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  1. 11 Nov 1996 meri wife aur mai 9 March 1994 h great attraction hm dono ka 2-9 ka combination hai to kya kundli me 36 me se 33 gun mil raha h so

  2. Hello sir this is my second comment I am driver 6 and my wife is 2 and that’s true we are just ok not so good and I have two children and now I am saparet from my wife but do you think we can get better please help me with thanks 🙏🏼

  3. Jitna bhi explain Kiya bahut hi achhi tarah se kiya… Ek bar me dimag me baith jata hi…
    You are the great teacher of Numerology… Pls bless me …

  4. सर जी मेरी जन्म तारीख है
    31 ,12 ,1958 इस के बारे में भी बताये

  5. Sir your videos are to the point and easily to understood. I had learnt many things from your videos and like to learn under you one day.

  6. मैं सारी वीडियो चेक कर रहा हूँ लेकिन जो 28 तारीख को जन्मे है तो उनका ड्राइवर no 0 हुआ उसका कही भी जिक्र नही किया गया,, ऐसा क्यों Sir???

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  8. Thanks sir for moving step by step in numerology..and ur motivational words always encourage us to moving a ahead…

  9. I m confused now srk or gouri khan ki bhi shadi achi chal rhi h.srk driver number 2 or gouri khan deiver number 8🤔

  10. Please log ko fool mt baano.. Me apko baata du humre industry ke Happly married couples he shahrukh khan Or gauri khan… Shahrukh mulyankan number 2 he or uski wife ka 8…so just chill guys

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