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What is an astrological combination for a late marriage? Age 31 As marriage is a bond of two lives and it happens when our stars gets aligned to make marriage to be happen for. As for the marriage related concern there are many factors responsible for the late or early marriage, since marriage is necessary for everyone, but for better marriage prospects sometimes we personally make delays to find best match for us.

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  2. Sir Mera Data of Birth 25/08/1990 ..Time , Fatikroy(kailashahar) , Tripura …me apne mon pasand Life partner nah paa rehi hu ….mera hone wala Husband ka Profession kya hoga ..wo koi Officer rank me job koregi yeha nahi yeh baataye plz

  3. Bilkul sach hai ye…mere 7th house mei 11 no.hai….aur mera shani 6th house mei hai…meri shadi 32 ke baad hogi…har astrologer ne kaha hai…

  4. Dob – 07/12/1991
    Time – 05.15 am
    Place – Hyderabad
    Wen will my marriage happen will it still be delayed as u said above plse tell sir

  5. Sir what should I do. So I can live respect fully. Presently doing nothing totally dependent. Dob 18:02:1962. Sonepat. HR. 00:30 AM.

  6. 1st house Taurus (Lagna) in , sukra (23degree)placed in 1st house , 2nd house Gemini sun(14degree)placed in , 3rd house cancer Rahu(28) and Mercury(1) placed in , then 4th house Leo Jupiter(12) and Saturn(26) placed in , 5th house kanya Mars ( 0 degree ) placed in , 9th House Makar Moon(4) and ketu(28) placed in , abhi Jupiter Mahadasha chal rahi hai, shaadi kab hoga sir, please tell me.

  7. 5:22 ..apne bole ache grh ki pooja kren ..but meri 7th house per kisi bhi ache grh ki drasti nhi hai .. Mujhe kya karna chiye btaiye pls.. 17-08-1996, 08:30am , meerut ..lakshita

  8. Namaskar sir..🙏Nice explain sir…
    Place-west Bengal kolkata
    I m in a relationship with my best friend…will we get married to each other with parents support….?and the marriage time?

  9. Nice information sir..
    Time-7.27 pm
    Place- kolhapur Maharashtra
    Love or arranged marriage
    Pls help me problem in marriage nd personal relationships

  10. Thanks…..🙏
    I need help sir……. Wht happen when D1 me esa koi planate na ho or D9 me….. ……..angarak yog or ye vala deno yog bante ho navmansh kundali me …….. 7th house me marsh+rahu …….and 8th house me sun +jupiter ………… . To kya asar hoga…. …I'm waiting for your rply…….. I will glad to receive your answer……. 👍😘🙏

  11. 28–06–1986,,,,Time—18:30pm ,,place—Hathras(up),,,Abhi Saadi nahi ho rahi hai Meri sister ki naam Alka rani hai Guru ji aap upay batayen koi ratan suit hoga jaldi Saadi ho

  12. 10/5/1994,6:17am, kolkata. sir i have a conflict, can you tell whether my husband will be an engineer or from normal science background? thank you🙏

  13. Guruji parivartan yoga between 2nd and 3rd house means? 2 house lord saturn sitting in 3rd and 3rd house lord jupiter sitting in 2nd? Kya bahut struggle hoga

  14. I have one question
    My name is – Niddhi Joshi
    DOB- 26th april 1997
    Time of birth- 12.30 pm
    Place of birth – Mahuva,Gujrat
    Please say me love or arrange marriage ?

  15. मिथुन (आर्द्रा) राशि और धनु(मुला) लग्न जातक को धनु(मुला) राशि और मिथुन(आर्द्रा) जतिका से शादी होना क्या उचित है? राशि लग्न का अदल बदल।

  16. Dob – 10.05.1988.time – – krishnanagar. West bengal. Sir mere lie konsa mantra ,stone fruitful hoga.mera 7 hose lord 8house pleased and rahu and sun both sides of 7th house

  17. Kya me NRI ban sakta hu, ya india wapis aa jaunga ?
    Name :- akshay
    Date :- 8/dec/1999
    Time :- 5:45 pm
    Place :- new delhi

  18. What happen in case of exchange of place of planet 6 Jupiter and 8 Saturn but lord of 7 is sitting in 8 house and in navmasa the 7lord in 12 house but rahu occupy 6 and sun 8 house 😭🙏plz tel me

  19. Name-alokesh mandal.
    Place-golaghat assam.
    Love or arrange marriage.
    Kya meri shaadi der se hogi….cause i am a taurus ascendant and i have mars & mercury in 6th house and rahu in 7th house. Shaadi late hogi kya or kab hogi and hogi ki nahi

  20. Dob 12/12/1985..for marriage efforts from my side or just forget or surrender did every possible astrology and healing remedy
    .kindly reply 🙂

  21. Hello Sir,how will be my marriage happy,average or barbad.I am living in foreign.
    D.O.B-03 March 1990
    Birth time-4.15pm

  22. Sir kabhi pvt/govt job ke baare mein bhi video banaiye kyunki shaadi tabhi hogi jab job lagegi aap to hamesha shaadi hi karwate rehte hain.
    Vinti hai aapse

  23. Your videos r very informative 👍. Can you make videos to find out the exact age of marriage, and another to find out whether the person will have arranged or love marriage.🙏

  24. DOB – 02/04/2004, BIRTH TIME- 05:25 AM. BIRTH PLACE – ALLAHABAD, (U.P.), मेरी पुत्री मेडिकल के क्षेत्र मे जाना चाहती है और मेडिकल पृवेश परीक्षा की तैयारी के लिए कोचिगं लेना चाहती हैं। क्या ये year 2022 के 'NEET' & 'AIMS' परीक्षा में सफल हो पाएँगी?, क्योंकि Private Collage की फीस नहीं दे सकती हूँ*|🙏🌹💐

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