Marriage Celebration with Jill Whelan | Princess Cruises

I’m ready to get married… again. It would never be a Princess Cruise
unless there was love involved, and of course there was. Frank and Linda, my very dear friends, renewed their vows.
We’re celebrating renewal. Well, the thing that I’m excited about
is, I keep turning to Frank and I go, “We’re getting married.” And it’s just like, it’s brand new. [Frank] We got married 33 years ago
in Pasadena. She was absolutely gorgeous, and I would like to relive that. What better time than on a cruise ship? We’re here in Athens, we’re here in Italy, it’s so romantic to be able to do this. We’ll get dressed nice
and it’ll make it special, and what’ll make it special is that
it’s the two of us and we’re together. [Jill Whelan] They have butterflies,
the two of them. It’s–it’s like they’re living
their wedding all over again. For the first time, he’s thinking about
“Should I get flowers…” She loves white roses. -Can I look and see what you have?
-Yes, of course, we have… [Linda] Planning for this,
for the renewal of the vows, I was thinking, oh, my goodness,
we need to come up with something, you know, to create our vows.
My vows are short and sweet. Here they are. I have ’em on the piece of paper but I’m gonna try to say ’em
without the paper. Linda blew her line just a little bit, -but here we are, still married.
-So, this time, I– So, this time, I’m gonna sing. Are you ready to rock and roll? Let’s go get married. It’s not just a renewal of vows,
even though it is, but it’s like, we’re getting married! You make me… dream bigger all the time… to enjoy life to its fullest. When you look at a lot of people, they spend a whole lifetime trying to get what we have, and we can now share that and enjoy it and appreciate it. I got so excited
and I got very sentimental because I went,
this is between Frank and I now, and it’s us. You know, you only get one chance in life
and it’s an honor and a privilege to be your wife. Come let me love you,
let me give my life to you, come love me again. It’s from the heart, it’s what we want,
it’s not just going through emotion. [Jill] So, one of the things
we always like to say on Princess Cruises is that you come back new. Well, I think, Frank and Linda
are coming back renewed.

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