. I think you're doing a great job, Steve. Listen. You help me, and I will help you. How bout we make a deal."

  2. Facebook is the only social media network that doesn't exclusively cater to Democrats. So of course the radical leftists want it banned.

  3. So tyt, who have never had a conservative on their show and who have endorsed bernie a million times and who constantly tout that they are the home of "progressives", want to talk about mark zuch having a one sided bias and promoting one candidate over the others? got it.

  4. So much hypocrisy. Every other media outlet has all of those things you just criticized, but they are leftist. Good for Mark standing up for freedom of speech saying that he wont censor anyone. Leftists are scared of free and open discussion.

  5. My Facebook doesnt have any politics in it besides what a couple crazy family members post. Like no Ads for trump , maybe later there will be, but none yet.

  6. Why is this news… Obama had dinners with all these slimeballs in tech and social media and none of you said shit about it… You all have lost your mind

  7. When is sociopath Tulsi getting out? The Democratic base already humiliated her and treated her like shit with a mere 0%, 1% and 2% polls but the woman has no shame.

  8. A goon and a robot had a dinner…that can't go well. Goons do not how robots work and a robot isn't programmed to communicate with goons.

  9. Trump: Hey I would like you to do us a favor though……
    Trump: Hey Mark, you in there ?
    Zuckerberg: thinking Oh no, once again thoughts of smoked meat have caused me to drift into a land of imagination…..

  10. Facebook helps the democrats ten times more. Along with Google who had been caught stating they can't let trump win again. Also twitter and the entire MSM helps the left as well. CNN legit gave Clinton the questions to the debate. They don't help progressives/communist. No one does. Why would they. You are horrible people.
    If you are too dumb to realize what Cenk and Ana are saying is complete horseshit you need to go to the beach and walk into the ocean.

  11. Mark Zuckerberg is a huge liar about the lobbying part he knows the move he did for facebook aligns with a nice check and BTW his eyes are always dilated, every time and on TV , how much cocaine does he spend on with those checks Huh, tyt investigates

  12. It’s becoming harder and harder to watch TYT because they reported zero facts. He meet with Trump so “of course he lobbied you and it worked so he works for the republicans” Like I actually hope people don’t believe things like this, because it’s just meant to get you outraged so you watch and donate more it’s like the Fox News business model but for progressives

  13. This is not good SUCKEROFFBERG put him under oat again this guy is a what the Republican do get the people in high place to spread lies . We need to stop this now close him down.

  14. I have only watched 30 seconds and can't help but think how red his ears and face gets. Correct me if I am wrong, but don't people do that when they are uncomfortable, under pressure or lying?
    That being said, he seems to hit all three.

  15. Let's be honest if Mark Zuckerberg were to have dinner with a Progressive the Progressive would record it and ask him devastating questions that would destroy his reputation.

  16. TYT most nerds are introverts we are very socially awkward we are more extroverted online then face to face, we nerd are not as easy to beat with scare tactics, some of us could steal you phone information and use anything wrong to blackmail you.

  17. Really TYT, I'm sorry everyone can't be socially acceptable as you want them. Most geniuses tend to be socially awkward, you owe the man an apology for being insensitive.

  18. Zuc doesn't know anything about business. He is a tech guy that got lucky. He is a noob about everything else.

  19. If Zuckerberg wants to support a republican, he has the right to. Just like Google has the right to support corporate democrats.

  20. When The Zucc is first asked if Trump lobbied him he's about to say "No, I don't think that's… WHAT I WOULD CALL IT" and he noticeably changed his mind knowing that was a horrible answer and so he went with "That's not how that works" which he obviously thought was genius cuz of his smirk afterwards. But I would say that's even a worst answer. Fully neo political style. I genuinely starting to get worried about how strong we've made facebook and how it's actually turning on us for profit. Zucc is getting too greedy, he needs to check himself quick. And his wife just looks like she doesn't even care for his actions even though she's doing an amazing poker face.

  21. Mark Zuckerberg has just outdone Donald Trump with his ability to tell a lie and have anybody with half a brain think it's credible!

  22. Could it be psy ops to get liberals to leave FB so that they can return the fake ads like " Bernie is a communist that wants Hillary as a running mate " …to sway conservatives that may be losing faith with Trump ? Shady to high hell .

  23. 2:48 Awe That's sweet Emma still thinks your run of the mill democrat still has principles and is not just the republican lite option. My imagined reply is "fairly good I still got my job and get to pretend I am slightly superior to the ass hat on my right"

  24. If Zuckerberg wasn't Jewish and married to an Asian woman, you people would be insinuating that he is a white supremacist. You people nonsensical extremist views, baseless accusations, and cancel culture will ultimately be your downfall; and for that, you deserve it.

  25. Can someone please help me understand why Mark Zuckerberg needs to disclose as a private citizen who he meets with. Are we assuming that any and everyone he meets with must be in relation to his work at Facebook. No one knows what was discussed at this meeting and why should it be any of our business anyway. It’s easy to come up with conspiracy theories about the topics discussed in their private dinner but that’s not for us to speculate. I am all for transparency but this Network is becoming so grossly conspiratorial that is borderlining on being messy and illegitimate

  26. i didn't think he was at first but after he entertained ben Shapiro at his home mark is certainly starting to look like a white nationalist

  27. Why would Zuck meet out with Warren or Sanders? They hate billionaires. It's like meeting your arch nemesis that wants to destroy your way of life or wealth.

  28. I wish everyone would just toss FB to the trash already. Time and time again they reveal they are complete garbage, collecting, using, and even selling personal data. They obviously have no standards being fine with ads full of lies and disinformation. Now making these bizarre alliances with the most unsavory and regressive people and groups in the country. Just get rid of FB already, a garbage corporation.

  29. It doesn't surprise me that Zuckerburg finds common ground with Trump. They both lied and cheated their way to get where they are.

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