Marriage and Divorce: A Media Obsession

My marital status is divorced from birth. A father figure doesn’t really fit in the home. I coach people, I deal mostly with couples. I think that a couple that comes for therapy comes to find out how to end it. Heads, we get back together, tails, we break up. But for real! Toss it… -How many times did you marry?
-I’ve stood under the Hupa… 7 times. Wow! respect! Know what? coffee! Eyal, could you make us some coffee please? 2 spoons of sugar. Did you notice something? DId you notice how marriage is represented in the media? We have a couple that decides to get back together or break up through a coin toss. It’s as if we decide between falafel and shawarma with friends. In our times, the idea of marriage appears to be a very small and irrelevant part of life. We have a woman that divorced no less than seven times. Seven times! And then they tell her, “wow! respect!” Then we have married men, who are always represented as pathetic losers, as people that have nothing to live for, that are fearful and basically their wive’s slaves. Why does today’s media try with all it’s might to destroy a healthy marriage? Did you know that in 2009 more than 30% of marriages indeed in a divorce. Let’s compare that to 1990 that stands at 23%, and even more 1980 that stands at almost half of today, at 16%. How did it happen that the amount of people that divorced almost doubled in the past 30 years. What happened in these 30 years that causes people to break a promise they made with another person. Everyone knows Genesis 2:24, which states: “Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.” But most people don’t know Malachi 2:16 which starts with: “For the LORD, the God of Israel, saith that He hates putting away” putting away refers to separation, or more precisely, divorce. We’ve seen the statistics and we saw the verses, what do they tell us? It tells us that in our times, more and more children will grow with an unbalanced home. A house that lacks either a mother or father. What does this say about the future of our nation? Medabrim: Let’s talk about it.

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