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And now a first look
at the new seasonof “Marriage Boot Camp:
Hip Hop Edition.”For the first time ever,
five hip-hop icons…♪ Girl, I love you like
a blunt and some Hennessey ♪…under one roof…This about to be so lit.…like you’ve never
seen them before…Racism and bullying
was crazy. Do you feel like
the sacrifice was worth it? I don’t know, bruh. You should never have your man
feeling insecure.…leaving their fame, money,
and street cred behind…Men, our biggest thing
is our (bleep) and our ego. What you think,
I’m insecure? I’ve been married before.
I can get another (bleep) Trust and believe.…to put their relationships
on the line.You disrespected me! I’m supposed to be your woman!
Learn how to talk to me! I keep ending up in
the same space with women. I got a lot of tricks
up my sleeve.Will their love be relit…When we gonna get married?…or will they quit?He was abusive. Cap! Cap, boy! What do you think
he’s hiding? If I could just (bleep)
kill him, I would. She lying, yo. Make the money, man. (Bleep) my (bleep) ’cause
it’s bigger than yours, bitch! You could be sleeping next to
the devil and not even know it. I don’t trust you. -(Bleep)
-It’s over with. ♪♪The VIP room is closed.You act like a bitch,
not a boss!Five hip-hip couples
struggling to survive.They don’t know how
inconsistent your ass is. Cap! Cap, boy!
[All gasp]Dr. Ish and Dr. V
are their last shot.It looked like to me
you were having one of them sidepiece
conversations. -You disrespected me.
-Learn how to talk to me. Lil’ Mo: Once you got with me,
your life has leveled up. -She needs to be controlled.
-I can beat yo ass. Lil’ Fizz: Sometimes I feel like
this relationship is over. Waka Flocka: You keep blaming me
for the past.Will they level up…I just feel like
I gave up.…or wreck it all?You could be sleeping
next to the devil and not even know it. [Sobbing]
Let me go home.This is “Marriage Boot Camp:
Hip Hop Edition.”♪ Yeah ♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪ Rappin’, I’m strappin’
and clappin’ bullets ♪ ♪ Want to go in your hoodie
if you wipe your mullet ♪ ♪ Thrown back like a throwback,
then to the next ♪ ♪ Jersey…ain’t worthy ♪ ♪ They heard me,
pull it, I’m nerdy ♪ ♪ Get fixed when
I’m grinding whips ♪ ♪ So hard that the ties
look like frowning lips ♪ ♪ Try and eclipse it ♪ So, you’ve opened the door
without me letting you in? Let me open it. I’m sorry. It’s a habit. We the Flockas. This is Tammy Rivera Malphurs
and Waka Flocka. And this is my husband
Juaquin Malphurs, AKA “Waka (bleep) Flame.” And we’ve been married
for four years. Bad fights?
They got problems. When she get mad,
you see her face like… [Growling]
[Laughs] It’s like
Ultimate Warrior (bleep) Beat him with
some bamboo sticks. I’ve hit him with a lamp. I have thrown a drill at him —
electric drill. You talking like this
(bleep) highlights. He’s been a famous rapper,
been all around the world. It’s his past that has
affected me in my life infidelities,
craziness. You’re not accepting
it’s part of your life. It’s not just my life. I don’t want to (bleep)
accept that (bleep) ♪ Blame it on the dough,
blame it on the drough ♪ ♪ Blame it on the pills ♪ What up? ♪♪ ♪♪ What’s up, big dawg? Oh (bleep) Lil’ Mo
and her husband. -“The Dynamite.”
-Dynamite. Y’all women tend to
forget the man’s name. I’m sorry. I know Lil’ Mo
’cause I was a fan. -Hey.
-Hi. -Hi, how are you?
-Good, you? -What’s going on?
-Hey, there. Nice to meet you. I’m Lil’ Mo.
Yeah, you know me. The face that’s been on the
tizzou for the past two decades. The “Superwoman”,
the R&B Diva. [Sighs] So much love and so much
hip-hop in my heart. I’m at Marriage Boot Camp
with my husband, Karl “Dynamite” Dargan. AKA “Lil’ Mo’s husband.” [Laughs] Check out
the license plate. Hey. It say, “Paid By Mo.”
Yeah. Our marriage is in…
Trouble. Because I just think that
I have heavy trust issues. Nothing that can’t be fixed. Them phones be getting you
in a lot of trouble, bruh. I’m just here beefing with
her this morning. Oh, my God. It’s entertainment.
That’s what it’s for. But you’re my husband. So, nobody has no right
to get emotionally attached, physically attached
’cause you (bleep) married. Nobody has the right to feel that type of way
over somebody they don’t even
(bleep) know. They feel like they
invited some kind of way, like… They’re not invited
by me. [Sighs]
Then why we here? ♪ Hey, baby girl,
won’t you jump in my car? ♪ (Bleep) ♪ I get in my low-low ♪ ♪ Then later on tonight,
we can slide to the mo-mo ♪ ♪ Come on, girl,
come roll with me ♪ Solo dolo? -Tiffany.
-Hi, Tiffany. -Nice to meet you.
-Tammy. Nice to meet you. -Hi.
-You by yourself? -Dynamite.
-I am. I felt bad for her,
’cause I was like, “Why is she by herself.” You just got issues
with yourself? No, unh-unh. It’s all him.
It’s all him. Who you go with? Lil’ Fizz, Dreux. From B2K? Mm-hmm. I’m Tiffany Campbell. You may recognize me from
“Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood.” I am the current girlfriend
of Dreux. You all may know him
as Lil’ Fizz from B2K. He always runs away
from our issues. He totally ices me out, so I haven’t seen him
since we’ve broken up about two months ago. -Morning.
-You married? No, I’m not. But we decided to
come to this house to work it out. So if he doesn’t show up, he’s not gonna see
this ass again. -Wait, who that?
-Is that Fizz? Let’s see. It has to be. ♪♪ -Hey, my friend!
-Aaaaaaaaah! I’m Jessica Dime
AKA”Dimepiece.” And this is my fiancé
Shawne Williams. [Laughter] Tammy: We were there
when he proposed to her. When he proposed to her,
that was… That was two years ago. Damn,
that was two years ago! Ohh, so they’re
not married yet. So I get it —
“No Commit.” -Check out the license plate.
-No commit. No com– Aww, man. For the past, you know,
couple months, my feet been frozen,
you know? When she turns to Dimepiece,
AKA, ratched, hood, you just display
your ratchedness in the wrong places — airports,
stores, Foot Locker, Petco. And before I make
some permanent vows, she gonna have to make
some permanent changes. Must be!
[Laughter] Somebody else coming? ‘Cause
it’s hot as (bleep) out here. It is. Are we waiting
for somebody else? Fizz better come up.
Last I checked, it did not say, “Tiffany’s Dating Show”
at the top of the screen. When’s the last time
everybody had a fight? ‘Cause we were fighting
on the way here, and I want to make sure
I’m not crazy. We had one this morning. ♪♪ ♪ The money ♪ ♪ Everybody love dough ♪ It’s a VIP lounge.
It’s lit in here. Like, this is definitely
my scene. Ooh. ♪ Everybody want more,
so stay making money ♪ I could wait for Dreux
in here all day. No, not all day. Oh, rrrrrt! Oh, yeah, big-ass,
beautiful house, bottles of wine glistening. Breezing.
I’m like, “Ooh.” Oh, this about to be
a breeze! Ooh, it’s about to be
a super breeze. May we all make it out of
the damn “Purge” house alive. We got bottles.
We got section. We got VIP. With funny-ass names
on our bottles. Man, this (bleep) getting bust. I got some Grey Goose.
Y’all want some Grey Goose? -It say “Grow Up Goose.”
-(Bleep) Grow Up Goose? I’ve been grown since
I was 14 years old. They must be out they mind. Like, you’re making the same
mistakes as if you were 14. [Groans] Oh, “Bitter Bitch Brandy.” This what you talking about,
the bitter (bleep)? I don’t know who
the (bleep) decided that I was
a Bitter Bitch Brandy. Do you know who said that? Do you know where
they got it from? [Sighs] I see over there
boiling right now. Did y’all agree to come here? I agreed to come here. Did you reach out to him,
though? Um, last I checked, which was
like a couple weeks ago, yeah. After 24 hours, if don’t speak
to you, we breaking up. It’s bad right now.
[Chuckles] [Door creaks open] ♪♪ Who in the hell is it? Oh, he showed up. -My man right there.
-Where you was at? Traffic. ♪ Girl, won’t you jump
in my car? ♪ ♪ Just lean back,
we ain’t going too far ♪ I’m Dreux,
formerly Lil’ Fizz of B2K. -What’s up, man?
-I knew you when you was 15. Me and Tiffany’s relationship,
I guess you could say, has fizzled out. -My man!
-While you was late, we was looking for you. Traffic. It’s LA. Thank you, Jesus.
He’s here. Present.
-‘Cause I did not want to show up to his house,
okay? -Hi.
-Hi. How are you? I’m good.
How you doing? I’m good. ♪♪ I don’t know what the hell is
going on with Fizz and Tiffany. They got a weird
frequency going on. Got here on time. Whatchu tryin’ to say? You were on time? You just always make time
for what you want. That’s it. -I do. I made it here.
-Mm-hmm. What you do? Well, I didn’t do nothing.
I’m the good guy. You ain’t here on nothing. Fizz’s baby’s mother has been a
huge issue in our relationship. I have tried numerous times
to coexist with her, but it’s impossible. Her mouth is reckless,
and she’s disrespectful. -Wait, who?
-His child’s mother. Set her on fire. [Laughter] -(Bleep)
-Crazy. There’s another
couple coming. It says “Clown Royal.” And “Caged…Like A Bird.” ♪ I got money, I got money ♪ ♪ I got money, I got money,
I got money ♪ ♪ I got ♪ ♪ I get racks, racking stacks ♪ ♪ Stacking racks,
racking stacks ♪ ♪ Money ♪ What in the El Chapo, Pablo Escobar
is going on here? ♪♪ -Oh, my God.
-(Bleep) Oh (bleep)
What up, boy? ♪ You are truth ♪ ♪ That’s what everybody
telling me ♪ It’s your boy Soulja Boy,
Young Draco. I’m in the building. Platinum albums, platinum
singles, Grammys. You’ve been Supermanning
with me for 10 years. And I’m Nia, and this is
Soulja Boy, not Man yet. We’ve been dating on and off
for 10 years. Being with Soulja Boy is annoying.
…is amazing. He’s a cheater.
He’s embarrassed me a million and one times. And he has to tell the whole
world our business all the (bleep) time. Fans got to know
what’s going on. No, the (bleep)
they don’t. This house about to be so lit.
Oh! [Chuckles] I’ve known them for a while. Definitely known Nia forever. Like, we hung out a few times
or whatever. Or if you want to say we went
on a date, we went on a date. -How you doing?
-What up? -Good.
-How are you? -Good. How you doing?
-Hi, baby love. -How are you?
-Mwah! Do we know Fizz? I — I don’t — Yeah,
I know Fizz. I know Dreux. Well, uh… We’ve gone out together
before. If I catch her with another one,
it’s over with. -How long y’all been together?
-On and off for, like, 10 years. 10?! And y’all
ain’t married?! But after six weeks… [Laughter] (bleep) I know some (bleep)
what you did. What’d I do, baby? He’s cheated
a million times. And he’s embarrassed me. I did too much. I’ve seen some of the things
he’s tweeted and some of the things
he’s said. I’m not gonna lie. I would have strangled
his skinny ass. Us men, we can have sex
with a woman, whatever, and don’t give a (bleep)
about her, not know her name or nothing. When women do it,
it’s emotion. Do y’all think that
y’all just that good? Y’all personality
just that good? All y’all (bleep) together
and y’all just perfect, that we don’t think sometimes,
like, Wow! Baby, baby. I ain’t going crazy,
though? No, no, you going crazy.
No! You going crazy. But what I’m saying is, y’all,
men act like they — [Dramatic music plays] -Ooh.
-(bleep) -Ohh!
-Ohh! Soulja Boy: Yo.
That (bleep) crazy. Oh, that’s the real judge. VIP time is over. -Uh-oh.
-Welcome to Marriage Boot Camp. Oh (bleep) I need a shot.“Marriage Boot Camp:
Hip Hop Edition.”Premieres Thursday,January 10th at 10:00,only on WE tv.

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  1. How long has fizz been with that girl? I mean why is he there? From the outside looking in on lhh he seems like a genuine guy who just wants a good woman, maybe deep down he likes drama because of the women he chooses but then again I’m not so sure. I really felt for him seeing him cry.

  2. Soulja Boy Need To Man Up Fr He Damn Near 30 Wanting To Be Young Too Bad. He Hurting Nia's Feelings & I Wouldn't Even Beg Him To Cooperate In The Relationship I Would Just Leave. (In My Opinion) & Soulja Need To Go Back To His 2007-2010 Vibe Cause BaayBaay ! That "YUNG DRAKO" Not Gone Cut It.

  3. I totally feel Shawne. Who really wants to lock themselves down to an angry muhfucka for life? LOL i sure as shit don't. If u don't mind acting crazy as hell in public then u shouldn't mind ur partner runnin' out the door on ya either.

  4. Can someone give me the name of any sites to watch all the seasons please!!!!!!. I'm trying to watch season 1 episode 2😁

    God Bless You😘.

  5. You see @.20sec the asked SB if the sacrifice was worth it? SB crying 😭😭 said idk!! Now if that isn't a in your face proof that in Hollywerid in order for a bottom feeder AKA people like "US" to have money & fame they have to do rituals make sacrifices.. killing a close friend or family member…. Y'all better wake the fuck up!!!

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  7. I have been married to my wife for two years with no idea she was cheating. Suddenly i started noticing changes in her behavior.It seemed as though my life was spinning out of control getting to find out she has someone else. I confided in a friend who convinced and introduce me to a hacker [email protected] . com he was able to hack into my wife mobile phone(whatsapp,gmail,icloud,facebook, twitter,snap chat and others). You can also send him a whatsapp messages +1 937-815-1491.

  8. I have been married to my wife for two years with no idea she was cheating. Suddenly i started noticing changes in her behavior.It seemed as though my life was spinning out of control getting to find out she has someone else. I confided in a friend who convinced and introduce me to a hacker [email protected] . com he was able to hack into my wife mobile phone(whatsapp,gmail,icloud,facebook, twitter,snap chat and others). You can also send him a whatsapp messages +1 937-815-1491.

  9. Soulja Boy you need to have more respect for our black woman but believe me when you marry that girl she's going to divorce you and leave with half

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