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and the unfortunate part is that the
Church statistics are no different than the world we would think that because
it’s the church that something would be different but unfortunately it’s not
this focus on the family article kind of sums it up it says it’s easy to think
that only other people get divorced that your own marriage is somehow immune to
partake the infidelity and fights and over who gets the house the car and even
the dog after all how many of us would walk down the aisle if we believed that
our relationships would end up in divorce court truth is no relationship
comes with a lifetime guarantee even men and women who grew up in stable homes
who attend church and consider themselves Christians who promised until
death do us part can have it all fall apart you know I mean even in in my
lifetime I’ve seen so many that I just I couldn’t believe marriages that I
thought were strong I mean Christian marriages that I thought were strong
there all of a sudden they were going their separate ways and so I think the
reason I’m really highlighting this is because none of us are immune none of us
are this can happen to any of us and so it’s important that we do the
basic things that make sure that we’re continuing to feed into your marriage in
order to make it thrive now there was some valves that we made
when you came up front you stood before whoever whether it was the justice of
the peace and the preacher or whoever you stood before and recited those
balance you were really reciting those vows not to that person but to God into
one another and and listen this is just a general vow that’s usually made it
says in the name of God I take you to be my husband and wife to have him to hold
from this day forward for better for worse for richer for poorer in sickness
and in health to love and to cherish until we parted by death this is my
solemn vow most most of us I believe said that right number 32 verse 2 says if a man
thousands of valence of the Lord swears an oath to bind himself by a pledge he
shall not break his word he should do according to harm that proceeds out of
his mouth James 5:12 says but above all my
brothers do not swear either by heaven or my earth or by any oath but let your
yes be yes and your no be no so that you may not fall under condemnation I want
to encourage you that that we at at times when things get rough that you go
back and open the contract against this this what happens when whenever you’re
going through some some business disputes and problems and issues I
remember there were some times we were having some issues at first state and
with the building and all and one of the things we did was we had to go back to
the contract and read the fine thread and remember to what we signed to this
was their obligation this was our obligation there are some times where
you have to go back to the beginning and say look do you remember we said and we
agreed to this and we sign this and we agreed to this and so now because we
agreed to that we have to uphold that because we’re expecting others to uphold
their end of the bargain also right and so when when things get rough in our
relationship sometimes even if it’s just the vow that you made holding it
together because this these are relationships relationships go up and
down even you are on the top of the world you guys are loving each
singing sweet nothings into one another’s ears and everything is just so
beautiful and so right and then two days later a man you’re on that side of the
bed and she’s on that side of the bed I mean and but there’s something that says
that holds us all together we made a vow before God we made a vow unto another we
knew going into it that everyday wasn’t gonna be sunshine and roses sometimes
you have to remind yourself of that and I made a vow and I gotta go back and
I’ve got a hold to that vow and then commit to serving one another here’s a
real important one serving one another that God wants us in this marriage in
marriage your helpers one to another helpers one to another
helping each other emotionally helping each other physically helping each other
financially helping each other in decisions I mean every area of your life
ought to be enhanced because you have one another and that’s that’s how God
designed it so in in marriage it’s it’s so that we might serve and help one
another and and here’s the thing the serving is how you fell in love in
the first place think about it I remember when I had eyes for crystal and
I still have eyes for crystal they say I still have eyes you baby let me rephrase that I remember when I
first had eyes for crystal and I we were having an event with the
church where we were at and uh of course at that time she didn’t know me from
pain I mean she knew me but she I I was looking at her more she was looking at
me that’s for sure and remember we had a quick conversation I was cooking at the
time and we were having a lady ladies appreciation breakfast ladies
appreciation breakfast and I got to find out what what kind of stuff you like to
keep and she said well we didn’t have grits on menu guess what we had on the
menu now we got grits on the menu now and I made sure to let her know I
remember right that’s what you like I heard you like this grits I’ve made you
some grits here you know Ching you know they look like just came right off but
it was those little things sometimes it’s don’t the little things mean a lot
and what happens over over time we forget the little things that actually
cause us to fall in love and the same things that
causes us to stay in love the same things that cause us to rebuild love
remember the movie are fireproof and father was advising his son this is what
you need to do you and really what he was saying was serve her bless her love
her give to her and here’s a thing about it
in that story she it wasn’t reciprocal she was not giving back he would spend
all this time and he had this whole spread I remember in the movie he had
the whole spread and everything candlelight dinner everything and then
she comes in and all that he invested in that and she just went on by like it was
nothing and the pain and you know what he wanted to do give up look I’m talking
what you told me to do and it’s not working keep doing it keep serving
because it breaks down walls keep loving even when you don’t get it back
it breaks down walls to leave you with this verse in Revelation charlie to
Revelation – you know what let’s just start right at the beginning – the Angel
of the Church of Ephesus write these things says he who holds the seven stars
in his right hand who walks in the midst of the seven golden lampstands I know
your works your labor your patience and that you cannot bear those who are evil
and those and you have tested those who say they’re apostles it or not and I
found them liars and you have preserved and have patience and have labored for
my name’s sake and have not become weary nevertheless I have this against you
that you have left your first love remember therefore from where you’ve
fallen repent and do the first works or else I will come quickly and remove your
lampstand from its place unless you repent here he says look you you guys
are doing a lot of great things you guys are doing a lot of things you’re doing
the actions you’re doing the actions you’re doing the right actions but
there’s something missing he said you left your your first love that that
passion something’s missing something is gone and and his encouragement to them
is go back and find it how do you find it by repenting and
going back and doing the first things opening the door tell her how lovely she
is tell him how strong is I wonderful he looks in there soon do
those those basic simple things that don’t love in the first place
love is intentional love can be built you can take to people who don’t know
one another in many countries that’s what they do they you and you you guys
are married now work it out and for us that is something completely foreign but
in a lot of countries it actually works because they build love love can be
built and not only go up they don’t love can be rebuilt up by going back and
doing the things that build love in the first place so yeah a marriage can
deteriorate over time cuz we can get used to one another we can get so
comfortable one another we can get so complacent with one another we and then
something that’s kind of shake it and said you know whoa whoa I gotta remember
to go back do the things that helped us to have a healthy vibrant marriage in
the first place so that that’s my prayer for you that if if marriages is going in
that direction strengthening go back and do the first
if your marriage is already strong guess what keep keep making those deposits you
know there there’s a program out there and it talks about love busters you know
there are things that we do if they think of a bank from an instance you
know and think about our love bank there’s a love Bank in any bank whenever
you make a deposit if you make enough deposits when it’s time to make a
withdrawal and you’ve got enough in there already you know there’s no
problem but if I’m withdrawing withdrawing withdrawing withdrawing and
not making deposits at some point they’re not gonna let me get anything
else out all right and so that’s the same thing with with our marriages it’s
the same thing in in matter-of-fact not in just marriage in any relationship
every relationship is built on these same principles but if I’m depositing if
I move drawing withdrawing withdrawing at some point someone says look I have
no more to give I’m telling it it’s a hard thing to get to a point where the
person says I am totally emotionally spiritually bankrupt I have no more to
give and I’ve seen people have come to my office and they’ve come at that time
where it was really it was DOA and there’s some
that you can kind of help revive again but most of the times when that person
has just said done you can get to the tipping point where if someone just says
I I refuse any longer and so you don’t want to get to that point when as you
see you’re going in the wrong direction go back go back to the book seek some
help look at ourselves look in the mirror really assess see the signs
listen to what’s being said oftentimes you don’t just the papers just don’t
matter they show up on on in the mail or wherever it is oftentimes there have
been signs and warning signs along the way and we just neglected them
so right now just I just want to pray for for the marriages right now Father
in heaven Lord we we believe in marriage because you believe in marriage because
you created marriage we know that there are many difficulties when you have two
different people two different ways of thinking two different wills the Lord
you are our unifier you are our foundation you are the glue that holds
us together we just pray that that all the marriages that are represented here
and all those that are going through tough times all those that even great
marriages that are very healthy and vibrant that all of us may continually
look at your word that you might strengthen us that you might help us to
be the type of men you will have us to be the type of women you would have them
to be Lord and type of marriages that represent you and your kingdom Lord
there’s so many different influences out here so many different temptations
things that are trying to destroy marriage we know that that Satan does
not want a healthy home so Lord we pray that we might fight that
as a congregation that as a nation we might fight against his attacks we pray
that you will help us and that we will be humble that humility will play a part
in in each of us Lord that neither husband or wife ODEs their arms turns
their back on one another Lord but that we would love forgive cherish serve give
to one another as we see that you do for us love us even in our farms you forgive
us even when we fail help us Lord to do the same to others thank you Father
the name of Jesus Christ you

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  1. Hi. It’s my first time visiting. I enjoyed the video and the message. I think couples don’t fight enough for their marriages. Life isn’t easy. Anything worth fighting for isn’t easy. I just joined your community because I am a Christian and a wife.

    When you are free, please stop by. Continue encouraging couples and sharing the Good News. 🙏🏾

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