#Marriage || Christian Spoken Word Poetry by Anna Szabo #PoemsFromGod

Marriage is a covenant & a forever-union, Made by God to last for eternity. It’s a creation of an ongoing communion, Where each is led by God to achieve maturity. Marriage is a daily hard-work commitment That requires selflessness & intentional sacrifice, Challenges us to give each other biblical
treatment, Encourage one another at our own ego price. Marriage calls us to love unconditionally, To give continuously & not to expect anything, To be close friends it calls us, additionally, And in the process to God cling. Marriage is a journey toward Godly holiness, It’s a pursuit of one another along with Christ. And because marriage daily exposes our brokenness, We can’t do it without remembering Jesus’

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  1. "And to not expect anything …" That line right there … that might just be the hardest thing for most. Another good one.

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